What is a pet cancer screening?

– A pet cancer screen is a physical exam looking
for anything abnormal. And then further testing such as x-rays, blood
work and ultrasound to try to figure out if there is any abnormalities with the physical
exam, trying to pinpoint what is wrong, if anything is wrong, and overall health of the
patient so we know what options we have available if we find anything abnormal. First off, we put our hands on the patient,
on the dog or cat, or iguana, or rabbit, and we just feel for any abnormalities, any source
of discomfort, anything that just doesn’t seem symmetrical. If there’s a little bump on the shoulder,
but we’re not sure what it is, if the other shoulder doesn’t have it then it’s probably
not normal. If it’s something we need to sample, we will
try to sample it. If it’s something that we think may be concerning
we may go to further testing such as blood work, x-rays or ultrasound.

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