What Would You Do With The $100K Prize? | Season 7 | MASTERCHEF JUNIOR

You win the glory, and
you win the “MasterChef Junior” trophy, and $100,000. Which is [sings]. [laughter] I would buy a French bulldog. And then I’d go to France. I would buy a
lot of video games. [laughs] And we’d buy a bit more land. That may be the most Texas
answer I’ve ever heard. [snorts] Well, I would
buy me some horses. My dad will not get me
any, which is awful. Then I would buy a ticket
to get on a rocket ship and go to the moon. I want to get a
pond in my backyard. I’m going to put live
fish in it and frogs. I would probably buy,
like, a laptop and a phone. Yeah, me too. But my mom won’t
let me get a phone. So just a laptop. I want to get a lion. The first thing I
would do would be to open my French bistro cat cafe. Is there Texas? We don’t actually get $100,000?

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9 Responses

  1. Aditi sharma says:

    Buy bit more land 🤣🤣🤘🤘

  2. AReel TrebleMaker says:

    Where Neko?

  3. Ben Myers says:

    0:14 Khushi? So there’s two contestants, Arjun and Khushi, that weren’t listed as contestants. Did something happen? Why weren’t they listed? Still very confused.

  4. Shafiki Solah says:

    when MASTERCHEF US SEASON 10 started

  5. 3auka88 says:

    Isn't it cute how they think 100k dollar is much money and they could buy their dreams 😹😹😹😹 sadly 100k dollars aren't quite enough to buy a flat with 2 rooms in my country 😭

  6. Chloe von Kaschke says:

    I want to get a lion!

  7. iasha jasmine says:

    Go kyle

  8. Raquel Rios says:

    anyone here after che won ?

  9. ウルマー Erin says:

    Tal: That May be the most Texas answer I’ve ever heard

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