We Tried To Make Sushi For Our Cats • Eating Your Feed • Tasty

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  1. huntercollier says:

    My fave duo returns

  2. huntercollier says:

    FIANCÉ???????????????????? WHERE HAVE I BEEN??????

  3. Jamie The Fallen Fairy says:

    What game is this?
    Can someone tell me pls?

  4. Boss Time says:


    "not a cat"

  5. Pauline DuLacy says:

    i love cats and i love M. Rie and i love tasty this was amazing. I MEAN SHE NAMED HER CAT RICEBALL.

  6. Vishrut Kshirsagar says:

    Andrew and Nikki sound like childhood friends in this video. So wholesome

  7. Leila Mangos says:

    I love how pure Andrew is this entire video

  8. Esther Kim says:

    7:25 RUN RUN RUN

    Like if u get the reference 😔

  9. Leila Mangos says:

    Andrew: makes sushi for cat
    Andrew: sings song about making sushi for cat
    Andrew: spends the entire day making sushi for cat and having to survive stinking scents and dangerously sharp knives, going out of his way to make cat happy
    Cat: sniffs sushi then rolls on the ground

  10. R. Juwita says:

    Jun's kitchen! Thanks buzzfeed!

  11. Random Person says:

    2:25 That looked like parti and I was confused

  12. Mathias Novakovic says:

    I wish I was the fish and that Andrew was cutting me.

  13. NoahOfTheArc says:

    Such devotion to your cats. That's over twice as much effort as I would put into cooking for myself.

  14. dunloe_ math says:

    Seriously I totally understand that folks love their cats. But to dedicate this level of nourishment to a cat, where if you looked around you could probably find one if not many homeless people that need that nourishment.

    Regards, Liz

    PS: Presentation for a cat? Pathetic!

  15. Jockekocke says:

    I've waited so long and I totally missed that a new season dropped! Hype!!!

  16. Lisa Kang says:

    Jun and Rachel have 3 cats and they’re all adorable

  17. Amala says:

    'ⁿᵒ ⁱ ᶜᵃⁿᵗ ʳⁱᵉ'

    sjskjsks i busted all my uwu's

  18. Amala says:

    niki: 'ᵃᵈᵃᵐ ˢᵃʸ ʸᵉˢ ᵖˡᵉᵃˢᵉ'
    me: cries in tiny

  19. Amala says:

    my previous comments make me realise that i'm whipped for these two humans and im not mad

  20. Amala says:

    niki: its dashi

  21. Skylar Russell says:

    Sushi is for people go hen latkes shodlelspelkekekdkishc bu&gufuffk jammiksj happy jsilmikah happy JSU’s jajnkikns.

  22. Beatlefreak says:

    What were the spicy rice snacks that they had?

  23. account9434 says:

    for india/maharashtra folk
    that sea bream is Pomfret/paplet. I think :p
    wikipedia says so

  24. iceygrillz says:

    munchkins are animal abuse you fucking tards

  25. mskeito Hopkins says:

    Omg he's engaged

  26. Saintugs Ulziidelger says:

    Next episode:We makde suchi from our cats

  27. mang enthusiast says:

    Adam's "Im the challenger, I can do what I want" killed me. Thats one of the loudest ive ever heard him

  28. CatZ Queen says:

    Rie comes in : Andrew your our new cat!

    Adam comes in: you know what this means? NOW YOUR OUR CAT!

    me: in the background literally dying 🤣

  29. TheShmoJoe says:

    5 seconds into this video, and I'm already offended.

  30. Mingfei Totoro Yeet says:

    At 6:24 slow down playback speed and look at Nikki

  31. Jasmine Paul says:

    "eww, eww, wait do it again!"

  32. Sazzle Happy_Dance says:

    So he has a fiancé? Its probably the most in depth glimpse into his life we have ever seen…tune in next year when we find out what his favourite colour is! ….Seriously though, this was a cool show 🙂 Cute cats too.

  33. Diamond Rainbowz says:

    I know Bonito flakes from Neko Atsume 😁

  34. Marina De Leon says:

    andrew: you know what this means? you’re my cat

  35. Hannah Van de visch says:

    I wish I had a friendship like Andrew and Niki! Keep making great content (especially with cats)!

  36. rachel gunardi says:

    is it weird that i got turned on when he chops the tuna? (11:15)


    No cat ._. So sad

  38. Dark And Light says:

    Niki: And he's my best friend, other than Adam.
    Andrew silently cries

  39. Ruby Grace Bandiez says:

    legends know who Jun is

  40. what am I doing says:

    Funny thing, my cat’s name is sushi

  41. JustRobyn says:

    Yey! JunsKitchen

  42. Nurul Izzah says:


  43. Princess Sweet Shy says:

    Caption: Rie: Expert Chef; Not A Cat
    Me: Doesn't mean she can't be 😉

  44. max iu says:


  45. twenty one aliens says:

    its safe to say that this is amazing and i love it

  46. di butler says:

    I kinda enjoy knowing that all of these childless people will die alone and when the authorities finally find their bodies after the incessant bitching about the smell from their neighbors, the cats they made sushi for will have eaten their faces off in desperation because the can opener operator is no longer there.
    Happy Holidays!

  47. oumnia sidqui says:

    Literally no one :
    Andrew and Niki : ThIs KnIfE iS sO sHaRp ! ! !

  48. OneOnOne1162 says:

    That ending tho.

  49. Crystalline Shadow says:

    My grandpa before he died he used to eat fish eyeballs as my mom says

  50. Miche Stoughton says:

    I’m so upset a brand new syphon was harmed in the making of this video

  51. elanation md says:

    Stand in cat, Rie. Adorbs!

  52. Aubrey Hull says:

    I legitimately got sad when Andrew said “fiancé” 😭

  53. Sonia Khansa says:

    Andrew looks so happy in here I'm crying

  54. taemin shinee says:


  55. Daniel.C. YT says:

    Imagine how mad Gordon will be watching them do these

  56. joowahn says:

    rehydrated bonito flakes soup = dashi stock

  57. wonshuai says:

    * sees jun's alchemy set *

    me: :/

  58. NoRainNoFlowers says:


  59. NoRainNoFlowers says:


  60. Tyana says:

    Oof I know jun's vlog channel, you said juns and I freaked. The cat in the video is haru

  61. pjnkblue says:

    Haha all that effort and Wellington doesn't even want it

  62. Vanesa Vega says:

    I love rachel and juns channel💙💙

  63. Ellie DaSilva says:

    0:30 actually theres three: poki (not seen), nagi (the light one), and haku (the dark one)

  64. Fellita Atmadjaja says:

    If Rie does all the worth it episodes it wouldnt be fun because she just wouldnt mess up

  65. GlitchBox Animations _Prophet_ says:

    Aounds like eating your feet. Im mildly uncomfortable. BUT THEY USED A JUNS KITCHEN VIDEOO

  66. Tiifff says:

    “You know what this means?”
    looks at him
    “You’re my cat.”

  67. Ecliptical - says:

    ive been binging a lot of Eating Your Feed videos and i love Jun’s Kitchen and i saw this in my recommendations and i was like “:0 is it from Jun’s Kitchen!?!” and i was so happy that it was :))

  68. im a GHOUL says:

    Niki always looks so stupid. She has a punchable face

  69. Sajeel Muhymin Vehra says:

    I died from cuteness

  70. Kimberly Tey says:

    This is the first time i saw andrew actually laugh😂

  71. Nyx Nightmare says:

    I have one cat and a kitten my big girl's name is Juliet and my little girl is Quirkiss

  72. AmaiKiomi says:

    i never thought i'd live long enough to see this 😌❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  73. Raphayel Baylon says:

    i hope juns kitchen and tasty collab

  74. Bint Musa says:

    Just give fish to cats

  75. Aura Lightrom says:

    Bro I saw the cat on the thumbnail and the words we tried to make a sushi and my mind went to an extremely dark place…

  76. Notldkd not telling my name says:

    Does anyone notice any tension between Rie and Nikki

  77. Notldkd not telling my name says:

    I cat stop watching…😏

  78. Undertale Girl says:

    2 cats? Excuse you?! Educate yourself. He has 3 beautiful cats. They missed Poki!

  79. Jefri Rahmansyah says:

    Wellington say "i dont want to eat that , hooman" 😂

  80. DatBoyPanda says:

    Ayyyy I loves Jun's videos! Im glad you guys made this!

  81. Ashley Long says:


  82. 1tiptip 1 says:

    They have three cats. Not related. Haku a Maine Coon, Nagi a Norwegian Forest Cat (he's the good boy who obeys the rules mostly). And Poki, the world's most annoying cat who can't be around food.

  83. Quỳnh Lan Nguyễn says:

    If you don't know Andrew's first name, it's Ilnyckyj


  84. Alisha Ali says:

    I love how Wellington just rejected the food and then walked away to plop over on the floor

  85. Eteria Sorciere says:

    Please make this next?

  86. Anime_ Chan_T says:

    I love Jun’s videos

  87. huy nguyen says:

    Yun's kitchen

  88. Leannette Perez says:

    When Nikkie said “Adam 😡 say yes 😡please😡” I felt that

  89. The_ Abyss says:

    So sad that Poki wasn’t shown in the video QwQ

  90. Tessa Calogaras says:

    Is his fiance from Wellington, New Zealand?

  91. Hood90 NUGGETS says:


  92. Stefanie Maria says:

    "You know what this means?


  93. Henna Patel says:

    Andrew: oh he has 2 cats
    Poki: excuse me

  94. Gacha Catt says:

    I love Jun! I mostly like his cat videos and Haku. (his cat that's always there)

  95. nostalgic mujer says:

    Andrew is-is engaged?? all my hope went out the door but also congrats to him!

  96. Allen 831 says:

    My cat is a goat. He eats everything (tape, fuzz, human food…)

  97. ironic compilations says:

    I never ate tuna why would i give it to a cat

  98. ironic compilations says:

    Is it sad that these pets eat better than me

  99. Ax Lx says:

    We Stan Juns kitchen

  100. Charlie Shanfield says:

    My cat will lick toilet paper for some reason

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