We Transformed Into A 90’s Girl Group In 24 Hours

– We’re gonna do a whole
day of being pop stars. We have a makeup team, a
music video, photo shoot. All this is gonna be done in one day. (spunky music) Let’s see if we can make it out alive. (upbeat pop music) – My alter ego would be Sneaky
Pepper, ’cause I put pepper on everything, and I wear sneakers a lot. – My alter ego’s name is
Gemini, but I’m a Pisces. You didn’t see that coming. – I’d like to be called Srirachachacha. I’m kinda like the bag of hot
Cheetos of the girl group. I’m spicy and I got a lot of fire in me. – I’m Divalicious. I’m not really a diva,
but I do command presence when I enter a room. – Some of the best girl
groups came from the 90’s. The Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child, TLC. I feel like the 90’s girl groups were all about female empowerment,
it was all about friendship. They could sing, they could
act, they could dance. – The girls have less
than 24 hours to get a lot of shit down, which includes
getting their looks down, getting a dance routine
down, getting a song down, and also getting into their characters. A lot of girl bands actually
don’t stay together, so hopefully this one does,
because I’m managing them. – Based on our dynamic, I think that we should be called Glitter Girls. – We not only sparkle. – We shine. (exciting pop music) – I’m really excited about this, ’cause we’re gonna have some extra help with Ashley Everett, who’s
Beyonce’s back up dancer. So, if she can’t help
us, I don’t know who can. – How are we feeling, y’all? – I suck. – Oh, my god.
– How did they do this? ♫ Small dress showin’ off
what our mama’s got us ♫ Ain’t nobody gonna say we kids – I think it takes a lot of practice. – I think so, too. – I’m gonna be the motivating one and say that we’re gonna be fine. – Laura needs to work on her
steps a little more but– – [Shila] She looks like a tarantula. – [Laura] I looked like a baby giraffe that was learning how to walk. – You have to believe. – I agree. – Who cares if you’re doing it wrong. If you believe, the audience will believe. – I’m the stylist brought on to help these four ladies find their signature looks for the video shoot and the photo shoot. We have a sexy, sleek look,
we have a fun, cutesy look, we’ve got sporty and
athletic, and crazy scary. I am so excited to see
these ladies all dressed up, pretty much anything that I
touch works out pop stars. – I got my hair and make up done. It’s definitely giving off a mix of a Yorkshire terrier vibe. It was very Baby Spice. I feel good about that, I
feel like I stood my ground as a true 90’s pop star. The props seem like all fun
and games in the photos, but I was hit a few times in the face. I was like, oh, everyone’s
gonna look similar to this, and Shila walked out
in a black, sexy dress, and I was just like, is this The Bachelor? What Nickelodeon show am I on? – [Shila] During my photo
shoot, I really tried to channel Posh Spice. I felt like she’s very fierce,
sexy, but super serious. I really got into character
and had fun with it. – The photographer’s taking the pictures, and I slammed on the
ground and did this pose. I was like, I don’t know
where that came from. My prop was the basketball,
which was so fun. I dribbled it, I put it over my head, I pretended to throw it. I really felt like I
channeled my Sporty Spice. – I got to sit on this
black leather couch, and wear prints, all
these different prints, channeled my inner Scary Spice. Music was pumping, people were watching, balls were getting thrown. A lot of different energies
on this one set, but was all fun, excited, fierce,
empowering women energy. (exciting pop music) – We had to go into music video mode, had no time to really collect my thoughts. We just ha to jump into it. – It’s interesting to dance in front of a choreographer who’s a
world renowned choreographer. That shit was scary. – You’ve come a long way. I just really want you guys
to focus on your characters and be in the zone, and just perform. You guys look beautiful, so really sell it to the camera and you’ll be great. – I think we have a fan, and he keeps on coming to our set every minute. – I’m number one fan, Gustave. I listen to all your records. – What’s your favorite one? – Tell me what you don’t want,
what you really do not want. (all laughing) – I was definitely that girl that was constantly practicing throughout the set. We should practice one more
time before we have to go on. When you have three
other girls behind you, you wanna make sure that
everyone’s on point, because if one of them fucks
up, then you all look bad. – Shila put me in the back
for the diamond formation, nobody puts baby in the corner, okay? Then there’s the lip-syncing. – [Shila] I usually
sing in the car anyways, it just felt like I was
in my car jammin’ out. – I did not know the words as
well as I thought I knew them. This is not what I do on a day to day, I don’t know if I’m cut
out for this business. – I dunno what the fuck they’re doin’. – Oh god, this just popped open. – Curly was a little sassy. – You guys, please get it down, please. – What would you say we need to work on? – Everything. (laughing) – He was like, on top of
us, and making sure like, nope, wrong bih, no, do it again. – From the time we have left,
we need to really up it. So hit those marks, make sure
you’re makin’ eye contact, make those words, get your
positions together over here, stop blockin’ people, Shila. This isn’t the Shila show. – [Julissa] As a true dancer
and a true girl group, you gotta do it a million times. You have to keep doin’ it over
until everyone gets it right. – We did a day being
a 90’s pop girl group, how do we all feel? – I’m so tired, can I go to bed? – 24 hours of being in a
motherfuckin’ pop group is real. – It was really fun just
to be with all the girls, and to relive my childhood,
and have crimped hair again. – Today made me realize how much you can get done in 24
hours, and what you can do if you set your mind to it. We managed to learn a dance, to lip-sync, have a song out, and shoot
a freakin’ music video. The 90’s were all about
girl power and being with your friends, and singing
about having a good time, and I think that’s what we did. – [Together] Glitter Girls! (increasingly intense music) (“Girls Night Out” by the Glitter Girls) ♫ Come on, girls ♫ Are you ready ♫ All my girls so fine ♫ Yeah my girls so strong ♫ We pull up jammin’ a Spice Girls song ♫ Yeah it feels so right ♫ I don’t need no man ♫ To tell me I’m so fly ♫ ‘Cause I know I am ♫ Do what we want, what we want ♫ Never think about it ♫ Late nights at the club ♫ With my girls around me ♫ Small dress showin’
off what our mama got us ♫ Ain’t nobody gonna say we kids ♫ Feelin’ so fly ♫ So fly ♫ Do what we like ♫ Like hey, hey ♫ It’s about to be a girls’ night ♫ So fine ♫ Do what we like ♫ Like hey, hey ♫ It’s about to be a girls’ night out (distant squealing) – I love you Glitter Girls! I love you! Whoo! ♫ And fly ♫ And fly Where you guys going?

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  1. Avery Gunter says:

    I love the song!! ??

  2. Itz Still me says:

    Could someone send me a link to the song they are dancing to in the music video?

  3. Stephanie Riveros says:

    shilas dress is really cute

  4. Stephanie Riveros says:

    while i was about to comment "i wanted to see the final results" the final result fo the music video started

  5. Stephanie Riveros says:

    gadiel was hella funny in the end

  6. catsarenice says:

    Still waiting for their comeback

  7. Natalie xoxo says:

    “Shila put me in the back” at that point I really hated Shila

  8. Emma Davis says:

    I love this ❤️

  9. Animallover 8000 says:

    The one who looks like scary spice kinda looks like Jenifer Hudson ?????? I wonder if their distant relatives???

  10. Brooklyn Xander says:

    They are the try girls

  11. Jadeite Opal says:

    The name changed twice, honestly it should’ve just stayed buzzfeedyellow

  12. Kracho plays says:

    0:51 tell me the girl on the right (idk her name) doesn't look like Cardi B

  13. Brianna Valentina says:

    Is anyone else wondering who wrote this song?

  14. MDO says:

    Tell me what you dont want. What ya really do not want???

  15. Sad Bear says:

    "They can act"
    No literally none of them could do that

  16. Spill the Tea sis says:

    “Not a lot of girl groups stay together so hopefully this one does.” Well hate to break it to you but Sheila was let go so it did not stay together

  17. We’re all Bloody inspired says:

    Girl bands are basically a group of hella gay girls without actually being gay….

  18. Eleanor Higgins says:

    I do love all of these people but Sheila is a big control freak and needs to rethink what she is doibg

  19. Eleanor Higgins says:

    I do love all of these people but Sheila is a big control freak and needs to rethink what she is doing

  20. Alexxx says:

    Soooo cute

  21. naomi love says:

    im so tierd can we go to bed

    me always

    btw love this vid XD

  22. Jaemins She Has a Bf and Haechans oh Canada says:

    wonder if sheila knows its not real

  23. Jaemins She Has a Bf and Haechans oh Canada says:

    "Stop blocking sheila,This aint the sheila show"
    Shut up

  24. moon bunny says:

    Im sorry but the mv looks so cheap¿

  25. Horse Gurl says:

    6:59 – 7:01 Sheila was all in front of the girls acting like it was all about her

  26. cherry ѕυηƒlΩωєя says:

    Sheila, Honey…. Just stop

  27. Tzuyu suga kookies with tae says:

    Comments section:
    99.999% about sheila
    00.001% anything else

  28. •Sleėpy Kanńa• says:

    This is in my music list

  29. Ailani Chavez says:

    why is the ending me?????

  30. Ella Roberts says:

    I love Sheila but she was lowkey being annoying sorry… ??

  31. Aimee Huddleston says:

    spice girls have left the chat

  32. Jensine A says:

    Gadiel MADE this video

  33. Don’t Worry says:

    Shula is the most annoying person I’ve ever seeeeeeeeeen

  34. nope ericka says:

    i think sheila is the one in a girl group that wants to out shine everyone

  35. Tory g Mahabir says:

    I hateeeee shila

  36. Kayleigh Xox says:

    It’s the spice girls

  37. Kennedy _Christensen says:

    I don't care how old this videos but, I must say to all the people saying, "Sheila is taking this to serious", "Sheila is annoying and rude", she is acting….? She is saying these things as a joke and is having fun. Keep your negative comments to yourself. Wonderful. Thanks ?……..but Gadiel❤

  38. andrea garcia says:

    The end loool

  39. Your DarkSide says:

    6:13. JUST 6:13.

  40. Jazz O says:

    "I think we have a fan, and he keeps on coming to our set every minute."

    "I'm number one fan! I listen to all your reords.!"

    "Whats your favorite one?'

    "Tell me what you dont want, what you really do not want"


  41. Sarah Arceo says:

    I wanted to see the music vid 🙁

  42. FØFOTv1 مكافحه شحاتين اللايكات―,.― says:

    Shila my fav

  43. Rxe Mxp says:

    Who else is a Pisces?

  44. TaraLee Smith says:

    That was hella cute ?

  45. Gaone Naledi says:

    Guuuurl I’m a Pisces as well

  46. Kirishima Ejiro says:

    Baby Spice looks like bubbles

  47. Itz Still me says:

    Could someone tell me what the song is called?

  48. Allie Shaw says:

    The spice girls!!

  49. Kaitlynn Maldonado says:

    is it just me or does Shelia look A LOT like Selena Quintanilla- Perez. Or is it just me???

  50. Esther Johnson says:

    We need Lauren in more videos

  51. Cheesecake says:

    Where is ginger spice

  52. daphne sy says:

    no fence but shelia was really annoying cause she was ascting like the ? which got me like ?

  53. fuschiadark plays says:

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  54. yoongle boongles says:

    girl sheila probably thought the group name was 'sexy sheila and the others'

  55. Charlotte Carrube says:

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  56. Focus On Grande says:

    Everyone is hating on shelia ??

  57. Emma and Zahra says:

    They’re missing a Jerry and I don’t like it

  58. Anaiah Grace Jackson says:

    Basically “Cheetah [email protected]

  59. tina madz says:

    The choreographer even speaks like the Queen?! Lol

  60. Tierra says:

    who wanna start a group

  61. Durva Ramnathkar says:

    Omg this is probably my new fave song

  62. JustaPerpen Yea says:

    Sheila was a bit too much

  63. Leanne Matthews says:

    They look like the spice girls

    And Sheila is so bossy and annoying

  64. m o r g a n ! says:

    You can tell 3 of them wanted to be the spice of the group lmao

  65. Jaja Jaja says:

    That 3 group is literally my favs

  66. Nancy LA says:

    Tell me why I want this group to be legit real?

  67. Paola Y. says:

    Sheila is like that little girl that always wanted to be the play the main character of her favorite tv show ???‍♀️

  68. ExPenSiVe gIrL is sUpErIoR 420 says:

    The song doesn’t sound very 2000s, more like 2018.

  69. Henni says:

    so basically the spice girls

  70. sunkissed j says:

    The blond girl looks like bubbles from Powerpuff girls

  71. Skyla Dreemurr says:

    They need to post this as a official record they’d be famous

  72. Piano Life says:

    "This isn't the Sheila show"


  73. kim petras stan says:

    for a 90s girl group, that song sounded like a low-budget 5H song

  74. Ramkishore Shastri says:

    Why no Jazzmyne?

  75. Janesthe Name says:

    I need a lulu

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    There are tons of comment about Shila

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    lol ? the end

  78. Talia M says:

    Alright let’s get this right the song at the end was so cringy

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    “Gemini, but I’m a Pisces”

    Me: for me it’s the other way around lol

  80. Jun* Tae* says:

    I get why y’all are annoyed but Sheila is not the damn bad.

  81. Fatin Maahirah says:

    I never like sheila

  82. violet ramos says:

    Gadiel is the mvp for this one

  83. hwn 133 says:


  84. Thea Madeleine Sperstad Stokkeland says:

    Sheila was like that Girl that wants The camera to only be on her?

  85. cordelia armendariz says:

    babay spiceeeeeee!

  86. Taylor Swift 13 says:

    Sheila is hella annoying in this video.

  87. gacha river123 says:

    I love the spice girls and destiny's child

  88. gacha river123 says:

    They look like the spice girls even with the personality

  89. Itzy4life says:

    It's like sister slam dunk s2 but it one day

  90. bill nye the science guy says:

    i gotta be totally honest (this is my opinion, don’t attack me. we can debate, but no argue), i thought that the song didn’t give me a 90’s pop song vibe. the song sounded more like children’s pop more then anything. i’m used to the backstreet boys, whitney houston, but definitely not this. i also have to admit, i didn’t get a 90’s vibe from the music video. i thought it was great and the fact they took 24 hours of a whole day to become a pop group was amazing and very, very impressive. i just didn’t see the 90’s in that pop group.

  91. Erionna Nicole says:

    Love the ending of the song

  92. Ashlee Barr says:

    That dude at the end is a MOOD

  93. sarah. says:

    sorry , not into “A 90’s girl group” INTO A DAMN SPICE GIRLS !!!!!

  94. Kelsie TV says:

    Omg sheila! Lol she is me. I always want everyone to try their best and I take things too seriously
    People hating on Sheila in this video but I just say "RELATABLE"

  95. Batty Witch says:

    My egos name is gemini 2 LMBO

  96. jenniefromtheblock XD says:


  97. Infra Minced says:

    How idiotic is it to dress them just like the Spice Girls instead of giving them their own unique '90s pop group vibes? Whoever made that decision is not a creative person at all.

  98. Almaz Armadien says:

    4:37 um look at that eyelashes

  99. Charrinzsmitt O says:

    Gadiel is so funny… go glitter girls!!

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