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55 Responses

  1. Vivek Rajput says:

    These people are just playing with the feelings of their dog in order to earn some money

  2. the empyrean says:

    So cute!

  3. shroff Z says:

    U r very very cunning nd a villian. Don't harass him like this. I hate u!

  4. Ben Middleton says:

    Awwwwwwwww…..bailey really loves his daddy

  5. bisdakdiay says:

    He knows you were not fainted that’s why he was just plying with you.😂😂😂

  6. Rosario Dominguez says:

    Muerdelo por sangrón por asustarte.

  7. R Kiriyath says:

    Which breed??

  8. Patricia Mourid says:

    You know he can hear your heartbeat right?

  9. Olga Figueroa says:

    Please. No more of this. Even when you show yourself as being ok the damage and the hurt is already done. 🙁

  10. DOUGLAS MAN says:

    What are you gonna do when Bailey leaves in ten years or so?

  11. ankit Sharma says:


  12. Meeta Vyas says:

    Animal tourcher

  13. Bret Jackson says:

    The dog knows he's only playing that's why his tail is wagging the whole time. People that try and make money from YouTube with this sort of thing need to get a life

  14. Teresa Ponte says:


  15. Olivia Ortiz says:


  16. Elvia Yribe says:

    That big baby loves his daddy .💖

  17. Kirti Singh says:

    so lovely dog……

  18. priyansha singh says:

    You stretched it too long…it was unnecessary. Love bailey tho!

  19. Graci T says:

    Why would you try to run up bail ed y highblood pressure. Not cool love u bailey. You and camera person need a time out

  20. Ramneek Kumar says:

    You know dogs can 'smell' that you are alive , they can even listen to your heartbeat

  21. Anderson Bicalho de Souza says:

    Emprecionante como o cão se preocupou

  22. Ismenia Garcia says:

    Que hermoso como sufrió deber asu amo en el piso bello animal que bueno seria que todos amaramos nuestros animales como este señor

  23. Kristie Barnaby says:

    Awww poor baby thought daddy was in trouble!! The way he was grabbing your hand like get up!! What a devoted, loving, and obviously has an incredible bond with you ❤

  24. Lady says:

    Your dogs loves you so much

  25. Jose Jose says:

    ojalá te cagara y te meara en la boca y cara estupido .eso no se lo hace a tu mamá xq la asustaría verdad?

  26. Free bird says:

    Don't make him so anxious.. otherwise he will faint, literally 🐶

  27. Gloria Rider says:

    LOVE this!!–He's trying SO desperately to get his master up & he DID!!

  28. Natalia Fuzario says:

    give me such a dog i loved his reaction

  29. Maria Rosana says:

    Bailey is a very smart dog. Lucky you to have such dog. Btw, new subscriber here 😊

  30. stormlighter82 says:

    He’s so adorable

  31. Rainydays ASMR says:

    Bailey is a paid actor

  32. Saira Shan says:

    Baily dear

  33. narendar mudaliyar says:

    Please don't do it again it's a request I love you bailey I just cried on this video, Dog's are more and more better than humans

  34. Margrit Kaminsky says:

    Don't scare your dog. That is cruel!!!

  35. nrws says:

    Your behavior was wrong. You started to condition the dog that a threat is actually a joke. Despite this, the dog behaved very wisely and maturely.

  36. روفان فايد says:

    اوفي من الانسان
    بليز دعمو قناتي

  37. dharmic seeker says:

    My grandmother's dog died mysteriously 5 days after the death of my grandmother. He was found dead near the kitchen door where he was fed. For 5 days he stopped & refused all food & water.

  38. avneesh chauhan says:

    I love this dog. Lots of kisses and hugs

  39. Dean Johnson says:

    Gorgeous dog!

  40. Duperly Titi says:


  41. Judy says:

    I love your video,all the wait of the love of AGOLDEN🐾🐾🐾😊🐾🐾😊👍

  42. Time Bandit says:

    That goldenis the bext buddy you will ever have dude!

  43. Chassidy Lindsey says:

    Yes, He was really worried!!! He really loves you!!! Dogs are so smart and loving!!! I really love dogs!!! Thank you for sharing this video with us!!!😇😇😇🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖💖💖👍👍👍👍🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  44. daisymay271 says:

    Crazy little puppy. He loves his dad.

  45. MS M says:

    Man.. Are you that free in your life to do these silly things?! Get a life man! It's clearly evident how worried he was to saw you lying. Please don't do that to any one for that matter.. Be it a human or to a pet. Please


    Bravo beatifull dog❤

  47. Gule Najaf says:

    You shoul not play with his sentiments

  48. Acho Delly says:

    This is amazing. I will rather keep a dog than a best friend see how loyal this Bailey is💗💗💗

  49. Dp Sandhu says:

    Stop playing with animals feeling its painful for them. I never did that kind joke with my 🐕

  50. Muslims Coward says:

    How do you know your fig is not going through trauma?!

  51. B M B M says:

    the fog is more intelligent than you

  52. zopa seah says:

    Ya, u should not cry wolf too often, …

  53. d Gtm says:

    He was only playing. He did not thought for a second you were fainted at all.

  54. Jo Freeman says:

    What a great dog. The dog trying to revive the owner through touch, feel, and senses.

  55. Teresa White says:

    Not fair…you’re upsetting the dog. It is not a game to them!

  56. Dalimi Begum says:

    I love this channel..

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