What Caused 2 Pit Bulls to Kill Their Owner?

what led to pitbulls to turn on their owner the body of 22 year old Bethany Lynne Stevens was discovered a mile from her home in rural Virginia where she had taken her two pitbulls for a walk in the woods the idea of dogs turning on their master was considered unthinkable and rumors quickly spread on social media that Bethany had been murdered but police took the unusual step of showing reporters photos of the gruesome scene to prove without a doubt her dogs did it there were no strangulation marks the victim had puncture wounds in the skull and this was not a homicide Robert brandão is a dog trainer doing some wonderful pitbulls and they are really wonderful dogs however they are very dangerous and they need to be handled correctly and they need to be trained properly they can become aggressive and if you have an aggressive incident with a pitbull it’s usually going to result in serious bodily injury brandão suspect something set the dogs off something that caused them to become hyper excited then you know they’re being held back possibly then they turn and they just lash out at anything around them anything that moves pitbulls are notorious for vicious unprovoked attacks this video shows a guy being mauled by two pitbulls on a street in the Bronx New York but brandão says attacks on a dog owner are extremely rare even for pit bulls it’s very rare that you’re your own dogs would turn on you and kill you and then eat you you

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  1. 1000 subscribers with 0 Videos challenge says:

    Dog: lets attack her!

  2. Larry Homest says:

    Possibly one dog went crazy and attacked the other, she tried to stop it and both dogs brought her into the fight

  3. Phuah Yong says:

    0:27 better run that doggy is coming for u!!!

  4. Anthony Fashona says:

    My cat turned on me once……I survived it.

  5. Royle Hun says:


  6. Vappyvap88 says:

    According to the "Summary of the Death Investigation of Bethany Lynn Stephens" from the Richmond Times-Dispatch, "At approximately 11 a.m. on December 16, 2017, the two dogs were euthanized pursuant to the approval of family members. The dogs were then frozen to preserve them."

  7. Swami nathan says:

    My friend has 1named Rudy. Goddamn, when she see me she attacks me

    With kisses and hugs.

  8. Michael Ip says:

    "it's very rare for your own dogs would turn on you and kill you…" ironic considering this lady died from puncture wounds on her HEAD

  9. Pramod Kumar says:

    It's always better to have native breeds and the natural ones then the artificially bred and now possibly inbred ones.

  10. Wasim Sheikh says:

    Once a doberman attacked me (not my dog) while he was on a walk with his owner. He bit my leg and then my hand. That moron owner kept watching out of humans natural survival instincts i was fighting n i had a pen on my upper pocket using which i poked one of his eyes… he then left my arm… he one eye was gone, fearing he would re-attack a grapped a stick which was lying on the street and hit him twice or thrice on his leg one leg completely broke.

    Today i have scars on my feet n hand whereas that dog has one eye blind n one leg permanently crippled.

  11. Travel Lover says:

    Do all american news reporters have to put on the same deep voice

  12. Salem says:

    i mean.. my pitbull was trying to run after another dog to play while I was sitting on a bench at the entrance of the lake down the street (we were on a walk and i didnt know if the other dog would appreciate her just running up.) and I literally kept pulling her and even resorted to hugging her . She didnt bite me.. Plus they found her naked.. It wasnt the dog and you just put an innocent dog down for nothing.

  13. Τζακυνθος Φριτοπουλος says:


  14. BLINDPATCH says:

    Should have shot them in the woods

  15. Tanja Žuvela says:

    What a stupid question in the title. Anyway, here is the answer: their stupid dog nature caused it.

  16. Desk Top says:

    Always looking for an excuse for a Pit Bull attack…a typical answer from a brain dead Pit owner. Garbage mutts given away for free at shelters.

  17. Vankruze says:

    I mean it's obvious, the boyfriend could have easily commanded his pets to attack her and they WOULD have done it (yes killing her too) without question. Loyal to a fault they would never refuse the pack leader's commands.

  18. Jmagodude says:

    The fact that they're pitbulls.

  19. jess says:

    this is why you dont own pit bulls

  20. Grey Greyhound says:

    They “licked her to death”! Darwin at work.

  21. Diane Lynn says:

    It's not that rare for pit bulls to kill members of the family. Unfortunately for the dogs something in their DNA of being bred to fight will trigger some dogs. There have been many cases of previously loving family pets turning on owners, or worse, children or grandchildren of owners and killing them. There is NO way to tell which dog might be triggered. And it is not owners. Well trained dogs have suddenly turned aggressive. It is tragic for the dogs but more tragic for the many children killed by them.

  22. Luisanna Sotelo says:

    Owner was bad or it’s lies.

  23. Flat Earther says:

    Darwin award

  24. Talking_Head 420 says:

    My pup looks just like that brindle pit and he’s the sweetest boy you’d ever meet

  25. Beerrunner81 says:

    Maybe she hit the dogs. Who knows. I own a pit and you can give her a slap on the butt. She wont turn on you. Mine is trained to listen to the word. Leave it. And she does. Not sure what went on in the bush.

  26. Aiden Crown says:

    If my dog did that I have a shock collar on her and if she started doing that ohhhhh boy it’s gonna get ugly

  27. Cujucuyo says:

    They're shitbulls, what did you expect?

  28. Sara Kitten says:

    Stares at my 2 year old pitbull i got from a shelter a few months back

    is a short 4'11 girl who loves her big dog

    is scared

  29. b pavilion says:

    It's not rare for those monsters… It's actually quite common…

  30. Hana says:

    Anyone owning a Pitbull should be ok with the possibility of this happening to them. Some of then can be nice, but also the fiercest.

  31. Clorox Bleach says:

    What made 2 DOGS** kill their owner.

  32. WDLC1911 says:

    Crappy reporting. I recall them saying one dog weighed “as much as she did”. Another story said 128 lbs or so. That ain’t no Pit Bulldog.

    Horrid story nonetheless.

  33. M Can says:

    i wish this end to every shitbull owner

  34. jozgurlable says:

    So what caused the owner's death?? Lousy video title

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