Weird Thing Happens While My Dog is Nursing

Is this husky pupp snoring? Shes going to wake them all up, Yes she is…. What a b*tch(thats what they call female dogs lol) She needs to clean them of course, Gabi come on man, don’t wake them all up, Then they going to be hungry, then screaming an all of that… That’s right people, she licks their shit and piss… Just disgusting, But, thats because we are humans, This one all the time likes to go on top, He always wants to be on top, Okay, okay, As if she just done that! She’s gonna use them as a pillow. You know, Okay, this this means it’s feeding time. Thats what this means, Oh my, oh my God, what is happening, What is happening, Her head is just being, stomped on, Oh my it’s like, hurry up and get it before its finished! Why im holding her down is because, Every time she lays down and starts nursing, She will then try sit up and lick herself, Which would not allow for like 4 for them to carry on nursing, Because there is not enough space to the nipple when she sits up, She also wants to clean them, But it just get uncomfortable for these guys, Also notice one thing when, When they’re feeding is that, as you can see they all they all pinch and, Bite, but how would you say? They pull they pull they bite and pull and pull and pull and then something happens, And they all stop pulling they just start drinking so, Logically like by just doing these maths, adding these things up, They would, It’s like I think it’s up to the mother to like release milk or maybe its not up to her but its like, The don’t get any milk. That’s why they keep pulling but once the milk flow comes in they stop pulling, don’t know how this works actually never looked into it, If I keep recording you’ll see what I’m talking about, Also their tails, Oh common dont get up, just feed your boys mann… You can clean them all you want, you got all the time to clean them, As you can see they’re still pulling, See and the pulling stops, no it doesn’t, Yeah, there is no more pulling, well this guy still pulling but, If you see the difference, look at the tail, As you can see there’s no more pulling, There is just, literally sucking, So, that’s weird, This is when the milk flow comes in, and they are no longer pulling, they just literally sucking out, Okay, somebody somebody did not get food, so im going to let her get some food aswell, Wait wait wait wait a little bit longer, just please wait a little bit, Yeah, you can see there’s no more pulling, there is nothing like that just literally sucking on it, as if as if at first there was no milk flow and then, Now there’s milk flow, maybe they need to keep pulling it so that um, So that it kind of appears or generates, I don’t know why, i actually everything to it, Actually never knew about it until I have noticed this one thing, because this happens all the time, They pull pull pull pull pull, and then something happens. They all stop moving and they just go chi chi chi, i mean they just keep sucking, So yeah, That’s all that wanted to share, Thanks for watching, Stay tuned for the next video. I don’t know why I just did that, That’s not me. That’s just not me. Okay. Bye,

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5 Responses

  1. Mikhail Bjornsson says:

    Good thing my cat has only two kitties and now they are one year old!

  2. mary 19 says:

    i tried to count the puppies.. pausing& replaying the clip for that.. but i failed.. can you please tell me how many puppies are there? πŸ€”

  3. Rojack Jantan says:

    Before sucking the milk, the puppies need to pump the milk.

  4. Eye Am Iconic says:

    Wow this is crazy. That's some good sucking

  5. meow23 says:

    Just let the dog do her job you twat

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