We lost our cats during moving to a new house…

– Hey guys it’s Karina. – It’s Ronald and we are from– – Sis versus– – [Both] Bro. – And as you know we moved. this is our new house we’re going to do a house tour coming soon but we have something
more important to say. During moving we were
packing all the boxes and Chibi and George decided to leave. I guess they got scared
that we were going to get rid of them because everything, all their toys and all their
stuff was going into boxes and they’re like “What’s going on? are they going to give us away? Let’s get out of here.” So usually they leave
for maybe a few hours and maybe they come back
later and get some food and whatever but they didn’t come back for a whole night so we’re getting a little concerned. – Yeah, like Karina is
using vocabulary, concerned. – Concerned. So we’re going to go to the old house and try to find them because we gotta bring our little fur babies home. – We are going to be
doing some detective work. – We gotta find where they were last seen, We have to put up posters and everything. – Oh, I see some cat paws. (laughter) – [Karina] So guys, let’s go to the old house and find our little
Georgis and Chibos. So guys, we entered our old neighborhood and now we are going to be keeping a close eye out for Chibi and George. I’m looking around, I
don’t see them so far Chibus, Georgis, where are you? Okay guys, we have
arrived at our old house and when we entered our old neighborhood we were keeping an eye
out for Chibi and George we didn’t see them at
all so now let’s look around in the backyard, hopefully they’re hiding somewhere in the backyard. Alright. – We need to look for them, detective. – [Karina] Old sweet, old home. – [Ronald] Yes, the gate is up. – [Karina] All right, Chibi
George are you guys over here? – [Ronald] Chibus and Georgis – [Karina] Guys, where are you? Are they scratching against
the glass trying to get in? (Ronald speaking unintelligbly) Hopefully we can find them soon. Maybe they are down here. Hm, I don’t see them. – [Ronald] Where are they? – [Karina] They’re not here at all. Guys we’re getting really worried about Chibi and George cause we
have no idea where they are. They’re not in the backyard at all, maybe they’re over on
the side of the house, we gotta go check but we
can’t stay here for long cause this is not our house anymore. We can’t just wait inside for them, we gotta leave soon or else
people are gonna be like this ain’t your house, get out. – But it isn’t theirs
either, no one lives here. – Yeah, but someones gonna come here and uh tell us to leave. Hopefully they’re somewhere
here in our backyard Chibi, George where are you guys? – [Ronald] They might
still be like not in this, they might not be on this property. – [Karina] Hopefully they’re
somewhere around here, hopefully they didn’t go too far. Chibi, George, are you in there? Maybe in the bushes, they
like hiding in these bushes. They’re definitely not here. – [Ronald] They don’t
like hiding in the bushes. – [Karina] Well they
like hiding in the bushes on the other side of the
house so maybe these ones. Uh, are they over here? Cat poo. Alright, no, are they inside the house? Are they inside? – [Ronald] They have the keys. – [Karina] Okay c’mon. – [Ronald] What is that black thing? – [Karina] That’s cat poop, ew, okay. – [Ronald] Oh yeah, the windows broken. – [Karina] The window is broken. – [Ronald] We found poo so they were here. – [Karina] They were here, I
mean obviously they were here. But we don’t know now where they are. So guys, Chibi and George
were not in the backyard so now we’re going to look on the street and in the bushes. – [Ronald] Where are they? – [Karina] I don’t know
but I hope they’re okay so we can take them to our new house all the way somewhere else, it’s really far away so they won’t be able to walk to it we have to take them. – [Man] Chibi, George! – [Ronald] Chibi, Georgis! – [Karina] We’ve come to take you home. – [Ronald] You want to come? – [Karina] Chibi, George are
you over here in these bushes? – [Ronald] Maybe, I don’t
know if they come here often. – [Karina] What if we– – [Man] Chibi, George where are you? – [Karina] What if we meow and
they come towards the meowing – [All] Meow, meow, meow, meow – [Karina] They’re not in
these bushes over here so, we gotta go, yeah we gotta go this way. Meow! – I think if we go quickly, then they’d respond to running. – We’ve gotta go down
all these streets here and pathways. – [Karina] Yeah. – George! – [Karina] George! Chibi! Guys come home. – [Ronald] Are you here? – [Man] George used to climb these trees here, so- – [Karina] Really? – Yeah he was here many times. – [Karina] Okay. – [Ronald] I thought if cats climbed trees the fire department comes. – Unless they come down they don’t. George? – [Karina] Chibi? – [Ronald] What’s this thing doing here? – [Karina] I don’t
know, some kind of rope. – [Ronald] A clue? – [Karina] Bro I don’t thinks it’s a clue. This is like their cat hangout spot, like they gathered here and plotted. – [Ronald] It looks like
they have been building something, look they have these things. – Cats are not building anything
they’re just hiding places. George! – [Karina] Chibi! – Where are you? We’re gonna take you home. – [Karina] Chibi, George? We have your favorite bacon cat treats. No we don’t, but we’re
just saying that we do. – [All] Meow, meow, meow! – [Karina] They’re not here. – [Man] Let’s keep going guys. – Chibun, Georgeun? Yeah I hope they’re fine. Hopefully they’re eating something cause they haven’t come
home for a whole day. So, hopefully they found
the food on their own. – Well George eats mouses,
maybe he shared with Chibush – Hopefully, hopefully they’re together. Hopefully they didn’t separate. – Yeah cause then we’d
have to find two of them. – Yeah, Chibi is not very good at hunting, or surviving, George likes going outside and hunting animals and stuff. – [Ronald] Where are they? – [Karina] Chibi, George? – George, Chibi? – [Ronald] Georgeush, Chibush? Awe we lost our kitten. – [Karina] They’re not
kittens anymore, they’re cats. What, is that a track? – [Man] Yeah. The paws, look how little. They’re so small like cats. Right here. George, Chibi? – [Karina] You think they’re walking here? – [Ronald] How long will it take for that to like, disappear? – Look, more! Right there, right there, right there. – [Karina] It kind of
looks like a cat paw print. – [Ronald] It is! It looks like uh, a fake one. – [Karina] A fake one what do you mean? – [Ronald] It just looks so perfect. – Well cause out cats are perfect. – Okay. – Chibi, George? – I’m gonna play the drums. – [Karina] You think
they’re gonna respond to you playing the drums? – Yes they like good drums. – [Karina] Okay. Chibi, George? – [Ronald] Georgush Chibush? – [Man] Would you like to go check out the golf course, quickly? – [Karina] Yeah maybe they became golfers. – [Man] You hear this? – [Karina] Wait. – [Ronald] I’m scared. – [Man] There’s something here. – [Karina] Awe I see it’s
a bird, it’s all the way in the back. Awe I thought that was Chibi or George. – Well we were on to something. – Maybe we should go back to the house and leave out some food and water and then come back tomorrow to see if they come. – Oh yeah that would be cool. They can sniff the food. – Cause I don’t think we can stay here any longer cause we
don’t live here anymore. Chibi, George? – Chibi? – [Karina] Chibun? Chibun, Georgeun? I don’t know where they are. – [Ronald] I’m getting really tired. We’ve been looking for you! Get away from that thing! – [Karina] Oh it is a dead bird, eww. Maybe that’s a sign of George, maybe George was here, he hunted the bird. – Guys, there’s no sign of them. (sad music) – Okay guys we’re coming back to the house and we’re gonna see if
the back door is open so we can go inside and get some food get some water, and get
some cat treats and stuff. So we can leave it out, so
they can get food and stuff, and it’ll be easier for us to find them. – Maybe. – Also maybe we should come back tomorrow with posters and stuff. – What? – Yeah cat posters. – [Man] For Sure! – I’ve never had to put up
posters, missing posters. – Maybe, maybe they
accidentally took them in. – Accidentally? – The door’s open. – Okay, let me– Okay come in. – [Karina] It’s so weird. Maybe they were hiding inside
the house the whole time. – [Ronald] There’s no way. – [Karina] They like to
hide in the basement. – They have cat food guys, and
these are the bacon snacks. – [Ronald] Bacon snacks,
oh I remember those. – [Karina] Yeah the bacon cat treats. – [Man] Chicken jerky for cats. So we have to leave this. – [Karina] Alright. Alright we have water. – I’m gonna clean this up. – [Karina] Do you want
to go check the basement? Because maybe they were
hiding in the basement the whole time. – Maybe. – [Man] Go ahead, go check the basement, but I don’t think so, I
haven’t seen them anywhere. – Chibi sometimes, we can’t find her, and we’re screaming out,
all around the house and we just can’t find her, but then, we go down to the basement and she’s just chilling on one of the chairs. (jazzy music) (Ronald speaking unintelligibly) – [Karina] No I didn’t hear anything. Chibi, George are you still here? They’re not here at all. Chibi, George? Are they in this room? I don’t know, I think this is the room
with the water and stuff. Are they around here? No, they’re not around here. – [Ronald] They’re not here. – Alright let’s go back to the kitchen. – [Man] Okay we’ve got some water, we got some food, we’re
leaving some bacon on the top. – [Ronald] And then bacon
treats on the inside. I like that idea. – [Man] You wanna take this one out, and then you put it outside,
I’ll take the water? – [Karina] Okay I’m holding the camera. The ants are gonna go it
cause there’s a whole bunch of ants here. – [Ronald] Oh they might eat it. – [Man] Well we can’t keep the ants away. – [Karina] The ants are
just gonna have to resist. This is for Chibi and George only ants, I know you’re thinking about it but don’t, but stop thinking about it okay? So many ants here. Alright we left their food there. And now let’s just cross
our fingers for tomorrow. – Do we have to cross our
fingers for 24 hours Karina? – [Karina] Yeah. – [Man] Chibi, George? – [Ronald] What about you? – [Karina] Me too! – [Ronald] Okay. – [Karina] Alright let’s go. We gotta go now. Alright guys we’re gonna be back tomorrow to see if Chibi and George are here. Hopefully they’re here, I really hope so, and I want to give them
a big, furry cat hug. – But they’re probably really dirty. – Yeah they’ve been
outside this whole time they’re probably gonna
need a bath or something. Hey guys we’re still driving
around the neighborhood to see if they’re walking
around here and stuff. But they’re not here, that’s
our house right there, and we’re driving around. Aria’s really sad. Aria really loved Chibi, but Chibi’s gone, she’s so sad now. Chibi, I mean Aria we’re
gonna find Chibi soon okay I promise. – [Ronald] And George. – Guys this is so weird
that Chibi’s gone for like, several days now, she would never go out, for longer than a couple
hours, where is she? – [Ronald] I’m really sad. – [Karina] Chibi just
like sitting on the couch, and like, laying down, it’s weird. – She would never go out for that long, she would never go out
for more than a day. – [Karina] Yeah, hopefully they’re okay, and we’re gonna find them soon. – Yeah. – Hey guys so it’s the next day, and we couldn’t sleep at all last night, we were so worried for Chibi and George, we have no idea where they are, what they’re doing, what
they’re eating even. – Yeah maybe they’re eating like mice, and like I’m really scared. – I’m really worried for them, so now it’s time to go
back to the old house to see if the food has been eaten, to see if they’re waiting for us, hopefully they’re waiting for us, hopefully maybe there’s some tracks there or something that could
lead us to Chibi and George. We’re really worried for them we want to bring out
little fur babies home. – But wait maybe they didn’t eat the food. – Hopefully they at least went there. – Yeah. – Alright so now let’s go
quickly to the old house. So guys it’s a long
drive but we’re finally entering out old neighborhood right here. – [Ronald] It’s been years It’s been so long but Chibi and George are hopefully somewhere around here. We’re trying to find them, we
have no idea where they are. I’m so nervous, I’m so scared,
I’m so worried for them. I just want them to be okay. – [Ronald] What if they’re
waiting at the food? – [Karina] That would be perfect, cause then we could
just take them home but hopefully they’re not
too far away from here, cause then they’re gonna be lost. Chibi, George are you here? I don’t see them. – [Ronald] Hopefully their food was eaten. – [Karina] Hopefully they
ate the food at least. So they’re not hungry. We’re over here. – [Ronald] We’re here,
we’re here, we’re here. – [Karina] Get out fast. Alright guys we’re
standing right in front of our old house and someone’s
car is parked in front, so maybe someone lives here
already I have no idea, I don’t know if we’re allowed inside. – The food is behind that gate. – [Karina] Yeah right here
so let’s go check quickly. – [Ronald] It’s ate. – [Karina] It’s gone,
the food is all gone! Wait was Chibi and George here? – [Ronald] The water’s gone – [Karina] Some of the water’s gone, and the food is all gone. – [Ronald] They ate all the food. – [Man] They ate all the food. – [Karina] They ate all the food, like not a crumb left. Maybe they’re still in the backyard? – Maybe they have a source of water, maybe they’re all the way
over there at the beach, cause they have a source of water. – [Karina] Maybe uh,
I don’t wanna get seen by people that live here. I don’t see Chibi and George around here. – [Ronald] Where are they? – [Karina] They’re not
in any of the bushes. – [Ronald] Is this how they’re
just gonna live their lives now, were just gonna leave
food for them everyday? – [Karina] I don’t know. – [Ronald] We have to
cacth them mid-eating. – [Karina] Maybe we
should come back tomorrow, or maybe we should look around
some more, I don’t know. – [Man] Chibi, George? – [Karina] Meow! Where are they? – [Ronald] I don’t see them. – [Man] We had, we had two cats here, have you seen the cats at all? No? Cause like they were gone
a few days before we moved and, and then, I don’t know. – [Man In Brown boots]
What color are they? – [Man] Well one was black and gray, and the other was, I don’t know. – [Karina] Brown? – [Man] Brown, but no two cats like, walking around the house or anything? – [Man] No, no, no, no, nothing. – [Man] Okay guys, no sign of them. They literally left, like, two days before we moved out. And they haven’t come back. Well we were moving things ahead of time, you know we started
moving boxes and stuff, and then like, two days after we started, they just like, left. – [Ronald] Did you clean the food bowl? – [Man] Yeah we left some food over there, – [Man In Brown boots]
Oh no, I didn’t see that. – [Man] And it’s empty. But no sign of cats. – [Man] No I didn’t realize. I didn’t even see the- – [Man] Yeah just left it there. – [Man In Brown boots]
Well, if we see them, I’ll, I’ll give you a call and let you know. – [Karina] So guys we
just spoke with the new owner of the house and
he said he hasn’t seen any cats at all, not even any stray cats, so I’m really worried
for Chibi and George, Aria’s also sad, because
she really misses Chibi. – I don’t know where they are, I’m so worried for them. – Yeah there’s this
like whole neighborhood, it’s so big and it could
be literally anywhere. – They might not even
be in the neighborhood. – Yeah they may be, I
don’t know somewhere, and we’re so scared for them. I have no idea where they
are, so I’m really worried. So guys, praise, pray
that Chibi and George will come home safely and soon,
because we really miss them and we just want to bring them home. (sad music)

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