Weekly Vlog #8 | Hysterectomy Recovery, Cat Attack and Crying Over Cucumbers [CC]

Hello Good morning This was the only place
that I could sit quite comfortably and talk to you for a bit Ernie is down here somewhere so you might hear him scratching around but I’ve just got ready to go out to a Doctor’s appointment it’s the first time that I’m dressed in actual clothes and I say actual clothes it’s a
long-sleeved top and my tracky bottoms I generally never go outside the house
and my tracky bottoms, but needs must!! So I thought I’d talk you through … this diary I’ve got this massive diary, it was only from Tesco quite cheap and it has these really good big pages in it so when I was in
hospital every day I took it with me to write down what was happening So on the day of my op all I’ve written is no sleep, Im uncomfy which actually to say that I was just uncomfy… So then the Wednesday which we’ll call post-op day one was a really bad day. I have talked before about the staffing crisis in the NHS and it was totally to do with the staffing crisis if I tell you that me and the lady opposite had both had total abdominal surgery so I have 42 staples I might show you my scar in this I probably won’t because I know
that people can be squeamish but if anybody’s interested just get in touch
with me on Instagram and I’ll send you a picture of my scar but it’s from about here where’s my first … there’s my first, oh you can’t see, there’s my first staple
and it goes all the way down and under and just above my pubic bone so the staffing was so bad that although in the morning I had a catheter to drain
urine I had fluids up and I had a PCA which is
a patient controlled analgesia and it was just a needle into my arm with a
little button that every time you can press it I think every five minutes and
get a shot of morphine so that was really great but when that was taken
down I then didn’t get any painkillers for about six seven hours Which is terrible It’s hard because you want to keep shouting at the nurses but you know that it’s not their fault like they’re in a system where they’re so short-staffed that they cannot give someone post-op the
treatment. I was really nauseus and couldn’t really eat anything the only things that I had were a mouthful of toast and a couple of mouthfuls of
potato I stood up when they came to make my bed and the lady opposite said to me that she could see from the second that I stood up all the colour just drained from my face If I hadn’t have been
sitting in my chair I would have fainted I spent the whole day asleep pretty much
just waking up now and again and I had a really bad experience with a
student and they tried to say that is was because this student was new but she was just rude just really really rude argued with me and I’m not gonna go into the story but I might at some other time and yeah so that was day one post-op Day two I felt even worse. the pain by this point wasn’t bad at all the night shift night staff that came on that night were fantastic and they really really looked after us. So the next day the only thing that I could eat was a bowl of rice krispies and a jam sandwich I went for a shower and took my dressing off and I’ve just written scar is gnarly because my scar has staples in at the moment and I’ve never had staples before so it’s definitely a Frankenstein kind of
situation. I had a massive headache and I just slept all day I was so flat then
about must have been about eight nine o’clock on the night because it was
after Tom had left I got a fever and I just felt awful the night sweats were
horrendous while I was in hospital but I haven’t had any
I’ve been home but we don’t have central heating here so I think it was just I’m
not used to being in such a hot environment I’ve had a couple of hot
flushes the touchwood symptoms of the menopause have been a lot less than I
thought I was gonna have so I’m day post-op day three I put felt awful last
night but I’m starting to feel better after my night’s sleep managing to eat
started reading and really hungry today after not eating the previous two days I
inhaled a bag of jelly babies I inhaled a couple of packets of crisps toast and
dinner I had fish and chips for my dinner so yeah I could tell that I was
getting on the mend then and then post-op day four I wash my hair for the
first time my scar is leaking slightly underneath if you can imagine under my
belly there’s a bit that doesn’t really get any daylight so one thing that we’ve
been doing that the consultant told us to do is get a hairdryer on the cool setting and blow it to dry it * Loud Crash* Thanks for that Ernie. He just jumped on a pile of
pillows over there feeling dizzy and the junior doctor came
to me and told me that I’m anemic and started me on iron so that that accounts
for that and my reading will start to picking up I read scar leaking slightly
twice on there so yeah that was the main thing of the day and I came home that
night so I didn’t expect to be home so quickly but I was just so glad to be in
my own bed the first night was really difficult because I had to … Im used to
sleeping on my side but I can’t at the moment because it’s too sore so I had to
kind of sleep upright in the bed every single pillow that we’ve got was kind of
padded around me to stop me falling down I haven’t written anything for post-op
day five I just remembered that I was at home I was glad to be able to b eating
little and often I think had scrambled eggs for dinner
which I’ve been craving on the previous days and then post-op day six which was
yesterday I’ve been having this really bad pain in just one spot on my abdomen
and if I touch it it’s really hard and rigid so I don’t know if that’s a
collection of fluid so I am off to the doctors in a moment just to see about
that felt really nauseas, really dizzy and
weak and spent the day in bed and then yesterday which was post-op day seven I
was feeling a bit better I managed to go downstairs and the iron tablets don’t
seem to be agreeing with me so I’m really struggling to take those but
apart from that I think I’m doing really well the the thing I have to keep my
head now is not to do too much too soon it’s really tempting once you start to
feel it better to want to run before you can walk and so although I say I’m
feeling well I am literally going from this chair to the bed to the sofa and
around those three places Mornings are horrendous waking up when you’ve not had any painkillers and having to go to the toilet. I will say my bladder seems to be
really weak I have not experienced any incontinence but when I wake up in the
morning from the minute I’m kind of upright I have to go to the toilet
straight away and I’m only just about making it but I said I was going to be
honest on this channel so I will hopefully update you later when I’m back
from the doctors. So just before I went to the doctors … this happened * but I’ve got a doctor’s appointment and I can’t have anything touching my scar so
because these are quite baggy and I do have maternity leggings but they’re
quite tight so let me just show you He didn’t do any damage there
it was just really sore and the doctor agrees with me that I have got a little
collection of fluid but she doesn’t think there’s an infection there so
we’re just going to keep an eye on it at the moment and the very bottom of my
scar it’s a bit gunky but she said that’s to
be expected because of where it is there’s not any air get into it or light
and I’ve tried it a little bit too much too soon so I’ve come to bed
for an afternoon catnap we’re friends again now aren’t we Ernie? are we friends again? okay then that’s that. So today it’s post up day 10 and
I’m feeling a little bit rubbish I can’t remember what I last filmed but
yesterday part of my wound started really leak in and but it doesn’t
there’s no signs of infection there’s no hotness redness, any of the things that you
need to look out for and I’m going to the nurse on Monday to have my staples
out so she’ll be looking at it then today I just feel really deflated I feel
a bit hormonal I nearly had a cry because I didn’t have any cucumber at
lunch I think that’s not something that I would normally have cry about I’ve
started bleeding a little bit but from looking at hysterectomy like
forums online a lot of people have said that they didn’t have any bleed in until
about day ten so I’m not overly concerned about that I am really
struggling with my iron tablets because they’re upsetting my bowel also I’m having
a lot of diarrhoea and I think that really like counteracts the point of
taking the iron tablets because everything that’s going in it’s coming
out this is the fun of post-op day 10 I’m just on the sofa and I am reading
Anthony Warner’s the truth about fat this has kindly sent to me by one world
publishers I am probably going to end this week’s weekly vlog here and get it
so it for tomorrow and if you have any questions feel free to leave them down
below but actually let’s finish on a nicer note than me moaning about being
hormonal and show you my little buddy. so this is my
little foot warmer Bert. Bert does not like to leave my side at the moment he’s
been a really good little nurse so yeah I will see you next week if you enjoyed
this vlog please like and subscribe below as it means the absolute world to

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  1. 1jackieworcs says:

    Awww hope you are continuing to improve over the coming days. Feel so sorry for you but pleased the kitties are there keeping you company – very best wishes

  2. Novelle Novels says:

    Oh sweetie sending hugs.. I wish I could help. Love your cats but naughty Ernie

  3. Teresa O'Halloran says:

    Sorry you're having such a rough time of it post op. Sending you best wishes and I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Hello From Jo says:

    Maybe have a look at Spatone as an alternative to iron tablets – I’ve used it on and off when I’ve had low iron levels as I didn’t get on with the side effects from iron tablets. Hope you feel better soon xxx

  5. Bunny Moonstone says:

    Hope you feel better soon♥

  6. What Victoria Read says:

    I’m sorry that you’re struggling lovely but thank you for being so honest, as always 💛 sending you a gentle hug!

  7. Sara Allison says:

    Cats are worthless vermin

  8. Pickles Reads says:

    Sorry you're having a tough time in recovery. I hope you feel better soon. Thank you for sharing this, not many people see the realities of surgeries.

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