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(upbeat music) Pet cams help you stay connected to your four-legged
friends while you’re away. If your best friend gets anxious or bored, set up a pet
camera while you’re at work, on vacation, or in the next room. After just a few minutes of set up, you can watch your pet
move about the house from virtually anywhere in the world. Just plug in the camera and
connect it to your home’s WiFi. With help from my cat,
Toki, I took a closer look to see if these gadgets
are really the cat’s meow. Our favorite cameras have
a microphone and speaker that allow you to see
and talk to your pets. They also capture video in
720 or 1080p day or night. The PetChatz cam comes
at a pure bred price but is loaded with features. It has a treat dispenser,
aromatherapy spray, two-way audio and video, and a call button your pet can use to contact you. It even has dog TV, a subscription service that streams calming dog-friendly
videos to your canine. The PetChatz doesn’t do
much for surveillance, but it’s definitely entertaining
for those nights when you and your best friend want to
watch your favorite shows. The Wyze Cam is the most practical for simple pet surveillance.
It’s easy to set up and gives you a full 360° view with its rotating base and swiveling eye. You can talk to your pets through the speaker on the camera too. You miss out on extras
like a treat dispenser, but it’s under $40, making
it much more affordable than other pet cameras. Maybe I’m just a cat person, but it seems like dog owners get all the fun stuff. So I took home a more
feline friendly option, the Pawbo Pet Cam. This model lands between the simple Wyze Cam and the feature-loaded PetChatz. It has a 720p camera, a microphone, a speaker for video and
audio communication, as well as a treat dispenser
and a laser pointer. I’ve used laser pointers
before with my cat and he always seemed to like them so I was excited to see how it would go. I tried the Pawbo’s
automatic and manual control for the laser pointer
to catch his attention, but he wasn’t that impressed. What did catch his attention
was the treat dispenser and ring tones on the camera. (cat meows) Like me, he’s pretty treat motivated. So any time he’d hear the camera, he was there and ready for his close-up. (paw hitting against the camera) The Pawbo has some fun
features but it’s … well, rough for the price. It installed easily and
worked as advertised, but its app is pretty featureless. The mic and speaker didn’t work, and it’s night vision was
nonexistent, and extremely laggy. If you miss your dog or are worried about your cats getting into trouble, a pet camera might be the solution. Pet cams can range anywhere from $25 to over $300, depending
on the features you want. The most expensive models
have treat launchers, toys, and even dog TV, but those features are more for humans than pets. If you just want to keep
your dog off the couch, or your cats in view a
basic WiFi-enabled camera with audio can work just as well as the feature-rich models. Check out our full lineup on safewise.com to see the rest of our favorite pet cams. (upbeat music) (meow)

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