WE BATHE OUR BABY FOR THE 1ST TIME! 우리 처음으로 우리 베이비 씻겼어요!

in Korea there’s like a very popular question that people ask their kids it says Maui’s first time walking outside hi guys so this vlog is going to be all over the place because I’ve started to become a little busier than usual but first I’ll show you yesterday yesterday me and you can try to see who Maui loved more me or Janka in Korea there’s like a very popular question that people ask their kids they always say like who do you like mom or dad better so we’re gonna ask mommy so we’re gonna you know call her and see who she goes to first and then that means she loves that person more [Music] [Laughter] [Music] I’m pretty busy right now because while I’m taking care of Maui and she takes up a lot of my time also recently I scheduled and paid for my next exam so I’m starting to prepare for that also I opened up an Instagram account for our Dance Academy for ka Dance Academy and so I’ve been uploading dance videos on that Instagram so please go follow if you want on you’ll see our dense videos and I’m also in the process of making a KA Dance Academy YouTube video another channel but a video about it I’ve been wanting to do this but because I want it to look really good there are so many things that I need to do to make it so I’m in the process of doing that so I don’t know just like my personal vlogs are just not the first thing I’m thinking about I have other ideas and things that I find to be more important but anyways today I think is a very important day because Maui is gonna get her last vaccine she’s finally gonna be allowed to take a bath and she can go outside so it’s gonna be her first time exploring outside and I’m very excited so I’ll take you guys with me today so I just gave her a shot she didn’t cry but they said that she has to wait one week after the shot to be able to go outside and bathe so you’re still gonna be stinky [Music] today we are going to eat Japanese noodles and here with you today and you’ll cause here in the front we’re gonna eat your favorite Japanese noodle let’s eat I got the same ones what did you get spicy little because finally the time has come so we’re gonna take her out it’s night time it’s 11:00 what it’s 10:00 10:00 it’s 10:00 p.m. and we’re gonna take out Maui for her first walk and the reason why we’re going right now well you don’t got just got a got out of work and then we’re gonna go buy her some food and the veterinarian place they’re open 24 hours so they have the food there and she needs more food so we’re gonna go and walk there and see how she does and then we’re gonna be here when we come back okay so this is Molly’s first time walking outside are you eating everything okay so we put her in the stroller because she’s eating everything she sees on the floor which are leaves and cigarettes so obviously that must be really really bad for her and I just don’t know how to control her you know cuz getting some food Maui and I are like a mommy and daddy yesterday I saw the movies the secret life of pets and it was so funny reminds me of Maui reminds me of you kind of reminds me of like and everything we’re experiencing like a family yeah we feel like a family I think this is like our first our first step you know getting some kind of responsibility having to you know by somebody else food and taking care of her painting fern [Music] [Music] [Music] years but I think into that tomorrow Bethany she’s scared the next day we took her to an outdoor mall with my friends and that’s all thank you guys for watching comment like and subscribe tell us what your favorite part of this video was and don’t forget to follow us on instagram @ ka dance underscore official to see our dance videos thank you bye 1 world 2 hearts [Music] [Laughter]

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