Wet & dirty German Shepherd/Mokry i brudny Owczarek Niemiecki

How you look! Wet is doesn’t matter, it was raining Looks like you wanted to get wet You’re all from mud Mud all around Yes, I know At last rain stopped and I went to you Show yourself Don’t jump on me You’re all dirty I hope you want jump into river You sit on my feet You have all your bottom from mud Oh my But it doesn’t bother you You like to get dirty, right? Almost like christmass tree Nice decoration? Sure, that yes Easy, we’ll go for a walk Dirty doggie A reason of his dirt Mud, mud all around Easy! Don’t jump! Wet, dirty Major But happy Now, now! I’m ending recording & we go for a walk Thumbs up for Major, who’ll wash Or rather for a dirty Major Thanks for watching & see you next time When Major will be, I hope, clean Later

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7 Responses

  1. De Riber says:

    Dirty dog-happy dog !?

  2. wędkarstwo z kapitanem Dominik kapitan Łempicki says:

    Tak jak mój??.Tylko że dzisiaj w śniegu?☺

  3. konrad P says:

    To intro jest super ?

  4. Roksana says:

    Uwielbiam was❤ Kiedy będzie jakiś live??

  5. Funny Foxy Pride says:

    I don't like rain too much. ? Because they get wet and dirty from their nose to tail. But even with that, Major is able to look sweet. ?

  6. Shiba inu Kojiro says:

    Very good ???????

  7. Aditya Badami says:

    Hahaha Major… u r heading for a bath ?

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