Welsh Corgis VS French Bulldogs | Kritter Klub

Welsh Corgis vs Bulldogs I smell fear Spotted Here they come, 3:1 Separates them You mess with one of us, You mess with ALL of us Breaks into the corgis’ home Invasion + stealing food Innocent puppies look on Why’d you go in? Get out They bothered us first.. What did I do to deserve this? Ah hell no Stay away from our puppies! The Welsh Corgis bother the French Bulldogs So I’m trying to give them another point of interest Spiked up to stop the harassment Can’t bully us now It worked!

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8 Responses

  1. LittleLulubee says:

    The music and subs were HILARIOUS 🤣 Until they hurt the puppies 😭

  2. LittleLulubee says:

    Once again, I guess these people have never heard of TRAINING 🙄

  3. LittleLulubee says:

    The puppy was literally LIMPING afterwards!!! You never should have allowed that! 😡 Why are they breeding more, if they can't even control the ones they have?

  4. Anna_TheWerido 0303 says:


  5. Abhisek Nanda says:

    French were bullied by all throughout their history

  6. Ladybug Noname says:

    Ok, I usually love the videos on this channel but I did not like this one. A puppy was injured. That's bullshit. No like for you.

  7. Binh Chieu says:


  8. *Xiola Blue Staley* says:

    Be friends, ok?
    Be good to eachother!

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