What if all Cats suddenly Disappeared? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. What if all Cats suddenly Disappeared? Then I will bring them back using my AumSum
magic wand. Wow AumSum. It is estimated that there are about 600 million
cats in the world. Now if there were to suddenly disappear. Firstly, hearts of millions and millions of
people. Who love cats will surely be broken. Secondly, rats and birds will definitely throw
an after-party. Significant number of rats as well as birds
fall prey to cats each year. It is estimated that cats kill about 3.7 billion
birds annually in US. Now in the absence of cats. There will be a significant jump in the population
of rats and birds. It is difficult to estimate the effect this
will have. On the food chain as well as on the ecological
balance of nature. Lastly, Tom will be dearly missed by Jerry.

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