What are the most popular dog breeds? 5 most popular breeds

Hi, Andy here from Healthy Pet Systems. Today I will tell you What are the most popular
dog breeds? According to the American Kennel Club, the
most popular dog breeds in America, include: Labrador Retrievers – These are large dogs.
Their temperament has been described as pleasant and kind. German Shepherds – This dog breed originated
in Germany and they are a large working dog. Their main function is to herd sheep, but
they are also sometimes used as guard dogs. Golden Retrievers – This is also a large
dog, which was bred to fetch fowl for hunters. These dogs, need to exercise a lot and they
also have a lot of energy. Golden Retrievers do not bite very hard, as they were bred for
fetching. Bulldogs – These are a medium sized dog
breed and there are several types. You can find the American Bulldog, the Olde English
Bulldog, and the French Bulldog. These dogs are courageous, but they are also very calm. Beagles – This is a small to medium dog
breed and they were bred to be scent hounds. Beagles are very gentle and they are always
ready to play. Beagles are also very smart and they can easily learn amazing tricks. To find out more, I created a great guide
about choosing a dog. In it you will find how to choose a dog breed,
most popular dog breeds, adopting or buying a dog. Link is down below in description. If you liked this video, hit the subscribe
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