We bought stuff for our cats again

Rachel: Hey guys! Uh, so once again, we have purchased things for our cats Jun: uhh… R:(To cat) Thanks! Thanks.. R: Kill it!>:D He’s destroying the plastic.. Good job, buddy. Um, so.. Once again, our cats have… destroyed their ceramic bowls completely. The blue one is completely broken. They managed to open the cabinet above it and then.. Drop something on to it and just.. shatter it. J: It was my protein powder jar. R:..yeah. Uh, so, these did not last very long. The yellow one is chipped in a couple spots as well. Which is really sad! I love the colors of these they were so beautiful and the cats ate out of them really well, but Um, we’ve learned our lesson and will no longer be buying anything that cats can break. So, now we have these… Stainless steel.. dishes? They’re very shallow. I want to try this, because sometimes Haku and Nagi can get a little picky. They don’t like (laughs) water being added to their food? But we’re wondering if these shallow dishes, where the whiskers can’t possibly touch the food at all, or like the edge of the bowl will make any sort of difference. Jun’s already washed these, so.. (in silly voice) We’re gonna test them! Try it. -.- J: Do they even know the concept of sharing? (adorable drinking sounds) J: Oh! No. (Rachel laughs) Well, I mean.. it’s working well? R: Oh, good job! Okay, he’s eating. Poki! Get some food. J: Can you move the bag away? R: Okay– Poki! (meow!) Poki, come here! You get some food, too. Fight. Everyone fight.. -.- (laughs) Good job, ok Well, I gave him quite a bit of food, so I guess now we need to wait for them to finish eating No, I can do this! Because, we don’t care about the rest of [inaudable] So at our last apartment, when we had the round litter box.. Which turned out like a lot of the reviews said, and some people.. said, uh… If the cat peed against the wall the way the litter box was set up, it would.. The pee would just, like slide through, down, and outside of the litter box. And eventually Nagi started peeing on the wall, and I would just come out and it was a mess. So, that litter box did not– I never liked it (laughs) Did not turn out very well. We were done with that Now we have this new system in corner set up, but unlike our old system where I had those.. all of those scratch boards that I built That container to keep all of the litter in, –which worked very very well. It captured almost all of the litter– This one is not capturing at all, I would say maybe it picks up half the litter? We’re thinking about actually getting one of the Roomba vacuums because a lot of you said it worked really well with your cats (with fur) And, this time of year, when the cats start shedding Nagi eats all of the fur he finds on the ground and then he throws it up Like if we don’t.. We have to brush them every single day and vacuum multiple times a day! And he’ll *still* find enough stuff to throw up eventually. So we want to.. ..try to get all of the fur off of the ground, before he finds it. I think if we have like one of those Roomba things, it will help with that J: It also saves a lot of time of ours R: But with all of this litter on the ground, it’s just gonna fill up on litter So we’re still trying to figure out ways to keep all of the litter inside the litter box. So.. we’re trying.. Gahh– Poki! Poki… D: *clicking of closing lid* We found this, and we’re going to try putting one of these in there J: By the way, our previous litter– we gave it to my mom and she’s using it with her two female kitties.. And her kitties, when they pee, they have their butt touching their litter R: (They squat) J: Yeah, so it– you don’t think it’d go out. So it’s working for her *female* cats, but not male cats like ours Hello! R: Ooh, (laughs) J: Haku is it friendly? For your paws? R: Yeah? Yeah, (J: yeah) we’ll have to clean out the litter box– –we didn’t vacuum or clean up this morning ’cause I wanted to show you guys how much litter comes out of this litter box More plastic to chew. Good job buddy. J: Poki, how’d you like it? Good? R: Pretty nice? Pretty nice, huh? J: Ooh! He sat on it. Yeah (laughs) Really? It’s not painful for kitties at all 🙂 R: So maybe we can fit like one or two of these inside, and then have the rest on the ground, right outside of the litter J: Maybe, yeah. *RACHEL CLEARS THROAT VIGOROUSLY* R: Hopefully, that’ll catch everything..! Okay! Last thing we got for our cats.. isss…a cooling bed~! Because there’s so many places for beds now! they have this whole tower and there’s still room for more beds, and then they have up above the kitchen cabinets, where they like to go And I mean oftentimes, they just sleep on the couch …but! Usually if they’re sleeping on top of something it’s on a bed, so I wanted to try one of these cooling beds Nagi just wants to play. Rawr! Alright, bud. (laughs) Okay. I need to figure out… I guess this is one of those Oh, no cool J: Ow, ow! D: (Jun laughs) R: Oooh nice and squishy Waah!>:D Ooh, it’s big enough for *you*! (laughs) You like it? I’m sure they’ll like it J: Well, it seems like our.. presents..? worked out. R: He loves the tower. -w- (Jun laughs) R: Poki has slept in the little basket thing multiple times now J: Yeah, that’s Poki’s bed. R:Yeah. R: Oh, man. I’m tired today.. Jun’s family was here this whole past week because it’s Golden Week. And so almost everyone is off of work the whole week and We’ve been out in the massive crowds showing them the city We’re both dead. We’re soo dead! It was fun. It was really fun. And I’m so glad we could show them our apartment. I hope they enjoyed their stay here J: They did. R: We’ve had lots of like time with friends, people came over Yuka and her husband brought the Switch and we played Mario Party with everyone All great fun; really fun week, but.. I’m ready to just… sleep… the entire day (Rawr!) (Jun Laughs) J: Hopefully they will like it R: Someone will get to it, eventually. J: I think Poki will like it R: There he goes. He’s good (laughs) J: He’s good~ R: [as cat] “okay, I love it” J: Oh, gifts! They like it. You like it Alright, yeah, I’m gonna figure out where I’m gonna put this– R: Thank you.. J: Yeah. I guess see you guys later? R: I’m gonna go lay down and read my book J: Alright. Enjoy your Golden Week, where you deserve to rest– wait, we deserve.. some rest? R: hmm.. I dunno about ‘deserve’, but.. R: we use it as– J: No, I’m talking about grammar R: uh-huh? J: We “deserve some rest”? R: ..mhm J: Okay, I do. You do too. See you later guys! R: See ya, bye! J: Bye! J: [whispering] Hi, Poki! (laughs) I’m glad you like it, baby hee hee.. Does that feel nice? Oh– –it feels cool. (laughs)

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83 Responses

  1. Rachel & Jun's Adventures! says:

    Results after 8 hours:

    Bed has seen wide usage by Poki
    Litter dissemination after half a day has decreased by 90-95%. Long term study advised before finalizing results.
    Cats still eat food. Have not yet figured out a way to destroy metal.

  2. Bartłomiej Podstawka Music says:

    First time I hear Poki meowing normally! It's a miracle!

  3. Blimpdawg says:

    What is the liquid with the dry food?

  4. KawaiiPineappleChunks says:

    @5:43 did she just call Haku Nagi??? Or is it just me? Probably just me.

  5. A G Fernandes says:

    Oh you guys make me so jealous 😿😿 so lucky to have three cats at home

  6. Алексей Спб says:

    Please do videos with make up on your face… It looks better

  7. Verity Smart says:

    I love your cats and have a special soft spot for Poki because of his story.

  8. Boya_Life says:

    I want to be your cats

  9. Snom Nom58 says:

    Jun Rachael cats can break hearts ♥️ ps you guys are amazing so inspirational

  10. Angelica Reid says:

    Aww that closeup of happy poki at the end. Soo cute!

  11. Kiseki 96 says:

    Hey do you have fresh cat nib for them ? 😶 Nagi is maybe eating fur because i can't does not have another thing to clean is stomach. It's important for cat's.

  12. Itz_Penny says:

    U should try to build a patio for the cats


  13. Ordinary Otaku says:

    Spoiled children

  14. Cadence Hillier says:

    We wont buy anything our cats can break.
    Cats: Challange accepted (god my spelling)

  15. Katherine Pham says:

    Can you show us what litter box you use and what you did exactly to minimize litter spillage? It would be so helpful to know! Thanks 🙂

  16. Christian Breitenstein says:

    Hm… does the 4th cat purr too when you gently scratch her head?

  17. Sharon Evans says:

    i really enjoy seeing your kitties. i need cat therapy again. hope you have a great life

  18. Anastasia K says:

    Google Furminator for cats. It’s a great de-shedding tool. 😻

  19. cattus lavandula says:

    Not sure if you'd have room in your place, but i used a 3'x2'x2' plastic storage tote as a littlebox for the boy and high peeing female cats i had. I just cut an opening in one side so they didn't have to jump over to get in the box. Changed and washed each week, it was replaced every three months to avoid getting stinky. The cats loved it and it saved my walls.

  20. OhOkay says:

    Sometimes jun speaks English so nicely that I almost forget it's not his first language

  21. 中島昭美 says:


  22. *Fallen Angel* says:

    I love how in Jun's videos, all the cats are really chill and well-behaved, while in THESE videos, the cats are just. Absolute IDIOTS. Just literal BUFFOONS.

  23. Sarah Jasmine M says:

    When are you lot having kids?

  24. Alexis Augustin says:

    Are there links for the items you guys got I'm interested in the bed…

  25. SICKNICK says:

    Nobody ever:
    Not a single creature:

    Nagi: sees cat hair is this food or smthin?
    Also Nagi: yah this some good food I wonder who left it out.

  26. Silviana says:

    I love this content

  27. Cherie Hereora says:

    If that doesn't work check out this https://youtu.be/JqQ8u6r7Pog

  28. Q. E. D. says:

    You guys are awesome!

  29. carol steensen says:

    when I feed my cat am I supposed to put water with the dry biscuits. Why?

  30. tuschman168 says:

    Is there a special reason why your cats get their food and water in the same bowl? I guess it saves on dishes. Is that it?

    When I had a cat it just always had a full bowl of water. Not just during meal time.

  31. Miriam Fuchs says:

    Can u store female and male cats in the same cabinet?

  32. Amisha Bansal says:

    We want to meet your kids (human) guys..!!

  33. GlumGatsby says:

    Wait… Jin is taking protein powder? Oh man that’s sad

  34. Jazmin says:

    Peeing on the walls doesnt mean that they are marking? I alwyas heard that it means that, they feel threatened

  35. Salvador Celis Garcia says:

    Por que no hay subtítulos al español si así esta el titulo, !!!Por que!!!

  36. Mikan Sotto says:

    Hi! Just pretty curious about this thing, um, are you guys planning on having kids? Just thinking about this plan makes me so excited hehe 😉

  37. Julek Ty zboku says:

    I was bad cat mommy yesterday, I said to my citty: I'm watching Jun's and Rachel cats, shhhh for minute. But in second I was cuddling her because she is the best °~°

  38. Neenusubbusreemati Subhash says:

    Hey haku poki and nagi 😍😍😍

  39. Cheyanne Pena says:

    Can someone explain why they add water to the food? Idk why and I’d like to know

  40. MsChevolet says:

    Have you tried top entry litter box

  41. Kathryn Johnson says:

    Oh yeah, a bag!!!! The best part of the presents!!!! 💕🐈🐾❣
    Poki is good…he gives his paw up!!! 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

  42. Unknown Fire says:

    Omg u posted this on my bd when I turned a teenager 😅

  43. eric5 says:

    what are your cat breeds?

  44. Cathleen Phelps says:

    don't you ever give your cats something a bit more tasty than those pellets – like a nice tin of wet food now and again or a tasty bit of cat friendly fish ? You should watch Henri on "cat boredom" – he has it nailed …!

  45. Luke Posadas says:

    Poki looks like a fat little penguin lol

  46. Jezina Anizej says:

    You’ve got the Asian squat down, Rachel 🤣🤣

  47. toy chica's 202 says:

    Poki is legit my cats (Yato)s freaking soul brother or something. Yato opens EVERYTHING including our freezer door…..and he likes to lay in there and melt and defrost all our food. Two diff child locks later I just use duct tape lmao. It looks terrible bit atleast we can have some ice cream now lol.

  48. Claire Conover says:


  49. Thy Nguyễn says:

    This chanel is full of cats video, and i love it!

  50. Nami OTP says:

    Rachel: "Poki come here"
    Poki instantly responds: "Mew, mew."

  51. Teina Kore says:

    I wish I was one of your cats……living it up big time.

  52. St Color says:

    Poki likes everything 🙂

  53. gabiluch87 says:

    There’s no such a thing as stop buying cat stuff

  54. Hannah Chap says:

    Litter robots have been great for me in my multi-cat house! Cats love them.

  55. Bailey Angus says:

    Such a cute happy face!

  56. Brooklyn Fischer says:

    Is nagi male too?

  57. Samantha Martinez says:

    Rachel: Someone will get to it eventually
    Also Rachel: shoves Poki into bed

  58. C H says:

    I'm so jealous over how calm your cats are about plants… my dude goes instant kill mode over anything that remotely resembles a plant lmao.

  59. Mary Gonzales says:

    Anyone remember Leo?

  60. ITz_PhantomNightcore* :p says:


  61. Sombath Jaijarat says:

    Think the flatter bowls are better. They say that cats can get whisker fatigue eating from a deep bowl

  62. Magictoast / Hallucination says:

    What is that mat thing called that you used for stopping the litter????

  63. Sam Holder says:

    aw these cats love you both so much. just constantly around.

  64. Erin Zaki says:

    I'd want steel bowls, as the online stores usually sell them with cute wooden or steel holders to put them in but I hate the sound of metal. :/

  65. Jocrepe says:

    Rachel: jun we don't have money
    Jun: we do have money
    Money at home (which is already spent on cat products):

  66. Wayne 91 says:

    Poki looks like a panda

  67. Zionne Makoma says:

    They deserve all the hugs!

  68. _IAM_VEGAN_ says:

    We got a litterbox where the cats have to enter from the top and it's all closed on the bottom with a bag for the litter inside it's working really really well and our dogs can't reach inside

  69. diana dowie says:

    I love Poki.

  70. John hi says:

    "poki" MEOW

  71. kylerabc says:

    The way Jun says protein is kinda funny

  72. Stephen Lambrecht says:

    Your cat platforms are really deluxe compared to what I found at Walmart. Took a while but both boys love the platform. Caught Buck doing somersaults and hanging by his claws. He was able to pull himself back up to sitting. Good exercise. Tigger and Buck take turns looking out the picture window. Often they sit together.

  73. Bingo_Bongo is my name says:

    People: Why have you bought MORE stuff for your cats?!!?!
    Rachel and Jun: yes.

  74. S-Kara says:

    I just noticed that you mix the water and the cat food together?
    is there any special reason for it?

  75. 0noregrets0 says:

    2:40 Poki is like "but mommy i didn't even yell"

  76. ChubbyDog Animations says:

    We have our litter in our bathroom (if my sister doesn’t clean it out it everyday it smells cos it’s her cat) and Kitkat (our cat) scratches her paws on the tiles or mat to get off the litter. She won’t leave until it’s gone. Our dog Tommy is the one who drags out her poo and it’s not very appetising……………… yeah
    Kitkat was a cat we found on the side of the road because the guy had killed the mother and was going to drown the kittens if nobody adopted them but we only took one. She’s a wild cat but has warmed up to us over the past 11 years……. she’s really old and only has 3 teeth. Best of luck to their cats and um yeah

  77. MagicMint Monstrosity says:

    Rachel: Nagi just wants to play

    Me: That's uh, Haku.

  78. Marshmallow Bex says:

    Am i spending my afternoon watching cats eat?
    Yes, yes I am.

  79. Dawid 7899 says:

    Rachel: we wont buy stuff the cats can break
    Poki: im a villain without a hero! a yin with no yan, in other words … I HAVE NO PURPOSE!

  80. Lily Roider says:

    Why does poki look like a kitten???

  81. RedValkyrie 84 says:

    I am wondering why you put water on their dry food?

  82. Beverly Archer says:

    They are so spoiled 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  83. Shiboline M'Ress says:

    Your cats have the best kitty parents of all! I'm jealous! 🤗🤗

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