What Women Wore | 1950 to 1960 – Ultra Feminine Fashion

In 1947, out of the post war gloom, came the New Look from Paris British women however had to endure several more years of austerity Clothes rationing ended on 15 March 1949 As one new line followed another, the British fashion industry revolutionized itself. It wasn’t just the newer fabrics and workmanship that was good and down to Earth prices British women took that for granted But as the memory of the war receded Women became increasingly fashion conscious once more Whatever the latest styles. Women wanted it quickly !

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46 Responses

  1. MeMe Mo says:

    As a woman, I love the ultra feminine 1950's. I also love all the time periods.

  2. Lee A says:

    Very elegant ladies i love the 50s style as my mother did also ❤

  3. Arkedonia Kobinski says:


  4. Stacey LaValley Lambert says:

    Looks more like late 1950s/early 1960s.

  5. mizfrenchtwist says:

    VERY NICE ……THANK YOU …………….

  6. David M says:

    Many of those ladies were so darned PRETTY! Outfits were quite feminine, even by the standards of the time…
    C'mon, modern women, you can do it! Stop looking nowadays like the last rose of summer left wilting alone, and start to look pretty again! Sure, the man-haters and feminists around you and your daughters will cry about "objectification" and how pretty women are being so-called "sex objects", but nobody has to listen to their gibberish anyhow!
    Tell hateful modern women to throw their Gender Equality Psychosis (feminism) into the nearest wastebasket, and move on from there…!

  7. RedHat says:

    Me: What curtains should i get for my bedroom?
    Interior designer: Get my models.

    PS. They all look nice👍

  8. xyz says:

    I don‘t like the Fifties. It has a cheap look, cheap quality and shows the woman in a different function: feminism is born, feminity is gone. Sorry! A 👎🏻for the look – a 👍🏻 for your amazing channel! ❤️

  9. Kathy Aay Beauty says:

    Some funky designs! Who wudda guessed the brits beat out the French in fashion?!

  10. Alterjunkie says:

    I wish I was 21 living in the 50's sigh 🙁

  11. Burberrygirl says:

    BEAUTIFUL ladies! In these times, I don't even know what in the world I am looking at…girl?….boy?…what is it?

  12. Dangerous Type says:

    Why the women looked soooo pretty in the 50's 🤔.

  13. Ave atque Vale says:

    Amazing videos!!

  14. retrobebop61 says:

    So elegant!

  15. cynthia g says:

    It's too bad they don't have models nowadays that model like in the 1950s with a beautiful smile and a twirl around. Now all they have are heroin addicts that are anorexic with a frown. I don't understand why that is so appealing nowadays. I can't stand them on the runway and I always make fun of them.

  16. tammylovesmakeup says:

    This was so fascinating to watch. I loved it.

  17. Actual Trash says:

    Might fuck around and decide to dress in ultra feminine 1950s fashion. I want several of these outfits.

  18. Jeff Lucas Astrophotographer says:

    Its amazing you found this old film from the 50s. Beautiful!

  19. Eugenia B says:


  20. Audrey Flowers says:

    Look more like clothes from the early 1960's.

  21. Viola Chasety says:

    Oh how I wish I was born in a different era

  22. Stuart Wray says:

    Very nice archive. 1:51 great style. Transitioning into the 1960s.The "trad jazz" beatnik photographer a world away from David Hemmings in 'Blow up'.

  23. Chris says:

    In the early sixties, the girls always wore a suit to go out for the evening, and the hair normally put up at the back of the head. and the men wore suits. No one wore casual clothes. To go to a pub or club or a restaurant, you had to be suited. Ah I remember it well so the old song goes.

  24. Sarah Allen says:

    This must be super late 50s, because these outfits look more like early to mid 60s. I know it's British fashion, the lines are just a lot sleeker like the 60s, way more so than what the 50s leaned towards.

  25. Hellzap0ppin says:

    oh, the models are divine. some are as graceful as ballerinas. the fashion had such a wow factor, without being outlandish. ie. that bathing costume. just love it. 💗👗💗

  26. Natalie Cici says:

    curious, why American women now like fitness clothes and sports shoes? Personally, I prefer the elegant dress of women in the 50s.

  27. Debbie Gaines says:

    Love it! A lot of this looks more like the 1960s, though.

  28. Lucy Schoon says:

    Ah, when brutalist buildings where futurist….

  29. Mai Vançon says:

    Why do the models walk like Miranda Sings?! 😂😂

  30. Winter Beach says:

    50's Britain was still using ration stamps. Clothes like these would have been an extreme luxury reserved for the upper-class. It wasn't until the very late 50's – early 60's that the majority could dress this way.

  31. Living The Good Life says:

    Beautiful dresses! Thanks for sharing with us.

  32. Devina Srii says:

    I love all the style of 1950 s so elegant and classy

  33. Lisa Bullock says:

    Lovely ❤

  34. Sirena Spades says:

    Some of these look more like 60's.

  35. Bennnyvision 10 says:

    Whats remarkable to me is that they can wear ghastly oversized pieces and still look so delicate and feminine-how? I want this secret! Maybe how they move and carry themselves?

  36. Zeynchan says:

    2:22 and i see nothing when 3 advising video blocking my view. Could you please just don't do that? Or is there a way to close them?

  37. Evie123Infinity says:

    I love the outfits but fashion changes throughout time and I don't think society is going to collapse because women now don't always wear dressed and hyperfeminine all the time. Y'all are dramatic.

  38. Paula Johnson says:

    Women's clothing was very elegant in those days. No undersized polyester trash from mainland China.

  39. cuber says:

    women were so beautiful back then!

  40. Sam says:

    The cute photographer haha

  41. Liusila says:

    Dat last one

  42. Olivia Olivia says:

    They’re all dead now

  43. katie robertson says:

    Oooh at grey dress at 0:43 would still wear today at a fancy event! 😍

  44. Raquel Marques says:

    Que elegância

  45. Chloe wilson says:

    Lovely clothes. I want that white coat and 2 of the evening dresses. I like the fact we don't get the boobs and butts hanging out.

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