What risks are associated with different dog breeds

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  1. Patricia Fletcher says:

    Vid.Is such a big scam for one reason and Tht reason is that they
    Putt bulls and mixed breeds bite I have a mix breed who was abused before I got her she came from the shelter she shows signs of abuse but she’s also the sweetest dog ever she’s a boxer mix and she loves everyone including kids,Do I believe that the little girl was acted yes I believe that could be possible but it’s not because of the dogs breed it’s because of how the owner raised the dogs U can’t look at one breed or look at one bog that’s a mix and say there bad dogs because of that I don’t believe that these dogs just hurt someone like that they have to be raised that way I watched the video to see what the scam was and to the little girl good job for making
    Not make you hate your new dog I’m glad this didn’t scare you because it’s not the dogs fault it’s the owners fault

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