We gave our cats new cat beds

RACHEL: Nagi, what are you doing? Who left the door open? How did you get in there- I just reorganized the cat drawer today. So we got… cat harnesses, cat toothbrushes and tooth care and toothpaste and everything. Uh, nail clippers and scissors for… poop butt hair. Uh… [laughs] Brushes, catnip, spray, random little toys and pieces for the cat tower, and then all of their toys are over here, so. This is good. Okay. JUN: Rachel. To the right, to the right – RACHEL: So once again, [laughing] we have- We have purchased things for our cats, against our better judgment, but they deserve it. Um, okay so, actual- alright, alright- This is the cat tower, right now, and Nagi loves that box, and so I wanted to- When I- when I saw this box, I wanted to get it for him.
It is a… cool box for summer. Ahh Jun, I have one hand. I have one hand, help me. JUN: Nagi! He’s sniffing the plant. Is that cat safe? RACHEL: Yes. I looked it up. This one actually has a cushion on it. And it’s like a permanent box. So we figured- oop, it’s upside down- [gasp]
[laughs, whispers] There he goes! Nagi loves boxes, [laughs] aww! He went right in [laughs] – he knows what it’s for! Oh my gosh, he’s so happy. [laughs] We just got home it’s like- it’s nine o’clock. It’s really late, but… I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to film this, because I feel like this is- it’s like opening Christmas presents, but instead of us opening the presents, it’s our cats, and yet I feel just as much joy, if not more. And then, we also… Saw this and I thought this was neat. So, this is like a little… two-story thing – You gonna go in again, Nagi? This is handmade in Japan, which is really neat- JUN: [calling] Haku RACHEL: Oh, oh, Poki’s going in! Poki’s going in! Jun! Poki’s inside! [laughing] JUN: 珀来てよ。
(Haku’s coming.) RACHEL: [calling] Haku! [Rachel giggles] Oh, Haku’s going in the box! Oh my god, they love it. I’m so happy. [Rachel laughs quietly] Oop, aww [laughs] Poki just laid down, Jun, he likes it.
JUN: Haku is laying down too. [Rachel laughs] They like it! Oh my gosh. JUN: Nagi. RACHEL: I am so happy Look at that tail! Nagi’s got too much to explore right now. JUN: Look how comfortable Poki looks. RACHEL: I know, I know – he doesn’t care that it’s in the middle of the floor. He’s totally cool with it. JUN: [clicks tongue] Hey Poki. You like it? [Rachel giggles] JUN: That’s apparently for you. Yeah. [Jun makes “mreh” sound, eating sounds] RACHEL: Oop, oop oop!
[Jun keeps making eating sounds] JUN: He’s so hungry. RACHEL: So right now, Poki… …usually sleeps in this bed, the one that we got in our last video, where I was just showing random cat products that we got our cats. Um. He’s very, very fond of this. He spends a lot of the day sleeping in this. We also have this cat bed, Occasionally Haku sits up on that thing up there. Nagi likes that little round one, Nagi also goes in there. It’s summer so none of the cats use this, but they sleep in that in the winter. We have a lot of cat beds, but they actually use all of them. Oh, yes. There’s this cat bed over here as well, which… all of the cats take turns sleeping on, and then we have our… giant cat scratch boards, which occasionally we move around the apartment, as we catch cats- well, Haku, really – scratching random things we don’t want him to scratch, which is when he’s trying to get our attention, cuz he wants food, usually, or something. [laughs] And Poki likes sleeping in these, here. And then of course all the cats like sleeping on the couch. Nagi likes sleeping under the coffee table. We really have a lot of sleeping spots for cats- Ooh, Haku! How you liking it? [laughs] That’s such a good spot! Nagi, you’re gonna go in too? Nope. [laughs] And- And this is the BEST, this is the BEST thing that we bought – I don’t know how it’s gonna go, cuz it’s like super… flattened out in this like, uh, no air packaging- Oh my god, careful. JUN: What? RACHEL: [laughs] -just stabbing it with every- Ah, makes me nervous! Oh, oh! It’s already- it’s popping up a little bit. Do it, Jun, do what it said. Beat it! JUN: [whispering] Haku. RACHEL: The instruc- we read the instructions before we left because we were concerned how long it would take to… fluffen up. JUN: I don’t know if I’m supposed to do this. How to do it. RACHEL: They said… beat it. [laughs] JUN: Take that! [makes fighting sound effects] Whoa! Haku. RACHEL: Awww… JUN: Haku, you know you can be in here too, right? RACHEL: Oh my god, he’s going! Jun, I am so happy [laughs quietly] JUN: Yeah Made for cats. RACHEL: Our cats just- they basically know when we bring home stuff that’s for them. They just take it. JUN: It smells… just like, uh, igusa? What’s it called-? RACHEL: Igusa? Straw?
JUN: I don’t know if it’s like- … smells like straw. RACHEL: Right. JUN: We were kind of worried about the smell, if the cats wouldn’t like it.
RACHEL: Mm. JUN: But it feels like our cats doesn’t mind it. RACHEL: Yeah Haku and Poki. JUN: Haku wants to go in.
RACHEL: Yeah, I know [laughing] RACHEL: He wants to go in, but Poki’s already in there JUN: Haku, you go inside? Oh, you want to try this one first? RACHEL: I think it’ll take a while for this to like, fully fluffen up and become its full majesty. No, Jun, the inside’s-! It’s- it’s backwards. Yeah, yeah. JUN: It is now. ほら (look), made it fluffy. RACHEL: Yeah. It’s a little boat! [dissolves into laughter] It’s a boat! JUN: This is for you, Poki. Poki!
RACHEL: It’s so cute. Poki’s gonna be so cute in the boat. JUN: Show off your mustache, baby. RACHEL: Look at that. Look at that beautiful face. The majesty. JUN: Poki! RACHEL: Poor Poki, he’s like, “But this is my spot, I’m so happy, I’ve been sitting here this whole time.” They had two sizes. They had an extra-large size for this too, but they’re dual cat slash- Oh, he’s gonna- dual cat/dog beds, and we figured this one was large enough for our cats. JUN: [laughing] Haku, you look too big. Oh? Ohhhhh….. RACHEL: Aww… JUN:入った?入ったね。気に入ったみたいよね。
(Did he go in? He did? Looks like he likes it.) RACHEL: Oh no, oop- ohh…
[Rachel and Jun laugh] JUN: You can do it. RACHEL: He’s adjusting. He’s figuring it out. JUN: っていうか、このが暑いじゃない?
(Wait, is this not hot?) RACHEL: He’s a big boy, he’s just got to work things out a little bit. JUN: I think they will like this spot, when it gets cold. ‘Cause right now it’s quite hot. RACHEL: I don’t think it’ll be too hot in there. JUN: Nagi, do you want to try this? It’s a boat. I think you will look cute too. I have one more gift for you. For you guys. I’ll be right back. RACHEL: Look at Haku’s tail. [laughs] JUN: Which one do you like the best, buddy? RACHEL: The houses are gonna be popular. [laughs] RACHEL: This is so freaking cute. JUN: You look like a giant snail.
[Rachel laughs] ‘s Haku’s. [small laugh] RACHEL: Hi beautiful baby. Why, whatchu looking at? JUN: Well, it looks really nice on you. RACHEL: He’s such a great captain.
JUN: Captain Poki with a mustache. RACHEL: Oh my god, Captain Poki. I love you. [laughs] JUN: Nagi’s a clew. Wait, is it ‘r’? Crew?
RACHEL: Crew? RACHEL: Well, we’re gonna stop filming for tonight. We’ll see how you guys like this stuff tomorrow. It’s the next day, and… Haku is enjoying this [laughs] And Nagi’s in his little box. Hi, pretty baby. Poki’s a captain! [laughs] Captain Poki! What’d you- [laughs] What’d you do? NAGI: [mew] RACHEL: Oh, what’s that, baby? You wanna play? NAGI: [yes] RACHEL: Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. NAGI: [prrb? meow.] RACHEL: So sad. [Nagi meows] You’re so sad. NAGI: [rrrr mrow] RACHEL: Hey buddy. Poki, you’re so cute! [laughs] He’s still in the boat! [Nagi trills] JUN: Captain Poki! How are you feeling, sir.
[Rachel laughs and awws] NAGI: meow RACHEL: Nagi. Hi sad baby. You wanna play?
NAGI: little meow RACHEL: Oh my gosh.
[Nagi mrows] Oh my gosh. You wanna play? NAGI: forlorn meow mrew mew meorrrrr myo RACHEL: What’d you see?
NAGI: mrow RACHEL: What do you see outside? Is it a bird? Oh, oop, it’s dragonflies! NAGI: yes meow [disgruntled meows] mrrow RACHEL: What’s outside? NAGI: meow meow mrrrow mrrrrrr RACHEL: Here’s Nagi, in his box. Hey [laughs]. He was sleeping here all last night. And he rested his neck on this, which he can do for the first time ’cause it’s nice and soft. Yeah, he loves his boxes. And Poki is still in his boat! [laughs] You’re so cute, Poki! Oop! He’s coming up. Oh, sleepy. I’m sorry. Is this shelf too small for you to sit up? NAGI: meow All right, we’ll see you guys later!

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  11. Meghan Smith says:

    This is the wholesome content the world needs right now

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    Dear Caption Poki,

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