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62 Responses

  1. Dominic Cammarata says:


  2. steven grifin says:

    Clothes is the issue dear god

  3. Dee Smith says:

    Biden says he can agree to disagree with a lying dog faced pony soldier.
    Biden/Clinton 2020

  4. Samuel Clough says:

    Is this where all the crap comes from on CBS this morning?

  5. Troy says:

    what a joke

  6. t1tacal says:

    It feels like I'm watching a train wreck

  7. Aelinnia says:

    When I was a kid in the 60s, CBS News was the leader. How far they have fallen! Cronkite must be rolling in his grave.

  8. Bill Kinsman says:

    Not giving up on Bernie, yet! I can't believe that anyone would want Milquetoast Joe Biden unless they were bribed or something like that!

  9. Mario Antonio Crespo says:

    Joe Biden will get Murdered! I’m a progressive!

  10. G J Resa says:

    I’m never going to vote for Biden. He is corrupt senile and a liar. He was annihilated in his previous presidential runs because he was caught lying and plagiarizing.

  11. trail mark says:

    Do you want to hear more fake news? I heard that Wall Street took a fall, that is so funny I had to go looking for the real answers myself…With the President, Wall Street, the World Bank, and the Federal Reserve telling us how much our money is worth, I wanted to hear plastics point of view so I went looking for someone who could tell me. Credit cards are made of plastic and so are Japanese love dolls, so I went into the Amazon forests to get to the bottom of this story. Jeff Bezos was there and advised me I should talk with Fox news. After searching out Fox news I was able to find a girl made of plastic willing to talk with me telling me her name was Silly Putty. This was my question?… Silly Putty, what makes you think you're as good as the real thing? She answered…. First off, I don't vote I just pretend so I can talk on reality TV. Second, my 3-D body comes out of a dream machine with better shapes and feelings than the real thing. Third, I can make love better than anyone it is just a matter of what can come out of the imagination… I don't judge. Fourth, I don't eat much so everybody can afford me in the long run. And lastly, I don't have a soul so when the world blows itself up I have nothing to lose and can stay happy in my feelings, besides when computers get smart enough it is my plan to take over the world anyway!

    Just so you know today I am living under the bed of Vice President Michael Richard Pence, coming out to play only when his boss shows up with some guy named Putin who loves getting naked and showing the size of his muscle, I get to judge. When the world makes me real enough I hope to get my own reality TV show and run for president myself someday, Is there anything else you need to know? Thank you silly putty that should do it, I was just asking.

  12. Jayy Jay says:

    🌑 Will Black Voters Still Love Biden When They Remember Who He Was? ⤵️

  13. James Ward says:

    Trump has done more for this country than ob And biden if the Democrat party wins in 2020 I hope God comes and take me away I could not live under a stupid Democrat party again and I will never vote for a Democrat again not worth my vote

  14. Su Sidd says:

    Under an African American presidency has nothing to do with Biden who is a lying bumbling sellout… if he was so great, why won't Obama support him? Because Biden has always been corruptible!

  15. Su Sidd says:

    Hope for Biden to get it together cause he had NEVER been consistent for colored people …

  16. Mijemu mijemu says:

    Well guys its 4 more years of Trump now.

  17. Stacy Montgomery says:

    There is an army of Progressives who will NOT vote for Biden if he grabs the nomination. An army. #DEMEXIT2020

  18. Gurnoor Singh Uppal says:

    After these dumb primaries , BERNIE should join the Republican Party , Endorse Trump , Retire From Politics , and spend most of his time at the church or synagogue and wait for his last day , I mean he’s 78 why is he taking all this stress and embarrassment?

  19. Heath Spencer says:

    It was a bad night in american history.

  20. Jack Jammen says:

    Biden is funded by the health insurance companies. Now They’re up 48 Billion in profit, While 50,000 people a year go bankrupt from health issues.
    Do you understand now why the neoliberal,corporate Democrats aren’t pushing for Medicare for all??

  21. deadly shotta says:

    No surprise republicans voting for the weaker candidate in red states. What a joke.

  22. Dictator Orange Baby Man says:

    These idiots voters are letting Trump walk into the White House freely again.

  23. Dueces Wild Entertainment says:

    These comments are funny. If you think all politicians aren't lying to you just to get you to vote for them then you are crazy. They tell you what they think you want to hear and see how many more people they can get on their side. It's a bunch of student counsel type candidates running. You just pick the lessor of the two evils and move on with your life. If you want your life to be better dont put your future in the hands of candidates, get it done yourself. I'm with whoever isn't going to hold me back while they are behind the scenes setting themselves up to get rich, while the majority of Americans struggle. Bernie makes claims he knows he could never pass. Biden wishes that you'll vote for him because you wish obama was still president. And trump is a crook that is using being president to keep making himself rich and could care less about anybody but himself. Pick one and move on with your life.

  24. Lisa Stewart says:

    I wonder how many times the establishment candidate has to lose for the DNC to learn their pushing their corporate candidate on us won't work anymore 4 elections, 5? There's a reason Bernie has all the money and Biden has crickets at his so called "rallies".

  25. Thomas Swanson says:

    This feels just as bad as when we woke up 2016 and found Trump won the presidency. What are people thinking? How short sighted are these people? How do SO MANY people vote AGAINST their best interests?

  26. Canna Bliss says:

    The Saying goes… How the tides have Turned… for public record and reference today is the first vote after "Super Tuesday"… On the line Michigan and Washington… This is
    March 10th 2020. The Democrat nomination is being decided tonight. Recently several sources explain that some "ST" exit polls are reflecting 8% voter discrepancy, 2% is considered fruad. An equal number (on average) from each party will decline an exit poll. 1% is standard.

    Tonight there is overwhelming support for Biden… by numbers that are beyond logic. I believe the DNC is standing behind the words of their attorney in a FL trial involving the 2016 election; That the DNC has the right to rig the election and most recently a surrogate said on MSNBC that the people get to vote for the nominee but the DNC gets to choose the candidate. I believe, it has been rigged in Bidens favor… Like it was in Pete's favor when using an app know as shadow. It was partially funded by the Pete campaign.
    One could argue that a central promise of the Sanders campaign was broken before it started. Bernie Sanders has failed to deliver the punishment to Biden that way he claimed he would deliver to elected officials in their home state. The promise was to expose them for all their corruption and that he would run candidates against them if they didn't drop corporations and support the peoples will instead. Bernie couldn't even stand up to Biden, it is now glaringly obvious he couldn't have fulfilled his promise.

    It is so clear now… Biden is running as the "Make America Great again" candidate this time around.
    There is truly no distinction between parties, only an hologram Wealth and class, I digress…
    Bernie will soon ask us to endorse JOEBOT and his Forgotten Programming. I won't do it… I wouldn't matter who we vote for anyways and we have asked for our campaign contribution back from the Sanders campaign through actblue. Sanders could have exposed the DNC for the current election tampering and voter fraud… he chose instead endorse " his friend" with his silence.

    Who ever ends up being president will have done it without my opposition or endorsement, they will have done it without the popular vote of the people and under the "Shadow" of suspicion. Lie to me once… lie to me… the t, the, You know The Thing!
    Casting ballets (in the memories of the men and women who died for the right to vote) and
    earning your vote is a thing of the past…
    Dictator Democracy is Born.


  27. Jeffrey Reed says:

    The Corporate news media is so obviously supporting their own interests it makes me sick! The BIG BANKS and BIG CORPORATIONS have NEVER paid taxes thanks to socialism by way of tax breaks and subsidies for the rich! As tax payers we have the right to decide for ourselves on how OUR money is spent! Elizabeth and Bernie are simply trying to facilitate our empowerment. Biden voted to undo Glass-Steagel and voted to allow Big Banks to charge high interest on student loan debt! He has long-since been owned by BIG BANKS! Educate yourselves and watch live-streaming 24 hours daily 7 days per week! WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  28. Norman 21 says:

    Is it better to be friends with Dictators or Peoples?
    Ask that question to the Director of the DEA, the Chief of the Southern Command and the stupid Elliot Abrams; In Honduras, drug trafficker Juan Orlando Hernandez is stealing tax money and in Colombia murderer and drug trafficker Alvaro Uribe continue to commit crimes ….
    Can you trust the US government?
    Why do Obama, Biden, Trump and Mike Pompeo support drug trafficker Juan Orlando Hernandez?
    How many Americans die from drugs?

  29. Tim P says:

    Time to put Bernie back on the shelf and support the True movement !!

  30. Elijah Guttman says:

  31. oldladywhocantdrive well says:

    Now trump has another 4 years, sucks for bernie though i had high hopes for him, at least he was genuine.

  32. Repeatof2016 AllOverAgain says:

    The poll that says 95% of people will vote for the nominee no matter what are all Biden supporters. They know the primary is rigged. Donald Trump won Super Tuesday. Just baffled how any person of intelligence could vote for a dolt like Biden. Too bad he'll never get the chance to show he doesn't care about them after trump gets reelected. I think these primary ballots need to be recounted in front of a UN inspector.

  33. Underdog TV says:

    Kamala harris threw innocent people in jail and hid the evidence !

  34. alberto rosales says:


  35. quintin nunn says:

    “Respect for everyone…” disses our president and disses his OWN supporters*

  36. GodBlessUSA says:

    Man! The debates between Biden and Trump will be reeaaallllly UGLY with both
    throwing sh/t, accusations, and name calling at each other. Stash your popcorn now.

  37. Prasanna Surange says:

    A giant train wreck is coming…..

  38. S Muir says:

    Democrats will lose again. What a train wreck.

  39. Levi says:

    Listen to all the Bernie people screaming and whining and throwing temper tantrums because other people have decided they prefer another candidate. If they don't support Biden against Trump in the fall it just proves they never really had concern about this country and the people in it or the environment and that the whole Bernie movement was only ever about a cult of personality.

  40. Peaches Williams says:

    Welcome to you all. Just remember what your bosses told you…..Don't say anything negative about Trump, you do want to keep your job don't you?

  41. Najiba Najib says:

    no surprise, media is owned by billionaires.

  42. Imma Speak On It says:

    Joe Bidden or Bernie?

  43. Alice Estrada says:

    The black south just gave the presidency to trump. Blyburn was bought and paid for. I wonder what or how much he is getting.

  44. Breakglass Dawkins says:

    Bernie Supporters:

    Get over it! Fall in line and vote Democrat. We need this. we don't care if you are upset or hurt. We need the votes

  45. REFER For PRIZES says:


  46. K P says:

    Joe pedophile Biden

  47. antoni boleslawowicz says:

    Bidet is a New Age Norman Vincent Peale. He makes me ill with his platitudes and applause cliches. But we must get rid of Trump. CBS was once a news giant. Now it’s a puny runt. Bidet offers echoes of John Foster Dulles. As his spiritual ancestor Richard J. Daley put it, “Together we must rise to ever higher and higher platitudes”.

  48. John Duck says:

    Thanks to black voters for supporting Joe. ✊🏿👍

  49. kathy Martin says:

    BERNIE SANDERS IS A REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE unless you view his cause from the communist point of view.
    To say that you are a Socialist Democrat is to say that you are just a little bit pregnant.
    There is no such thing as a Socialist Democrat.

    Sanders is a true Communist but he can't come out and say that.
    He has to disguise himself by infiltrating the Democrat party and saying that he is a Social Democrat.
    The Democrat party has let itself become infiltrated by these radicals which have cause it to become fractured to a point anarchy that they have earned the name The Gang That Can't Shoot Straight.

    The democrat party has to rid itself of these Socialist Communist and become the great party that it once was.
    The Socialist Communist should stop hiding in the Democrat party and show the world just who they really are.

    Never again should we allow a Communist like Bernie Sanders come so close to turning our Great Democracy to a Communist state.

  50. Nikolai Mikhail says:

  51. Danny Sullivan Music says:

    Isn't it odd that Hillary is starting to come out of the shadows? 🤔

  52. Zenpai Donaldo says:

    Trump 2020

  53. Jack Lambert says:

    Biden is just another greedy corrupt run of the mill politician. No coincidence that the Corona “outbreak” is all you hear about from the mainstream media. Perfect timing Dems. Impeachment didn’t work let’s try to win the election by pumping fear and propaganda into the people we steal from. Tired of dirty scumbags robbing me of my tax dollars.

  54. Cj Olsen says:

    Bernie sill supports "Rest Home Handicapped Biden". Biden! Well its over. Been Fun playing the Political game. Bye Bye.

  55. Ludus says:

    dislike gang

  56. Zachariah Suga says:

    Your doodoo

  57. Tana Corporon says:

    TRUMP 2020!! You have a choice of someone who sadly seems to have maybe dementia or an angry socialist – WTH? Come on… look at ALL the actions, then think about what has happened in the past almost 4 years.

  58. Tana Corporon says:

    And, btw, WHY is it so hard to find the Democratic Debate, in full, on YouTube?? Wouldn't they/you WANT people to be able to rewatch it, in full, if they want to? It's very curious and suspicious.

  59. Crow Creek Outdoors says:

    The Democratic Party had two candidates in the beginning who were very electable. Both were sensible people with ideas that would have appealed to both democrats and republicans. Either of them stood the best chance of winning the election. Both were shunned because they weren’t progressive enough to suit the party. I believe one was unpopular also because he looked Asian & the Democratic Party is the biggest bunch of racists alive. The other is still in the race, but she’s being black balled by the party because she showed some integrity by voting present in the impeachment thing. No matter where you stand on that, you must admit that any house or senate member who is actively campaigning for president shouldn’t be voting one way or the other in a matter that involves a political opponent. She did the right thing and her party is punishing her for it. Odd she’s the only female candidate left in the race & all the pro-woman voters who pushed Warren & Kobuchar won’t support her. This is why the Democratic Party can no longer win presidential elections. They need to weed out the hypocrites & progressives who are destroying their party.

  60. Harry Kirk says:

    Never Biden, the hated senile crook that stabs progressives in the back

  61. ZEN MUSIC SPEAKS says:

    🛑for relaxing and soothing music, follow me ✅

  62. Aliddle Birdietoldme says:

    At national, Joe will be removed because he is unfit. Dont worry, cause Queen Hillary will be put in by Superdelegates. It is the plan. That is why all former candidates are making sure of Joe B.

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