We’re Getting a Dog!!!

Hey Sign Fam so I know it’s a little bit late start the vlog hi but tonight we’re preparing for the next chapter in our life yep We have to go shopping at 9:05 at night yeah for what? For what? explain I don’t know if we should keep it a secret or what Obviously you’ll see when we go shopping so come on do you know what brand is good for baby formula? I’m just kidding It’s not a baby. I’m not no no no So small Is that all they have? E: this is so small It’s for cats I got too excited, sorry I wasn’t paying attention R: We need pink Pink? awwwe or we could do purple okay yay by the way We’re getting a dog Watch the next vlog to see what kind of breed she’s coming tomorrow after we get back from the expo We need food I already ordered some online R: What about tomorrow? Tomorrow, Christy said she would bring some for us okay so we need toys that are special not squeaky, no squeaky because that would just bother you right? and it wouldn’t be fun for us yeah E: so we need to find one that’s not squeaky what about this one? *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* R: This one R: This one is soft I think you’re right. Should we do this one or pink? R: That one R: n, that one All pink – let’s do this one E: These are kind of too big huh It’s too big for her she’s a baby she’s only nine weeks old a baby We need to get a small one for her small mouth E: hahaha a small toy E: training pads I already ordered a lot online so they will come in two days. one or two days but she’s coming tomorrow so we need like a few I think we need extra large or E: no E: she’s small E: I would get this because it’s cheap and I already ordered some R: I want to get good quality ones, because I don’t want the pee to go through E: this will be just for 2 days But my baby needs the best! E: I ordered 300 pee pee pads That’s on you I’ll order her good ones smells good too smells really good E: okay E: Oh, here we are E: It has to be stainless steel I got it E: no, it can’t, but they’re cute E: What about these? These though? E: these ones? It has to be 100 percent stainless steel It has a covering E: ummm like this E: ha that would be her bed She would fit in there E: yeah E: ooo fancy E: it doesn’t say but I think it’s fine It doesn’t say stainless E: it looks like it E: It’s a little too deep E: hahaha I think this one’s fine It’s fine E: okay good? It won’t move much. It’ll stay in place collar leash E: let me check our list get me this E: say what you were saying. What? This watch was $20 dollars and it last me three years E: hahaha I need a new watch, babe buy me a new watch E: okay okay okay He’s been wanting an apple watch for watch watch for a really long time I’ve wanted it since series one now it’s series four E: okay, maybe E: 529 20 dollar watch upgrades to a 529 dollar watch I bought this in high school E: oh..noo wait, a little bit after high school E: yeah bought this after high school okay okay. You don’t want the gold? pink gold? no! no, I want this one or maybe silver maybe silver would be nice too since she’s a puppy, she will pee everywhere and Ryan really wants to get a tarp on the floor so that if she pees it’s not gonna go through the floor you know E: they only have a 30 dollar tarp E: I think we should just order on Amazon At Harbor Freight it’s two dollars for a tarp E: okay Target has better dog collars collars collars not this collar I mean target has cuter dog collars and better bowl we can just buy this and if we find something
better there, then we’ll return this later because I have a screen I have to return the screen, remember, because of the door remember, I haven’t returned that so I’m gonna have to come back anyways E: that’s true okay, yeah Hey look they got some cuter dog collars you know look look I think that – ooo I like that
neon maybe should do that neon one E: E: oh no what are you gonna call her E: baby gurrrrl R: look second store how are their toys E: do they have better toys? *shiver* E: It’s cold E:what about this little rope. This one’s cute E: should we get this? E: yeah? That’s the perfect size E: yeah, it is huh perfect E: look at these guys E: oh *squeak E: oh, they do squeak. Never mind E: These are cute E: awe E: that’s adorable E: I think we have to get this E: oh no. They’re squeaky E: no E: oh look these are cute E: oh I love this R: it has to be stainless steel E: but it is metal E: besides, that’s cute E: we can get these E: should we get this? Jen said we should get stainless steel E: okay okay. So these E: it’s stainless steel? E: oh. it is E: it looks like copper This or this one this one? okay E: let’s do these. yeah oh, why is it so big E: I think she’s that extra small E: she she has E: hahah E: our baby girl has a very thin very skinny neck. I think she’s an extra small for now E: for now Are you sure? yeah she’s extra small. E: I’m sure E: I’m positive E: mm-hmm E: what are you doing It’s too hard one dollar cheaper too I had no idea E: so you excited? I’m tired it’s 11:15. We need to go to sleep for the expo tomorrow morning at eight mmhm okay. thank you guys so much for watching our video today. If you want to see our new baby girl don’t forget to subscribe so you can get notifications you’ll see our cute baby girl she’s the cutest baby ever I promise you yeah when we post that video you
guys will want to watch it for sure and we’ll see you guys next time love you. Bye! Sign Duo OUT!

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100 Responses

  1. Marie E says:

    'but my baby needs the best' Aawwwww, have fun you guys. Can't wait!❤️

  2. Alex H says:

    Watching all the ads hoping Ryan can get that Apple Watch 🤣

  3. tony056 says:

    Yay can't wait to see your new addition!!! 😍

  4. Christine Nadolski says:

    Happy for U Guys Getting a Puppy! Love ur Vlog!

  5. Dustin Soles says:

    The cutest couple alive

  6. Lizeth Martinez says:


  7. Tamara Rodriguez says:

    I can't wait to see her appearance on the videos 😍

  8. Lizeth Martinez says:

    You guys are my second family ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Sadie Carroll says:

    Wow! So exciting!!!! Precious puppy 😍 love you guys 😁

  10. Nastazsa Lin says:

    So adorable how excited you both were ! We can definitely tell how much you’ll love and spoil her already. Congrats on adopting your new addition ! 🐶💕

  11. Milkoy Shunga says:

    Been waiting for a new vlog from you guys about your baby girl, Java, when I saw her on your IG. And this is just the first part. I'm so excited for the next one… 🙂

  12. Macayla Brooks says:

    Aww so cute. Why don’t you like squeaky toys Ellen?

  13. Jasmine Luna Valdez says:

    It's a secret. Don't tell them about title. XD

  14. SassyTheWhiteMaltese says:

    The squeaking is really not bad. It's cute when they play with the squeaker.it just kind of gets them going playing with the toy, they don't do it all the time

  15. Ericka Navarrete says:

    You guys are the cutest. Your videos seriously brighten up my day

  16. Marisa Cerullo says:

    No don’t use the rope! Dogs have been known to have the threads in their stomachs and have died from it 🙁 There was a recent news story about it. But otherwise, how exciting for this new chapter!! 🙂

  17. ragsmontez13 says:

    What mean expo?

  18. blueskiies says:

    can you do an update with Titan too? <3

  19. Kassandra Bustamante says:

    Good luck doggo parents!!! 💖💖

  20. Bailey Martin says:


  21. claudia mendoza says:

    Awww I can't wait for the next video!
    Love u guys! You always make my days
    Greetings from El Salvador

  22. Zoe the aspect of cancer says:

    Make me your doggo

  23. Victoria Tesler says:

    Happy to see you guys back at vlogging! Love how you adopted a puppy :') cannot wait to meet her.

  24. Allen Kenneth Mangiliman says:

    Hello from Guam 🇬🇺 👋🏻

  25. I SURF says:

    real dog?? real puppy??

    That will be awesome! I can’t wait next video.

  26. Kelsey Kleynenberg says:

    Will you be teaching your dog ASL?

  27. Gisselle Sanchez says:

    Awww so excited ❤️

  28. Bert Visscher says:

    5:39 Why do you need that new watch?
    I've been thinking of getting one myself, but I wouldn't get the use out of it to warrant the expense, and my current watch is still working.
    9:49 What are you doing?

  29. txffanie says:

    you guys are going to be great dog parents! 😊💕

  30. Linnea Frangipane says:

    why does it have to be stainless steel bowls??

  31. Jen Teal says:

    Kongs are fun too!!

  32. OzoneGamerStation says:

    3 videos in less than a week? Is it Christmas?! Keep up the great videos! Love you guys.

  33. OzoneGamerStation says:

    So now it’s Sign Trio 🥰

  34. Xmv 1 says:

    My favourite YouTube couple 🥰

  35. Preferably Annie says:

    Omg omg omg I can't wait to see her!!!!

  36. Malaika Hasan says:

    Ryan asking for an Apple Watch was so cute he looked like a kid

  37. Malaika Hasan says:

    lmaoo when Ryan put in “baby gurllll” for the dog tag

  38. EllieCantWhistle says:

    It’s so adorable to see how excited you guys are!!

  39. Speak Spanish says:

    My dog likes playing with toys, but once they squeak, she never goes near them ever again lol. So, someone told me to poke it with something like a sewing needle. It will deflate the squeaker without damaging the toy.

  40. gillian frihse says:

    Sign Trio

  41. Michael Hammer says:

    Very cool you both will be getting a dog cannot wait to see the dog.

  42. Vian Nguyen says:

    AHH I’m so happy for you two!! 😭💕

  43. laus lora says:

    I got to excited and couldn't wait so checked insta instead sorrrrryyyyyy I will watch video too!

  44. Kayla Styles says:

    What breed??????

  45. Jamie B says:

    OMG I can't wait to see your little fur baby!!! <3 Congrats!

  46. ThatLupeChick says:

    I've gotten both pee pads you guys were stuck between but the hartz one is pretty thin, hartz is a pretty cheap brand so it does smell good but I think the other one is best

  47. Linda Allen says:

    Hi ellen and ryan i think better go petsmart or peco for puppy i have 3 cats for 14 years wow my name is Linda

  48. itsL 3 says:


  49. alexia 06 says:

    will you teach the dog to understand sign language

  50. Khaille Chenise says:

    Yall are sooo cute

  51. Arica says:

    He said my baby needs the best! 😭

  52. Connie Sanchez says:

    Awww I love when he said my baby needs the best 😫😫😍😍

  53. Christine Nadolski says:

    What kind of Puppy u get?

  54. loverchristian amk says:

    Why stainless steel?

  55. Nick Loeb says:

    This makes me so happy. I can’t wait to see the upcoming videos!

  56. Ashley Vee says:

    Omg omg! I have 2 dogs, just got my second one 7 months ago, she just turned 8 months a few days ago. I can’t wait to see her in the vlogs already. Especially for you guys to have your little own, it’s gonna be one beautiful journey seeing her grow and learn everything you’ll teach her. ❤️

  57. Tony says:

    I saw this on tv and thought it might be something you both would look into. https://www.weathertech.com/products/pet-accessories/ this is something new I think. It's a good company as I'm sure Ryan being the car guy he is. He will appreciate this company and it's products.

  58. hoseok madness says:

    i have a question: i learned in class that asl have a certain grammar like: STORE-I-WENT but you both sign it according to english grammar. so my question is: is it necessary to sign using asl grammar? is it okay to use english grammar instead?

  59. Suzanne Hedderly says:

    Thank you for adopting! You're so lucky!

  60. Leslie says:

    Excited for you!!

  61. Anna Colvett says:

    If you want toys with squeakers buy them then put holes in the squeaker so they wont work anymore

  62. Emotional08 says:

    When i first saw the title
    I was reading the part that said
    "We're getting"
    then i read the whole thing and it said:
    "We're getting a dog"

  63. Elchapo says:

    Actually been obsessed with your channel recently😊

  64. Evelynn LaVenture says:

    I hope you guys are adopting 🐶

  65. Katie Marie says:

    V appreciate the sign language and talking at the same time it’s helpful for some viewers that are either learning sign language or don’t know it! Just started watching and love the vid!!❤️

  66. Mac and Cheese says:


  67. Sketch book64 says:

    I thought I was the only one who wiped the cart handle down!!! 😄

  68. MarcoLorrins1 says:

    you are a nice couple

  69. TyrranicalT-Rad says:

    Dogs have good hearing, and you can train them with hand signals or sounds you don't necessarily need vocal voice commands.

  70. Michael Wilford says:

    Whoever transcribes this channel does a really good job 🙂

  71. Franklin Arevalo says:

    Is this ASL?

  72. Kayla Marie says:

    litterly the cutest couple ever the pupple is gonna love u guys and u guys are going to take great care of her❤ love u guys!!❤

  73. According to Jordy says:

    The tease is real!!! I can't wait to see Baby Girl!

  74. Jordan Wade says:

    you guys are literally the best couple 😍❤️. and can’t wait to see the dog❤️

  75. Jessica says:

    Never clicked so fast on a video

  76. NURIN NABEELA says:

    I bet you will be this excited when Ellen pregnant your first child 😂

  77. Baby_Dinosaur says:

    This dog will grow up bilingual 😍

  78. Joe M says:

    Has Ryan ever considered a cochlear implant? I'm fairly new to this channel sorry if this has been asked before 🙂

  79. Jaelyn Ortiz says:

    so under rated ! you guys inspired me to learn sigh language

  80. Al_leah B says:

    She should get a award I’m so happy for her for helping him through everything she is like a translator

  81. Meechie Moreno says:

    Can you do a Spanish closed caption

  82. fun videos for you says:

    I don't get it are ur deaf and can talk or you do sign cus of ur bf or somebody is deaf. Can he talk to?

  83. Asllearner11 says:

    I just discovered you today. In this video. I am crying. You have no idea how amazing this channel is. I am a 13 year old hearing kid with no deaf family, I’ve been learning ASL for a year and a half now. I have met quite a few deaf people and even teach people the basic signs at my school. I hope to be an interpreter someday! You two are amazing and I’m really starting to learn ASL without PSE and this helps! Your content is amazing! And your ASL is absolutely beautiful. Thank you. Recently I have had a traumatic experience and now I have something to go to and to engulf myself in happily. I get made fun of at school for using ASL and it is really hard. Knowing that I can communicate with people who cat communicate with my friends as they can with me makes me happier. 🙂 I want to communicate with everyone and I hope you can help me to get there! SO much love! (Hope we can get in contact BTW) -your biggest new fan, Abby.
    -edit: ik I commented this on your why I speak in vids video but it is important and I want you to see ut

  84. Brendon! The Android Sent By Cyberlife! says:

    Please! TRAIN HER. All dogs need obedience training. TRAINING NEVER STOPS. There's always room for improvement! Also teach her signs.

  85. Bianca Waffles says:

    Awww I’m so excited! They literally change your life (for the better) 💕

  86. Brianna Diaz says:

    my dog heard the squeaky toys and got so excited

  87. Maria says:

    So excited, is she adopted?

  88. Grace's pet life says:

    Awe fur babies are so cute! Cant wait to meet her♡

  89. Frozenfish124 124 says:

    Do you guys have any suggestions for a person that is just starting out on learning asl and and tips on how to retain it when you do t have anyone that you know who knows asl

  90. Audrianna Adams says:

    I started watching your videos just recently and I really love you both! You have inspired me to learn sign language.

  91. Emily Chang says:


  92. ash y says:

    Dont forget a dog food container to store the dog food!!!

  93. Sophie G says:

    Just a question, I was just wondering how you read the sign as you are often looking at ryans eyes not his hands but still understand 🙂 Thanks 🙂

  94. JoshiesWorld says:

    Tell Ryan if he wants Apple Watch, wait a bit longer because in the middle of Sept this month Apple is releasing Apple watch series 5.

  95. Tamiie Forbes says:

    New to your channel and so in love with you guys' content ! I admire the bond you share with each other and glad to be apart of your YT family. post notification squad ! <3

  96. Christina Rahn says:

    Congratulations to u & Ryan! She is so cute. She is deaf like Ryan! She will learn some ASL.💕

  97. Rico Martinez says:

    Man, if you don't put a ring on it I will. XD

  98. Thabiso Ndlovu says:

    swear i feel the disappointment myself when she be like "awww these are cute squeezes toy oh no nvm, they're squeaky"

  99. Thabiso Ndlovu says:

    ellen be going: these are cute to literally everything at target.🤣🤣 I love you guys😘😘

  100. Dom Jones says:

    How old are you guys!? Love you both❤️

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