What They Won’t Tell You About Training German Shepherd Puppies [A Danny Ong Production]

Oi meatbags Hamachi Obo he- What is up guys my name is Danny And welcome back to another v i d e o I am so excited (butts) I just got my very own BAM BADIDAM DADIDAM DADI DAM DAM BAM DADA DI DAM DADI DADIDADI DAM DAM So I just got a new German Shepherd
puppy his name is Rusty and he is ador-uh-bluh bleah *incoherent manly noises* he is adorable and… I
don’t know this is my first puppy that I’ve ever taken care of ever so… it’s a
lot of it’s a lot of work *Angsty piano music starts playing* Some days… I don’t… I don’t know if I’m gonna be able
to make it… you know? I guess you could say it’s pretty *insert god awful joke that makes me want to kill myself* Seriously this child makes me want to die What is his deal? *footstep* *footstep**footstep**footstep* *BOOM* he hits the mic *strange groany noise* oh hey look it’s my other dog whatsup *more strange masculine noises* So I’ve been tryna teach him how to sit that… that was that
was pretty easy he does almost anything for treats but then “stay”… sTaY stay StAy BOi *some yells, uhhhs and more questionable noises* stay *Yawn this dog is just about as done with me as I am* stay Rusty stay stay *nope* ah rusty go home *nope* *more nope* *another nope* uh uh nOPE *some chatter in chinese* stAY *nope* siT stAy *noped again* uh uhuhuhuhuhuh u hhuhuh huhuhhu *🅱i🅱🅱a nOPE* Hey cmon doggo sit sEaT YoUrSeLf sit
sit good boy stay OH 🅱OI HE DID IT HELL YEA! *insert slow motion running peoples song* no seriously search it up the song comes up it’s known more as the running people song than the chariot of fire theme song wat a good looking doggo aww he’s upside down cliCHe ^^ FACT you can legit buy your dogs friendship with food I mean I didn’t, I trained him… but you CAN *Rusty shots* *fwip* *boop* *digdigdigdig*

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17 Responses

  1. Annie Sui says:


  2. Annie Sui says:

    Also pls explain the backstory behind the name Rusty

  3. Youngseo Yi says:

    Danny saying "nah ah" is my aesthetic.

  4. sloshycomic123 says:

    who wouldn't wake up at 3 to watch one of Danny's videos

  5. Artemis W says:

    mmmm that’s some goooooood content

  6. srrwrkoping says:

    2:56 Vangelisssssss

  7. Benjamin Liu says:

    quality qontent

  8. Annika Bajaj says:


  9. DannyOngProductions says:

    Yall look at the TV in the back and see the times jump around 😀

  10. Perfext Wepo says:


  11. Alex P says:

    This is beautiful I love it

  12. Christian Bernier says:

    The editing on this is great

  13. Planting Warmth says:

    Short and sweet, wish to see more Rusty videos …

  14. Kevin Alexander says:

    Interior; crocodile, alligator. I drive a Chevrolet movie theater.

  15. Jonathan Wolinski says:


  16. CynergyArts says:

    Lol, I have a German Shepherd, buuuuuuttttttt it is loud af.

  17. Leanna Bai says:


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