What Frame Rate Should You Be Filming In?

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  1. prasann kumar says:

    Thank you sir

  2. BenJi Whoever says:

    Moment case, nice!

  3. Miss Vie G says:

    Thank you for uploading this vedio. I always wanted to learn photography and filming. This is the first vedio which I really undesrtand. God Bless and more free vedios tutorial XD

  4. jaxofnorth says:

    Damn I thought my computer was about to crash on me

  5. Adrianne Hajihil says:


  6. Emrhys Stead says:

    Hey Patato Jet, Is Udemy where you put all your courses or do you use skillshare to upload them aswell? if so which one should I use?

  7. OneEyedPhotographer says:

    Try shooting at 25 FPS, edit at 24. Say nothing, see whether anyone notices.

    I set out to discover whether Canon's dropping 24 FPS actually matters. I think it doesn't.

    So far, my Googling has revealed that
    Film shot at 24 FPS can go straight to air in PAL (and SECAM I expect) countries.
    Film and video shot at 24 FPS requires telecining for NTSC countries and that harms the quality, always.
    Video shot not at 25 FPS (50 Hz mains countries) or 30 FPS (60 Hz countries) can have flicker from the frequency mismatch. Three of my cameras have antiflicker options, it should not matter much, but would probably show in traffic lights.

    Advice I had from my video course, PAL, 1080p25. That's our broadcast standard. Yours is 1080p30. Filmmakers, I have discovered, actually use a variety of different aspect ratios and frame rates, one or two going quite high recently.

  8. MaximumEfficiency says:

    DRTL – 60fps minimum, 30fps sucks

  9. YouareIandIAMYou says:

    Thanks very much for this information. I am a lot smarter now than before I clicked on this video 😃

  10. DamianDangerMartin777 says:

    The more important question is…. you shot for Pepe Aguilar!??

  11. Ivan Nikitin says:

    So it is better to choose better resolution rather than higher fps filming videos you are not planning to slow down? e.g. 2.7k 30 instead of 1080 /60 ?

  12. Sir Owigo says:

    What wrong with his left hand?

  13. NBA FAN says:

    Potato Jet: I need you to read this comment. I have watched all youtube videos on frame rates and I am completely honest here: I did not understand anything they explained in their videos. This is because they assumed viewers already have some basic knowledge about film-making and didn't feel they needed to explain any simpler. I am so grateful for your video because you explained so well that a complete dummy such as myself will be able to understand. Now, can you please explain to us how to make movie scene just the way you explained your details in this video? I want to know all the angles the needed when taking shots, such as over the shoulder, full shot, etc. And I want you to give each a name. Just do your best like you did in this video. You are the best teacher when it comes to teaching everybody about how to do something.

  14. Nelson Rosa says:

    Thank you!

  15. Loup Storm says:

    You Win one Follower man, sooo agreable to hear your explanations.

  16. Dopeness TV Channel says:

    .thank u teacher

  17. Jameel Ahmed Khan says:

    Dude, that 1% rubbish is too much of a bummer.

  18. Lauren Henley says:

    American FPS is like Imperial over Metric. It's old and complicated. As usual.

  19. DarknightMike says:

    We have the same recording studio equipment! I have the Focusrite.

  20. John McKay says:

    such a good explanation

  21. Ryan Lopez says:

    Super late reply I just discovered your video but basically you will shoot in 60fps+ and slow it down in post ?

  22. irvan wiranata says:

    thank you this video reduces my headcramps

  23. Jave Lester Odvina says:

    This guy: *You can't play 24 fps videos in 60 fps
    SVP Player : I'm about to end this laggy video

  24. Ankit Majumdar says:

    I have a doubt…

    If your shooting a video let's say a vlog which is recorded in 24fps and u want to add a B-ROLL in between of 120fps and slow it down….

    And when u render it in the Project/Editing software with 24fps format will the Extracted video have the Cinematic 120fps B-ROLL or will there be any change in the b-roll?? Thank you.

  25. Mad Kancil says:

    Nice lesson,thanks dude kiki

  26. GBLynden's RC says:

    You use film?


    please review the sigma fp camera

  28. Rahul Sharma says:


  29. Big Bolt Media says:

    At 12:18 Potato Jet's robotic arm makes an appearance 🤖

  30. bluesanyu Films says:

    Please sell your Dslrs.. They are only worth 0.01% of what you initially paid.. Mirrorless is king now.. I will be waiting on ebay.. Thank you..

  31. apsilonblue says:

    How does the viewing monitor frame rate interact with this? So you film at 24, edit at 24, upload at 24…. then the viewer watches it on a monitor displaying at 60. That's 2.5 times the video frame rate. So the monitor displays each frame for 2.5 times the length. Most people aren't really going to notice but isn't going to ruin some of the work you're putting in? Or am I totally over thinking this? Literally just getting into video.

  32. David Griffin says:

    If you set your camera to NTSC then 24 fps will be 23.976 fps and 30 fps will be 29.97 fps. If you set your camera to PAL, 24 fps will be 24 fps, and so on. The weird frame rates are peculiar to the NTSC standard only for the reasons you explained. Generally speaking, outside of America, 24 fps means 24 fps and 30 fps means 30 fps. America is not representative of the rest of the world and the recognisably flawed NTSC standard is not representative of the rest of the world either. So "pretty much anywhere with NTSC standards" is pretty much the USA and a few isolated countries, which are very much in the minority..

  33. Bene C says:

    wow very well explained well done know what editing program is si easy that a 70 year old can learne it just for cutting and pasting ha ha stay sefe see ya

  34. POVHFR Videos says:

    I use 24fps sometimes for a cinematic look. But I usually film in 120fps mostly and 240fps at times, usually on a high refresh display with matching refresh rates. The results were awesome, the videos usually look dreamy and realistic with motion blur at 120fps and 240fps was almost real looking.

  35. DeZupe FPV says:

    your radio is not conected probably no signal 😉 or something 🙂 depend whitch alarms you have on beta flight (software inside 😉 whatch some my videos I right now testing reelsteady go and shuter speeds before I record in 30 with shuter 1/60 with ND but now I tryed without ND with higher shutter 120 and today I editing test of 240 shuter speed on 30 frames BTW good video and subscribe you becose you know prety a lot and know to well explain you bring me to thinking editing in 24 frames 😀 and shoting in 30 😀

  36. Dulla Bills says:

    i dont shoot like you filmmakers like everyday vlogging or big projects i shoot some music videos from time to time, but i decided to always shoot on 60FPS even though i have to sacrifice my resolution to 1080 x 720 instead of full HD but i dont care since sometimes the footage i shot at 24F i find something inside that i wanna use as slowmotion but it doesnt come out as smooth and the frame blending mode and optical flows doesnt always do a good job

  37. Dulla Bills says:

    feels like america always tryna be different and make up an excuse

  38. Dulla Bills says:

    the 60 fps thing u said that u dont recommend. my reasoning is that i always forget to change frame rate when i shoot something for slowmotion and im tired of it

  39. Romie Miller says:

    Good content, and explained well. I'm a still photographer, so I need to learn the differences.

  40. Septien Patterson says:

    Damn, this video is informative

  41. Adam TV says:

    The BMPCC4K has both 24 and 23.9 so which should one use to be broadcast compliant. I would assume 23.9. Right?

  42. Aamien Gurung says:

    This video was very informative✌️

  43. Dave Bujold says:

    So when you shoot, you guess the shots you think your gonna slow down? I often shoot in 60fps because I dont know the song il pick and whick image ima slow dowbn!! so when I get home I drop it on my 24fps timeline and when I need a shot slowed down BOOM 50% and done. Is there a better way ?? HELP lolll

  44. Evan Yoohoo says:

    Imagine shooting in anything but increments of true 30

  45. SlipStreamTV says:

    awesome info… this will help me out vastly for the content on my channel

  46. Uchith Isanka says:

    Fuk bro this guide insane ❤

  47. A B says:

    Can you use mixed footage on a 24fps timeline

  48. A B says:

    How do I avoid audio sync issues

  49. Jarek Skrzypek says:

    As you’re doing some trainings I think your videos would benefit if you prepare your speech before and make it then more efficient. Right now you’re talking a lot, but really a lot (and too fast as well) but totally not efficient, you just repeat the same things al the time. It’s tiring listening to that. Think about it as people buy / watch courses if your message is clear, now unfortunately is not. Good job other than that, good luck and regards.

  50. Geological1 says:

    What are you doing with your left hand?

  51. Subinoy 11 says:

    I am A POTATO..!!!?????

  52. Devane Apolonio says:


  53. Brett H says:

    If I ever meet you in person, I'll buy you a beer or a few. Thank You and I am grateful for this awesome content.

  54. Chris Lee says:

    Best video I’ve seen covering this. Especially the film, edit, upload pipeline. Thanks 🙏

  55. Haider As Ali says:

    what if we shoot in 60fps and don't slow it in 24fps project and just drag it in the timeline and edit as it is, is it OK?

  56. Rick Honig says:

    Great video, thank you.

  57. Aashiq Tera says:

    What is wrong with your left hand? Is it out of frame or is it rolling in 1 frame rate per sec!

  58. Momin Nz says:

    HEY PJ, great content, so would you recommend to just shoot in 60fps and put in FC in 30fps.

  59. Momin Nz says:

    please make a video on compressor

  60. Nick O'Leary says:

    Does anyone know what song is playing at the start of the video? Can't for the life of me remember the name!

  61. Sun Shine says:

    Excellent explanation. However, when I have my GoPro 7 in my hand taking a video, does 120 fps or 60 fps or 30 fps deplete the battery in the same rate ? Is it correct to assume that a video taken at 24 fps will consume less battery power than a video taken at 60 fps ? In the same token, how about 4K resolution vs. 1080, vs. 720, does the resolution have any effect on battery life ? Appreciate your responding.

  62. Gary InMarz says:


  63. Paul Costa says:

    OMG, Please STOP with the spastic hand movement!

  64. Avihay Balila says:

    Sooooooo educating….thank you so much, i had no idea on any of those and it gave me sense…i just thinking on getting the new go pro, and need to understand on lighting and quality difference as well, but this video was a great start for me….thanks

  65. stefan berindei says:

    Alright so my silly question is : if i want to make a short movie with my iphone wich frame should i choose 24 or 30 ? wich is more used ?

  66. Jayvee Mariano says:

    napa sub ako

  67. Anthione Crawford says:

    Where can I watch the whole course at ?

  68. b. real says:

    Ok I want to shoot my whole entire music video in 60 frames because I like smooth slow motion when I want. But I want to export the video in 24 frame. how should I set my camera and what shutter speed?

  69. Tobias Fyhn says:

    why do I watch so many videos about things I already know lol


    for a concert video what would be the ideal frame rate ?

  71. Nature says:

    lots of unnecesaary talk😡

  72. Kimi More says:

    i finally understood the fps concept!!! THANK YOU!

  73. Jose Salinas says:

    Holly shit you filmed that video for Pepe Aguilar I'm subscribing right now

  74. FC WHAT says:

    I would think that international standards are becoming a thing of the past. Most content these days is viewed online and most domestic TV’s cope with variable frame rates. Filmic looks are typically 24fps.. and multiples of for different speeds. So the low down is.. shoot typically 24fps.. doesn’t matter where you are.

  75. Franz Ezekiel Caspillo says:

    I have a question, what if you want to achieve cinematic look, so you choose 24 or 30 fps, but you have a certain clip that you want to be very slow motion, so you choose 60fps, and it is not recommended to have clips with different fps right? so is there a solution for that?

  76. Chris and Laura says:

    G'day mate, just discovered your page and I.AM.LOVING.IT! So informative, so entertaining, giving Peter Mckinnon and the rest a run for their money. Will be purchasing your course shortly 🙂

  77. Manuel Frias says:

    So film in 60fps then edit it to 30fps and we have smooth 50% slow mo? 🤔

  78. Sagara14 says:

    This is knowledge man !!!, you got a new subscriber fella.. Keep it up 😍

  79. On the Road with Ralph says:

    Two positive reactions: 1) No long-winded intro + title sequence that wastes my time (thanks!). 2) Good information, and well-presented. Ironically, after years of shooting at 24 fps, your video got me thinking about that choice, and I think I am switching to 30 fps. For what it is worth, I am likely to go to 30 because it syncs up better with common monitor refresh rates (yeah, I know they are variable, but usually the system is trying to maintain a spec which is often 60). Continue the good work!

  80. PINOY PRIDE says:

    Very informative Sir for bigginer thanks

  81. Cam 1 says:

    How the fuck did pepe aguilar got you hired

  82. HOT HIT says:

    how many FPS do you ou shoot your youtube video ?

  83. Farid Hafez says:

    Also to consider: power frequency. In PAL regions dc power is ~50hz while in NTSC regions it is ~60hz. This is important when filming in environments with for example neon light to avoid flicker. Sometimes it can male sense to switch base frame rates based on where you are filming.

  84. omanko says:

    why won't someone just shoot in 120 or 240 since it gives you the flexibility in post to render in 30, 24 or w/e? I guess file size?

  85. TheElementalFlow says:

    So common = 30 fps, but for cinematic, you want to film in 24 fps.

  86. Akanbi Lincoln says:

    I always shoot at 60 frame per seconds.

  87. Anthony PC says:

    I'd be surprised if there's really no way to make some experimental film which switched projection frame rate during a scene…

    It could be like the modern equivalent of when Dorothy steps out of standard black and white into a technicolored land of Oz. Instead our protagonist could step out of a 24fps world into a 60fps "reality" or bizarre CGI fantasy land like The Hobbit trilogy. (except maybe less artificially tacky).
    Just a thought. I get creatively provoked when told a thing couldn't be done.

  88. lorenz breuer says:

    Great video 📼

  89. Johnny Walker says:

    60p or gtfo. the future is now old man

  90. Adrian and Adriansito’s Adventures says:

    Pepe Aguilar Cabrones! Ahhh hooaaaa! 😅😂

  91. STAG162 says:

    thanks for clearing up a question I had, and I get that the principle is the same no matter where you use it, but this vid has far too much emphasis on NTSC framerates.
    not everyone who watches this is in America. don't forget your pals in PAL world. I'll stop shooting in 50fps and opt for 25 from now on though, as I don't need the extra frames.

  92. J Singh says:

    Excellent video, really appreciate your help and advice. Top marks 👌🏽

  93. Secret Of Heaven says:

    can you tell me what type of lens do u have on that camera?

  94. taco flashlight says:

    when you talk about the 24/30 fps and the 23.976 and 29.97, the difference between the stated frame rate and the actual frame rate is the number of "in-between" frames between each image frame. (the time between each image)
    23.976 + (24 in-between frames at 0.001 seconds each) = 24FPS.
    29.97 + (30 in-between frames at 0.001 seconds each) = 30FPS

    or is that just a wild coincidence?

  95. Phil Rennie says:

    Here from Camera Conspiracies! 🙂

  96. SFtheGreat says:

    3:00 downvote for misinformation, there are true 24 and 30 fps, so using those nmbers to reffer to NTShitC is inaccurate and undermines the true 24 and 30 fps.

  97. StalePudding says:

    60fps footage recorded in real life (not in stuff such as gameplay, and animation etc.) causes too much motion sickness for people, if you want it to look smooth, set it to 60i (interlaced frames). It eliminates motion sickness and doesn't look choppy, and also doesn't have as much motion blur.

  98. TheUnrelatedVideos says:

    Tip – Speed 1.25x

  99. Konrad Cześnik says:

    Ok but when i want to mix normal tempo ( 24 ) with slowmo ( 60 ) in the one footage i should change frame for each clips or can i record all my footage on 60 and then change in sequance 24 and speed it up to normal tempo when i need this or leave when i need slowmo?

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