We rescue 5 babies in 3 days

Its been quite crazy days because we recieved 5 new animals in almost 2 days the first one was a Jochi, its a kind of agouti, Jochi pintado then 2 days after they called us from Madidi Nat Park that they rescued a Coatí and Capuchin babys we went to the town to pick them up but we had a little surprise so instead of coming back with 2 animals we came with 3 the story of the squirrel monkey was quite crazy because i almost have to literally fight for him this poor animal has just his mother killed we rescue animals in situations like this that they are trying to sell them -Good that you do that -this animal is sick and he is going to have his foster mum he will have 3 females with him in the park is good what youre doing but im not going to allow you, ive been looking from there, and im not going to allow you to shout a Bolivian You are not Bolivian (so bolivians can shout each other but not gringos…..) -Woman. Nooo, nono, thay guy was trying to scape he tried to escape, he tried to escape
-ahh ok he tried to escape after trying to sell it for 1000 bolivians thats why we have the police I TOLD him lets go to the police, lets go to the police and he didnt want to come he tried to escape in a taxi i had to stop them i had to get agressive, because if i dont get serious … he thinks i am a stupid Gringo, a gringo and he goes with the animal then when we went to the madidi national park office it was amazing to see the capuchin baby looked like that he decided that the baby coati was his foster dad so it was 3 animals 4 with the Jochi and the day after they called us again thaty they have another animal a Cuchi Cuchi or Kinkajou is a nocturnal animal and looked like he was a bit humanized so we have been in quite complicated days because we had to be feeding the milk to them overnight because they are so young that means we are doing extra hours at night not being able to rest properly they need about 4 feeding times at night it is quite intense, we have a small kindergarden now at the quarantine -No more you already ate the coati is now more independent and the baby squirel and capuchin they became good friends but the squirrel monkey is a bit of a bully so we hope in the next few days the things goes smoothly lets see how it develops and check out if we can integarate the baby cap with gilberto and lola so they are 3 so lets see how it goes…

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  1. Alejandra Galiñanes says:

    Grandes chicos por el trabajado, salvando vidas cada dia 💪💪💪

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