What Is a Mutt? | Dog Breeds

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  1. 12 184 says:

    My mutt lived until he was 18

  2. msaoichan says:

    I dare someone who gets a male mutt to call him Muttley.

  3. MayayaJay says:

    The reason I prefer purebred dogs is because I know what temperament to expect. I like know what kind of dog I am getting. Besides, pure bred dogs will love you just as much as mutts, and most of the time they are more physically appealing.

  4. TheNessa says:

    My heart HUUUUURTS! Sooooo cute!

  5. Dancingqueenz2349 :3 says:

    I have a mutt he is adorable 🙂

  6. pattie brace says:

    i have 2dogs

  7. Lowtech says:

    Homeless dogs should get a job!

  8. Jay Mullerleile says:

    Your a a mutt

  9. poli poli says:

    Should I get a mutt or a shih tzu?

  10. Slavic Aussie says:

    Mutts are good dogs. They're healthy and not inbred.

  11. Katie Cooper says:

    My dog is a mutt and shes 3 right now still liveing healthy she is mixd with a blodd hound a fast dog and good hearing

  12. Three Dogs says:

    I have three rescue mutts. They are wonderful dogs.

  13. Macie Fergal says:

    Mutts are the best dogs in the world.

    But, OMG I hate Dogster.

  14. Ohloveeh says:

    I think just the idea of so-called 'pure-breds' is absolutely disgusting. 19th Century Eugenics in the 21st century.

  15. Woods Lore says:

    My dog is a mutt, 3 different breeds. 2 are terrier and he acts like it. Hunts rats and mice.

  16. Lol Bob says:

    you what to tinks humans for mutts plus all mutts we know and love were create in the last 100 years.

    also purebreed mean inbreed.

  17. trash_goblin says:

    I have a mutt named Holly, who's most likely a mixture between a lab, as she has a lot of features about them like a swinging rib cage when she walks and very expressive eyebrows, and a chow, as her tail naturally curls up slightly and the roof of her mouth is splotchy. She's a medium sized dog with bright brown eyes, a snout that's a little bit shorter than a German Shepard's or a wolf's, and white fur that's especially fluffy around her neck, but she sheds like a maniac. She is extremely doggish, as she howls sometimes, buries any bone we give her, and LOVES tug of war. She is extremely loyal to our family, but she's still really friendly with other humans and dogs, even cats. She's especially gentle with smaller children, and don't even think about taking her, because I will track you down and take her back.

  18. FizzItDown says:

    its a mongral..i prefer pedigrees, they hardly have any health problems and if the registired by the KC you can show them

  19. TheGareth14 says:

    I don't get how some people dislike a dig because it's a mutt…. they're as beautiful (sometimes more beautiful) than pedigree/cross breeds and most mutts have less health issues and have a longer life span. I'm a big dog lover so I'm a fan of every type of dog lol

  20. Sander the Spaceman says:

    mutt u say? we got askals, so mixed

  21. Sandy Holliday says:

    I love mutts ♥

  22. Jaclyn Dunphy says:

    I have a mutt that doesn't really fit the description. She's supposedly 2 1/2 years old, chews on everything, she's gone through 4 pairs of shoes and almost a whole fence now and she doesn't show any emotion, I haven't seen her wag her tail once since we got her and that was almost 2 months ago. she doesn't like my stepdad either so we thought that maybe she was abused by a male at some point but ANY other man that comes to our house she will go to and be friends with but when my stepdad comes in she tucks tail and runs, he ha sent ever hurt or hit her AT ALL so that's not the problem. Also she just begs for attention and once we give it to her she still begs. Believe me we give her a lot of attention she's just a huge piece of work. She's very stubborn and doesn't want to be trained and she won't play with anything. We've tried playing with her and getting her toys to chew on instead of our stuff but she shows no interest in anything. I don't even think she has a soul but whatever

  23. Jennifer Losinno says:

    I love my precious mutt 😍

  24. Mai Mayer says:

    my mutt is nothing like that

  25. Gerald Uy says:

    my mutt is so adorable

  26. Gerald Uy says:

    my mutt is so adorable

  27. Caseylynn Cat says:

    I'm sorry but your posting false information. I have 2 mutts myself and I work with and foster for many shelters, so I'm not against mutts. I prefer mutts and believe that pets should be adopted at a shelter, there for I feel abound to correct you.1. Although mutts have more than one breed that doesn't make them more loyal, calm, easy to train, or less likely to cause trouble. 2. the dogs behavior depends on what "doggy gean" is dominated and training. Ex. If the temperament of the chow chow is dominated the mutt will not make a good choice for family with kids and will need a ferm owner. 3. The amount of exercise will also very. Ex. The dog have the energy of his mother a hyper pomegranate terrier mix or it might have its father a lazy basset hounds.4. Not all mutts are good apartment dogs some need to not only run but to use their brains and figure thing out. Ex. 2 if the dominant gean is that of the border collie than keep it locked up in an apparent would be a disaster. Border collies have been known to figure out complications locks to open doors.5. Not all mutts are healthier than pure breeds. Although the mixing of breeds usually decrease the risk of health problems some time it can do just the opposite. Sometimes the health problems from both parties can be passed down. Ex. You have a great dain + chow chow + husky + other mix, the mutt could have the early hip dysplasia from the great dain, the entropion (causing cornea ulcer) from the chow chow, the immune disorders from the husky, and the increase risk of cancer from other breeds. – I personally agree that most mutts are healthier. My dog (bassist hound + border collie + Scottish terrier mix) is almost 14 and she acts like a puppy  Husky: Autoimmune Disorder

  28. Caseylynn Cat says:

    Please check your information. I posted below on just some of your false facts. It was rather long so I'm posting this short note in hope that you will check the previous one.

  29. JA DE says:


  30. Delta star says:

    my mutts are really cute, I thought they were a type of breed till it hit me o there mutts not aliens
    i was desperate to find there breeds

  31. bebo butter says:

    Adam ruins everything

  32. Some One says:


  33. That Guy Nobody Likes says:

    what type of dog is that plz tell me

  34. Pine To The Cone says:


    Most playful mutt of all time

  35. RAD RED says:

    Did you know a mutt is a dog in its natural state

  36. the tardis says:

    the word mutt is kinda funny

  37. jk says:

    I have a mutt. His mother is Croatian sherped,but his father is mutt. He is 8 years old

  38. Kingrai 15 says:

    if i get a goldador will it have the advantages of a mutt (more healthier,etc) or will it have the problems of a purebred. Thx guys

  39. Meagen Denton says:

    I have a mutt (I didn't adopt her) she's a border collie mixed with Boston terrier. I can definitely see both, because she's super fast like a border collie and energetic and kinda small like a Boston terrier. She's the sweetest dog you will ever meet!

  40. Bongwyre2112 says:

    Anyone who supports purebreeding is a monster.

  41. Vixie says:

    I had a mutt, she was a Lab/Australian shepherd. perfect dog, super fast learner, great sheepdog, very nice with other animals but also a great hunter.

  42. daniel says:

    i already got a mutt

  43. Dizzy Thîngs says:

    I have a Dobson pup and my friend has a shorkie mix with a Chihuahua they really like each other so I think there gonna make a shorkie Chihuahua and a Dobson dog Wich I'm gonna have and I think that those breeds all together are rare

  44. Brianna Mae says:

    I already know what mutts a re

  45. kelsie d says:

    i'm volunteering at my local shelter and can only help with pups (allergic to cats, they don't have other animals). all of the dogs there are mutts and they are the sweetest things. get a mutt , they are so much healthier and happier. they will do whatever you do. they want to love and be loved in return. can't wait to get my pup in 85 days!

  46. Pyrotechnics 8 says:

    howcast is wikihow but on youtube

  47. John Harnetta says:

    0:38 what type of mutt is this?

  48. BarkyBoo says:

    a mutt is a dog

  49. Liz S says:

    Where I'm from, you don't go to a shelter, you walk around until you find one you like and take it home…

  50. kalel 311 says:

    It is a mutant canine

  51. dj dickinson says:

    to suggest that a mutt might tolerate being inside all day and a purebred dog would not is a bit simplistic and I know you know this….every dog needs a run and a certain amount of exercise… really not a mutt/purebred issue…

  52. César Rabbit says:

    Mutts are so cute.

  53. nobodyhere says:

    I love mutts. Pick them over purebreds any day. Reason why is that I seen purebred dog owners ignore mutts at dog parks.

  54. Soran Millenium says:

    Mutts actually live longer than pure breed dogs

  55. Maria Flores says:

    I wish i had a mutt
    Mutts are the best

  56. DIO says:

    Mutt is a To me the most natural dog breed

  57. Rawest Nation says:

    Can mutts breed ?

  58. Koal Kottentail says:

    Mutts are so much healthier and cool ☺

  59. Alin-Valentin Radulescu says:

    Oh boy, 141 seconds. Here's the TL;DR:
    A mutt is a dog which is not a specific breed (Terrier, Husky, Dalmatian, etc.) but a mixture of more: 2, 6, 10, all of them.

  60. dj adon says:

    i have a mutt

  61. hen1100 says:

    A purebred or mixed breed is still man made. Whether for work purposes or not. " Sorry there is no Santa" I have to be realistic. A domesticated canine is a puppy-vised version of wolf in which man can manipulate to an extent. Just think of us humans.. who were we before domestication..aka civilization

  62. Jennifer says:

    Mutts are fine in my book. But remember, NO responsible owner would ever breed mutts, so if a breeder offers you a mix, stay away because it could come from a byb or puppy mill. I would always adopt for mutts, but if you want a purebred I would buy from a reputable breeder.

  63. Erick Picard says:

    Mutts are the best!

  64. lisa deck says:

    I want one so badly.

  65. ClassyShows says:

    Mutts are the absolute best dogs in the world.

  66. ActiveAnimals says:

    Advocating for adoption is all fine and dandy, but when you start lying about supposed advantages, you have crossed the line. Encouraging people to get random dogs they might not be prepared to care for is NOT RESCUE!
    ALWAYS pick a dog based on the temperament you need in your life, NOT on its looks, or what it can do for your social standing. Statistically, people who go to a shelter are more likely to pick out the prettiest dogs, rather than the ones with the most suitable temperament. Pretending that all mutts have the same temperament will not help this situation at all.

  67. ActiveAnimals says:

    I like to be a lot more specific than just calling any non-purebred dog a "mutt". A dog doesn't have to be purebred to fit into a certain landrace or group, but telling people the dogs type will give them a much better idea of what to expect, than if you just call it a mutt.
    If it's a hound, but I don't know whether it's a Coonhound or Foxhound, I'll just say it's a hound. If it's a terrier, but I don't know if it's a Fox Terrier or Rat Terrier, I'll call it a terrier. If it looks like a feral dog, that's what I'll call it.
    The word "mutt" should be reserved for dogs where you really have no idea what it is, but those are pretty rare anyway.

  68. sun flower says:

    My brother found a mutt on the street and I decided to keep her. I will be honest:it's way better and cute and not aggressive .

  69. deez nuts Avenue says:

    If a mut is from 2 dogs meant for ratting, would it be even better or just as good as it's parents?

  70. NegativeJam says:

    I have two mutts, one was an aggressive mess of an abused puppy (he’s alright now), and the other is the perfect show dog, a shizu Maltese mix. They didn’t know he was this expensive dog until they shaved and groomed him, by that time he was already marked to go to us as a foster

  71. Tydd Fox says:

    "I think nobody's life is complete without one."

    "They're hybrids."

    "They're very laid-back."

    "Their main purpose and desire is to please you."

    Oh dear, no, that's… just no. Apart from the mention of adoption, she's talking a lot of nonsense for me to take seriously, sorry.

  72. LILBLAZIANID says:

    I have a mutt but she's only 5 months old

  73. ButtonWalls says:

    56 percent

  74. Mr MacGuffin says:

    What you get is the best boy

  75. mona lisa on crack says:

    Non pedigree dogs aren't hybrids. Hybrids are the result of two animals mating together that would not do naturally in the wild e.g. hinny (male horse and female donkey). Non pedigree dogs are randombred and do not resemble any one breed in particular. No offense.

  76. Linda Vilma Ole says:

    Thank you for this information about mutts.

  77. Morgiemoo 222 says:

    I have a besenji/chow mix she is so sweet

  78. Everything Everything says:

    you know i always thought a mutt was a bad thing because of the way people talked about it,but i guess there alright.

  79. Everything Everything says:

    are there any mutts that look like bulldogs?

  80. kelly swan says:

    Would a Jack Russel and Chihuahua be a mutt?

  81. Emily Paton says:

    I have a mut, Finn my dog is like a short fat whippet.

  82. Die unbekannten Zocker says:

    Mutts are wayyyyyyyyyyy better than purebreds.

  83. Unnatural09 says:

    Give me a bloody mutt

  84. Thapelo Mokoto says:

    Mutt = dog without inherited health issues

  85. I IҜUΨΔ SUΠRISΣ ツ says:

    I have a mutt and she is gonna be a big dog when she's older trust me but shes a puppy and hse bites…and goes to the bathroom in my house sadly but I still love her!

  86. BrooklynTheGroodle says:

    I feel bad for not getting a rescue dog but getting it from a breeder because my mum needs a hypoallergenic dog.. 🐶

  87. Axol [GD] says:

    Mutts are the true breed of dogs, not these forced upon, deformed fashion statement, "purebreeds" people demand today.

  88. Kibatsume1 says:

    Just remember when they say mutts are healthier this does not include designer dogs!!! Designer dogs are bred by people for appearance and money and as usual when people breed for appearance that means breeding birth defects in because they think it's cute. See more designer dogs at the vet then I do purebreds or mutts… please stay far away from the bernedoodle,, B1 Goldendoodle , are you being for empty bank account and a lot of Heartache

  89. Chris Zablocki says:

    Creme of the crop.

  90. Jay Comic says:

    Mutts aren’t crossbreeds their actually dogs in their natural state pure breads were created with genetics

  91. delinthefelon says:

    I love my dog shes amazing !

  92. Im a statistic says:

    I got a mutt because I’d rather pay $30 for a dog rather than $300.

  93. Nicodemus Edwards says:

    A mutt is the most dog dog that could ever dog

  94. jasmine flower says:

    it is an insult to call your dog a mutt?

  95. C I says:

    The mutt. AKA i dont know the breed when asked.

  96. Grace The Cat [Sans’s Wife and Girlfriends] says:

    My mom calls them “designer dogs” for some reason…

  97. maddy miller says:

    I just realized that we humans are mutts too

  98. Jane lane says:

    All dogs are wonderful! Please adopt and don't shop . There is always a friend for you at the shelter

  99. Lisa Lynch says:

    Mutt's I love you!!!!

  100. blackthored says:

    i have mutt dog too

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