This is Louie You didn’t have I’m so puffy the 20-fold dog Wrong, here’s some photos of the day that we got him. He looks so cute. So excited He’s so happy. It was so hyper on that day. I Took some photos. These are photos. Obviously. Oh my god But I thought that I’ll insert them and then there’s gonna be a few parts which I videotaped on my phone Because not everything is on my camera. But then guess what we went to Taco Bell with him Dogs I stopped a puppy she’s a French Bulldog is Fantine So facts about Louise that he hates vacuums he will straight-up attack them. He he he things in there horrible And when he gets tired, he looks very cute in And he gets another job very well which makes us happy except for Bianca him in Bianca kind of lip But in Ridley you’re the best buddy, I mean look at him why don’t you want to be friends with him Yes, I wouldn’t wanna be friends with him he’s boy by the way I’m not sure if I manage to do that He is a lot and drinks wine loves food He’s the sweetest thing ever except right now at the moment He doesn’t really like cuddles and because right now of how paper is he doesn’t really want to Shalom He’s always only going and always running into some place and he would he never sits down Lilly’s done weirdest thing He’s a big boy waiting like three pounds maybe a little bit more He’s also potty-trained which is really good and helpful and he’s hoping Infiniti learned gonna become buddy drink Louie oh look at his face. He’s so cute He’s so cute It’s just another family Things I will destroy this vacuum with you Right to the top I hope you enjoyed this video if you take a bit of money you Like me more my channel subscribe I kind of forget the stuffs. Anyway, you know what? I know, you know what to do, and I don’t see you guys Probably on Tuesday And I hope you guys enjoy it and give this me a like if you enjoyed this video. I already said that Telekinesis he knew you

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  1. Sophia Mixerupper says:


  2. Valerie Talamantes 123 says:

    Omg another one he is so cute

  3. Nikeya King says:

    Omg he is so
    Cute 👼

  4. addi the avocado says:

    Early!❤️ #FentyFriday #Louie

  5. Amelia Brand says:

    Yayyy :))) so cute

  6. Rachel's Corner says:

    OMG OMG OMG Fenti has a brother ahhh this is douvlr the cuteness I can't handle it I love this so much he is sooo cute ❤️❤️❤️🐶🐕🐩🐺

  7. cleo sidiropoulos says:

    Great smile

  8. Chishiann Phan says:

    Oh my gosh.. Ur right we are not ready for this. Arggghh so freakin cuteeee. I love the thumbnail😍😍😍

  9. Tiffany tomatoes says:

    now wayyy!! hes soo cutee gimme them Louie thursdayss

  10. sijil o says:

    Its fluffy on ur hand 😅

  11. Pourlavie Sisters says:

    The first pic is so cuteeee😍😍😍adorableee

  12. It's Jennifer says:


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  14. Jubisa Sis says:

    Awww, so cute

  15. Tereza Vuletić says:

    Lucky you! I want house full of dogs! 😍❤

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