What Dog Breeds Say About Their Owners

– You know how they say dogs and their owners resemble each other? – I like guys with big dogs. – If I saw a girl with a
weird/funky looking dog I’m automatically assuming
she has a huge heart. – A guy with a Pitbull is
definitely good in bed. – Absolutely. – My mom would want me to date any man who owned a Golden Retriever. – Girls with Golden Retrievers
have a lot of patience. – They’ve already been married for 15 years since high school. – They probably are stable. – I feel like Golden Retrievers are either family dogs
or sugar daddy dogs. – I would want to date
a man who had a lab. – He’s a good one. – Yeah. – He’s a catch. – Keeper. – Solid, dependable girl, hands down. – I’ve only known three people in my entire life who have
had Australian Shepherd dogs. They’ve all ended up in prison. – Yeah, a girl with a Australian
Shepherd is super cool. – When I see a girl with a Dalmatian I’m definitely intrigued. – You know that girl has got some bling. – She can afford to take you to dinner. – Exactly. – A girl with a Husky definitely has an awesome apartment and no kids. – I think she drinks vodka. – He’s an alpha male. – Mm-hmm. – He’s really attractive. – I’m a little terrified of you. – Sweet and kind, but they will take care of you if there is danger. – Labradoodles. – [Both] Eh. – You have to have a sense
of humor about yourself– – Yeah. – To constantly look at a Pug’s face and clean the (beeping)
out of it’s face folds. – Anyone who has a Pug,
I’m like, I don’t know. – Guy with a Pug– – You’re adorable. – They’re the cutest. – Men that own Pugs or
Basset Hounds are stoners. – Girls with Corgis are
kind of like, spacey. You know, they’ll forget
that they even have a dog. – And they’re very smart and quirky. And they’re really into music. – So I assume you sleep around a lot. – Not feelin’ it. – I think a girl with a Basset Hound is going to be a little bit more chill. Might be down to hang in
with you on the weekend. – You’re a catch. – Yup. – She’s not worried
about what people think. – For some reason I feel like if you have a Boston
Terrier you’re very clean. You’re a clean guy. – I definitely want a man with a Bulldog. – Yeah, they’re stoward. They’re dependable. – Mm-hmm. – Good foundation.
– They can wiggle. – Yeah, they can wiggle. – I think girls with
really big dogs are lonely. – A guy with a Mastiff or a Great Dane, is an absolute deal breaker for me. – I’m expecting she’s gonna be
pretty tough, pretty strong. – Because big dogs say you’re single. But then too big of dogs, and I feel like they’re compensating for something. – Me too. – I think tiny dogs are a really
good replacement for dolls. – If I see a girl with a
Chihuahua I feel like chances are she’s probably gonna be high maintenance. – They just have the worst attitudes. And I assume that the owner
also has a (bleep) attitude. When I see a girl with a Pomeranian I automatically assume diva. – If you just generally
seem like a bad person then the worst thing you can do as a girl is carry around it– – An accessory that’s alive. – Yeah. – She has a brush, like hidden somewhere that she brushes her dog’s hair before she gets out of the car just to meet you for coffee. – Yeah. – I assume you’re taken. It’s like absolutely wearing
a ring on your finger. Done deal, not going for it. – I think a Pit Bull is statement. – Straight up, I don’t
trust women with Pit Bulls. – It’ll say, “We’re both friendly. “You’ve misjudged us.” Or, it’ll say, “I’m
holding this to kill you”. – Everyone on the internet right now is going to hate me for saying that. – But I don’t like guys
that have Pit Bulls. – If a girl has a Pit Bull
she’s most likely sexy. And if she wasn’t sexy before
the Pit Bull, now she is sexy. She also most likely has tattoos. – Good in bed. – Yes! – It might sound stereotypical but I think the coolest girl would have the most
downtrodden looking dog. – I feel like when you meet a girl with a mutt rescue dog
you’re just kind of like, “You’re just a good, solid chick”. – They took a second
to get to know the dog. – And you’re probably kind
of sexy and adventurous. – Done deal.
– Sold. – You can put the ring on my finger. – Yup. Uh, right now. – You adopted from a rescue shelter. You are a good human being. – Yeah, you’re a giver, a nurturer. – The world. – Mm-hmm. – Yeah.

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100 Responses

  1. Brandi Munguia says:

    Why do people assume that all muts must be rescue dogs? My dog is a min pin/pug mix and I got her from someone who’s dog accidentally got pregnant. I am also not super high maintenance as was suggested about women with tiny dogs like chihuahuas and I have no patience which was a characteristic people with pugs are supposed to have.

  2. MC says:

    i love every dog!

  3. erica says:

    Pomeranian mutt🐕💕

  4. Javiera Soto says:


  5. Javiera Soto says:


  6. Afrah A says:

    What about people with wolves and foxes AND huskies (me)?

  7. Sylvie Seo says:

    I like big mutts! (And I cannot lie)

  8. Panic! At the Chemical Paramore says:

    I used to own an extremely sweet golden retriever, now I own a very loving and hyper pitbull. That just shows I like protection, love, and big puppies.

  9. Sofia Hasty says:

    uhhhh why did they say "eh" for the labradoodles?? Show some love to the labradoodles 🙂

  10. Gacha cinnamon Bun says:


  11. Kawaii Chiyoko says:

    I own a chihuahua and she’s mean af but she look cute in dresses and sometimes looks like Kermit

  12. Amy Childress says:

    Momma of a Basset baby and I'm definitely not a stoner and it's not chill all the time they might look lazy but some definitely aren't

  13. Shalmali Kulkarni says:

    I love all dogs! I don't completely agree with the video

  14. Wilma s says:

    What a load of BS…

  15. Hulu Juju says:

    What about King Charles Cavalier Spaniel/English Cocker Spaniel/American Cocker Spaniels? They’re adorable!

  16. Vanessa Roldan says:

    When you own a Chihuahua and you don't know to either be offended or laugh it off.

  17. 64wing says:

    I have a pitbull 😎😘

  18. Hate2Feel says:

    Quite possibly the dumbest video I've ever seen on YouTube

  19. Rotten Tomango says:

    Pomeranian offended**
    My dog hates getting brushed. Cuz why not.

  20. Genevieve McCalla says:

    If I saw a man with a pug, I'm marrying him immediately. The pug, that is. I'll marry the pug.

  21. iDynamic says:

    I’m a female and I have a chuauhauh and yorkie that LOVE people

  22. shalom kids says:

    Some people with corgis ONLY focus on their corgis (Because they’re really expensive and so cute and lovable)

  23. Gracie Girl says:

    I love Jack Russell and Dalmations

  24. Natalie says:

    Mutts are more healthy then pure breed dogs fact

  25. LayLay Avritt says:

    I have two chihuahuahs and they are the love of my lifes my fiance loves my dogs. Omg I just cant with them they are so cute and dont take to much space

  26. Sara McNicholas says:

    I have a boxer/mastiff and I swear if a guy was good with my dog I would love them very much

  27. Chili [Dog] says:

    Wow chihuahua

  28. XxGachaErinxX says:

    PitBulls Are Are Actually Really Nice

  29. Rebekah Braswell says:

    What about…. bagels?? (Basset hound beagle mix)

  30. Lucia Ulven says:

    Lol I have I husky. I wonder if that’s what my boyfriend thought that XD

  31. Iconic says:

    I see corgi I click.

  32. Gaming Chad says:

    the redd head is uhh…has uhhh… a. BIG CHIN

  33. falling for Deborah says:

    I am having second thoughts on naming my new Pomeranian puppy Chanel now .

  34. Grim Reaper says:

    What about shibas?

  35. Butterfly McQueen says:

    A girl who owns a pitbull rescued that pitbull, so you'll be dating someone with a big heart.

  36. doggo pup says:

    How about shih Tzu's? I'm almost sure Eugene that's Eugene's dog Pesto is a Shih tzu

  37. i want rose’s solo says:

    I have a corgi!

  38. edward sullivan says:

    i disagree with u all i think great people own a dog cause more dogs get adoped less unwanted dogs go to shelters i like all breeds of dogs the dog for you is the one you like i also diagree with you on small dogs i have small mived breed and he been best dog i ever had so people if you can afford it and have time and room for a pet adoped a pet they need familys and someone to love them

  39. Lily Cook says:

    Uhh I don’t have a bad attitude 😢

  40. Lily Cook says:

    I have a chihuahua

  41. Sean Murray says:

    It’s funny going back To these videos and realizing how incredibly shallow these people are.

  42. bri says:

    What about a girl with a Doberman?

  43. Julia Granado says:

    i have a cute dachshund/ chihuahua in brown tan named Emma

  44. Jose Saravia says:

    Shi-Tuz ?

  45. OlliPom says:

    I hate that people with small dogs get stereotyped as divas, mean, high maintenance, while I just am a normal person, and not a diva or something like that at all…

  46. That'sWhatSheSaid says:

    What kind of dog is that on Eugene's head?

  47. peach_ says:

    Im a diva and im a bad person for having a pomeranian? Thats not true but I am spoiled and have anger issues but Im not a diva nor a bad person (please dont hate me cause im spoiled im working on it)

  48. Kenyon Donner says:

    Pitbull owner

  49. X.Alina. X says:

    My crush has a beagle!!!

  50. Bossy Rossi says:

    I have a Chihuahua and I'm offended

  51. Rain The Budgie says:

    Anyone got anything to say about a Doberman?

  52. Syntrou says:

    SHIBA INU???

  53. Anya Russolo says:


  54. Sera Bendlep says:

    What about Border Collies?

  55. Soph says:

    I have a teddy bear face Pomeranian. Look it up their so cute. My dogs name is Chloe

  56. Nyaduar Puok says:

    What's wrong with a Labradoodle? Lol

  57. Animal Lover 77 says:

    I have a chiwawa, and he's a good boy. He's really sweet too. He's just sort of aggressive. He's not a fancy dog, thank god.

  58. Laura Connolly says:

    Haha! They got Dalmatians half right. I have owned my little spotted bundle of sass for just over 3 months or so.. and I have had so many people come over to interact with her on their own accord.. from kids, to old people. They often say: "You don't see Dalmatians very often." or "She is the most eye catching creature in the park!"

    As for being rich? HA! I wish! I haven't even had a single paying job in my entire life!— Soooo atm?? Not a rich chick ;x; lol

  59. Four Ninety Five says:

    People that adopt, foster, take in dogs are superior to those that buy them like designer product.

    It's basic moral math.

  60. Haute Mess Express says:

    I have a 1 yo rescue Great Dane, a rescue corgi/mutt mix that was adopted at 8 yo, and a pedigree Pembroke Corgi who just turned 1 yo. Apparently I’m a confusing mess based on these guidelines 🤷🏼‍♀️

  61. XenaTheCorgi says:

    Tryna not get triggered along with corgi ALONG with along with my friend along with her chihuahua

  62. Domaja Smith says:

    Win! I used to have a lab/Aussie mix not too long ago as my first dog. He was great.

  63. Sisowat Sin says:

    Clicked becuase I saw a Corgi on thumbnail !

  64. Triggered says:

    i have a shiba inu

  65. Homer InNC says:

    Yall forgot about German Shepherds 🙁

  66. J W says:

    I think it's funny they are basing it off just the appearance of the dog and not what the dog entails. Corgi's require so much exercise and if you laze around with the dog you're going to have a destroyed apartment lol

  67. Spicy Pineapples says:

    I have a labradoodle, and I love her to death. She was a rescue, her family didn’t feed her and she was a runt so we took her in. She was $2,500 so she didn’t cost that much. But when they got to the labradoodle I was so excited to see what they would say 😟 I was shook and very disappointed that they didn’t say anything 😔 oh and please don’t judge people with dogs that don’t shed (like you did🙄) my mom is allergic so we can’t have all the normal dogs everyone has. But just like everybody I know my dog is the perfect one for me and my family

  68. korli says:

    Make a part 2 with Shiba Inus!!! PLEASE –

  69. Amanda W says:

    My beautiful baby boy is a rescue American Dingo/ Akita/German Shepard. He is the cutest and thinks it's his job to protect me. I have a history of fainting and it happened on a walk once with him and I woke up with him standing over me and growling and barking at some sketchy guy walking close by.

  70. tk king says:

    I own a Pomeranian what you said was definitely not true. And my parents gave me the Pomeranian. there Pomeranian had puppy's my favorite dog breed is a Pitbull. I would rather own a Pitbull if I'm to be honest. I do love my Pomeranian. He is the sweetest boy ever. But I grew up with big dogs. When our big dog passed away, of old age, we ended up getting pomeranians.

  71. Mitch Shark says:

    I'm off the market, I'm with my GSD.

  72. Kimberly Rice says:

    My friend has a chihuahua and she has the best attitude and personality ever!

  73. Love Song says:

    As someone with a half pitbull mutt… I’m confused as to whether I should be offended or happy 😂👌

  74. Bl2861 says:

    Great Danes. The Apollo of dogs…… delegated to that. Sad. Will send my 3 Danes over to sit on you for such remarks.

  75. haleybrooke says:

    I have a mini white schnauzer and her name is Zoie❤ She is 14 years old and I have been with her since I was 1 year old😭❤ I love her. She is like a little sister to me!

  76. Summer's awesome Channel says:

    When u got a pug

  77. s h a k e y s h a w t y says:

    Man… I have a corgi and I’m a female, I never forget that I have a dog I will kill myself if I do that, I always put my dog in first place and will love them. Kinda offensive

  78. Pinkity Drinkity says:

    I have a golden retriever puppy 2 months

  79. •HotDot• says:

    Why were they positive just towards big doggos? All doggos deserve love!

  80. Aesthetically Aniya says:


  81. Cassie Moriel says:

    Wow! I’m a husky and German Shepard kind of person…they were so spot on.

    What happened to discussing the German Shepard though …low key disappointed ☹️

  82. Cassie Moriel says:

    My dog is a German Shepard/ Pomeranian mix … what does it mean???? 😟

    Nvm… my dogs a mutt 😊

  83. Shookth Theresa says:

    Gtfo, pitbulls are the best

  84. Dee Dan says:

    I love golden retriever , siberian huskies , beagles , alsatians and basset hounds ❤

  85. ma says:

    Great Danes are amazing. My boy is so sweet and gentle. He gets nervous but he knows to just come to my room and I'll hug him until he is okay again. Sometimes we play hide and seek and other times he will knock on my window when he wants to be let in the house. Sometimes he shakes his tail so much he almost falls over. He doesn't eat much and is scared of very specific things, I feel bad that I couldn't have helped him when he was a puppy because it hurts to know he was treated poorly. I feel so helpless being away from him at college. I hope he's doing okay

  86. Shantelle Collins says:

    Girls who own Pomeranians aren't that bad…

  87. Senpai_ Cookie says:

    Hold on when I saw it they said a girl Who have a Chihuahua who has big attitude I have a Chihuahua I don’t have a attitude I’m just rude to people I hate nor am I rich

  88. Angel Guillermo says:

    we're stereotyping dogs now?

  89. Addy Mae says:

    I have a mutt and Pitbull

  90. Loveakaylia says:

    I’m sad that people think chihuahuas are automatically considered having a bad attitude. I have one and he’s the sweetest ever and is a service dog

  91. Animal Arts says:

    I have a corgi!

  92. Sophia Schommer says:

    "I am a little terrified of you."

    Me: Well no wonder no one wants to date me I have 2 huskies…must be all the dog hair…

  93. Koki says:

    Nobody cares about a little poor pequineze…

  94. Lps parody central says:

    Where was poodle

  95. sinnoh lord says:

    When I see a Chihuahua i think of jenna marbles

  96. Jc Marx says:

    What if I adopt a pitbull from the shelter? Would you still think I'm a good person for rescuing this animal or would you condemn me and my dog because it is a pitbull?

  97. Cdo UlamBurgee says:

    Why is there no shih tzus?:<

  98. Amazing Amira says:

    My favorite part is.. 2:47 – 2:52

  99. slyfox 104 says:

    I have a Chihuahua but he is the bratty one i swear

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