What you Need to Know about Pit Bulls

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  1. Mr. America says:

    This video is such bullsh&t, Pitbulls are violent by nature they were bred for hundreds of years to be aggressive and “game” , game means they will fight until the death and will not quit. To ignore hundreds of years of selectively breeding a dogs temperament and aggressiveness is ludicrous.

  2. Mr. America says:

    This guy is so full of sh$t https://youtu.be/rDBpy8INI00

  3. Nolan James says:

    Pitbulls are the devils dog! they should be put down at birth!

  4. Tiger Woods says:

    Will a dog ever bite you for no reason ?

  5. Vicki Butcher says:

    I have a brittish Staffordshire bull terrier. She is so affectionate. She likes dogs so long as she knows them. A dog trainer once told me soon after I got her (at age 4) that she'll never be great with dogs. She has come leaps and bounds since I got her. She just doesn't like dogs she doesn't know being close to her and will lash out. The only other issue I have is my front fence. As a lot of people keep reinforcing her barking by crossing the road or walking faster. It's so frustrating as they don't give me a chance to talk to them so Bella knows they are fine or that barking won't chase people away from her home

  6. Goliath the Wicked One says:

    My pitbull is a absolute sweetheart hes only 5 months old but he has never once got aggressive, he gets along with my other dogs and they treat him as he's part of their pack, so idk how people see pits are aggressive they're just like every other dogs they want a little love and lots of pets and that's that, their so kind and sweet, alot of people think their the first dog that gets aggressive on site but in reality their the last breed that gets agressive hands down

  7. Some Irrelevant Guy says:

    I have a 3 month old male Pitbull and even though he bites I love him more that I thought I would.

  8. Avinash Sahdeo says:

    Save the pitbulls

  9. Lance Goebel says:

    We can select for behaviorial traits. Selecting for behavioral traits is an important part of domestication and, later, of creating new breeds.

    What happens when we select for aggression and breed only the dogs that win in the pit, show extreme aggression, and little reaction to pain? You get a violent breed that is hard wired to kill. That's why pit bulls make up 6% of the dog population yet are implicated in over 60% of fatal maulings. That's why pit bulls kill dogs, cats, and livestock at higher rates than other dogs. That's why pit bulls are responsible for more attacks on family members than any other breed.

    Will every pit be aggressive? No. But their heritage makes them riskier than other breeds. And given that plenty of other breeds are available and make fantastic, loving pets, why put the safety of yourself, your family, your friends, your neighbors, and nearby animals at risk?

  10. watchingpeople eat says:

    So no one remembers the 2 pitbulls who dragged a boy outside and mauled him to death in the snow? They were "loving family dogs" too 😓

  11. Люда М says:

    Don't promote them I live close to the park with off leash area for the dogs and dogs attacks happening I have seen one myself and I was screaming out of my lungs it was unsuspected and horrible And something little diss getting killed by pit breeds And some people choose not to go to that park anymore Very sad Before dog can be declared dangerous it should kill or seriously injure someone so life of a person or little animals no matter.

  12. Johnathan says:

    People get very riled up over an animal attacking or killing someone, but you have and I mean have to go into depth of reasons of why. People want to blame an entire group just based off of maulings, attacks, or bites even though they're millions of dogs in the world and the number of reported attacks don't match to the majority.

  13. Killsocialmedia says:

    Pits are friendly 99.999 percent of the time and then one day they have a mood swing like a jaded x wife and murder you. They are dangerous because they switch on like a crazy lunatic. Why are we trying to sell dangerous dog breeds? This is like idea all cultures are equal. We are morons. Just like different wild animals are more dangerous than others so are dogs.

  14. Raegan Rothchilde says:

    Know your history, Pitbulls were originally bred by Southerners to protect their children. Remember The Little Rascals dog, Petey, he was a Pitbull.

  15. Corbin Larson says:

    I love pitbulls

  16. Bryce dog Sanders box says:

    Its sad people believe this crap. The APBT is the only pitbull. The amstaff is bred from the same genetic line as the apbt but bred to have less DA and more for confirmation. Please learn dogs!!

  17. Andy Tu says:

    i have bull terrier hahah

  18. fallen angel says:

    I dont cara what u say i lovee my pit 4 a fact mins sleeping weth me right now so have your exztk pet ima steck wetha pit

  19. Nathan Rdz says:

    I have a pitbull,German shepherd, and husky breed puppy and it's a she 😀

  20. Violet Martin says:

    Aww poor babies at the pound

  21. Tony Mercado says:

    Candy looks like my pit bull Xena god I miss her so much rip 😢😢😢

  22. ekcentrik says:

    The people responding here seem to be responsible pet parents Most of the pit bull owners around here shouldn't, been allowed to have a pet rock.

  23. Rachel Connolly says:

    I appreciate how he linked the sources. I just got told my Rottweiler/Bernese mountain dog should be on a muzzle. I have him well trained from watching zaks videos. He can do all sorts of trick like spin, figure eight through legs, back up and soo much more. He wasn’t pulling barking or misbehaving when we were approached. It’s disheartening that despite the hours we put into training he will always be seen by some as “aggressive”. Training Hudson is probably the thing I’m most proud of so far. It’s nice to see these things that show the breed isn’t the issue.

  24. Kayla McKee says:

    I used to have a pit bull he was he absolute sweetest but he got taken away because of his breed 🙁

  25. J R says:

    Just adopted my first pitbull. First week in her new home so far. She’s adorable

  26. Fisher Powerstar says:

    “Shares to mom”

  27. Rainbow Gamer mahh roblox games says:


  28. Goddess shepherd says:

    But yall still judging black people!!??? Dammit why cant i go to a store WITHOUT BEING FOLLOWED…I HABE MONEY!!! I DONT WANT TO STEAL ANYTHING

  29. Tim S says:

    Breed is such a great indicator of what dog traits you are more prone to see. For example a Labrador retriever is likely to be great at retrieving. Why is it different with pits? They are great at flighting.

  30. Framer of worlds says:

    Most people can't even pick a pit bull out of a lineup. To them, any athletic short-haired and stub nosed dog is a pitbull. I've had people try and convince me that a Boxer is a pit bull.

  31. Sara Kitten says:

    Need advice I got a two year old pit bull spayed female from a shelter somewhere in Atlanta, she looks like she's been in dog fights, and always modt of the time had her tail tucked under her legs, she's a sweet dog and knows some tricks already and is house trained for the most part, but sometimes she snaps and attacks randomly, with like dogs, cats and certain people, but for the most part, she's a very good dog, but she won't seem to gain much weight, when we got her we thought maybe she was given steroids before we picked her up, she was more buffed up and more weight on her. Any advice??

  32. Nathaniel Wright says:

    Although great they are naturally quite defensive good but can be bad although if they are taught that out of em they are perfect my dog growls when it doesnt see your face like a hat or hood hiding it

  33. Kyree's Kingdom says:

    I love pitbulls they are extremely cute but I just dont like the fact that they attack a lot I can already see pitbull fans replying hate comments i was chased by one because of the stupid owners letting off the leash chasing people scaring and scaring children my neighbors are wonderful the live around the corner and they had to encounter that stupid dog

  34. Vincenzo Pollice says:


  35. Queenhip_hop Dancer says:

    So cute

  36. Leapinq Stars says:

    Me and my pitbull are like peanut butter and jelly.

  37. BrushyMtnGolfer says:

    I blame the owners that let these killer dogs run wild and don’t train them.

  38. emsie76 says:

    You got to really know a pit to have an opinion on them.

  39. Edits_rachel D says:

    @teens forever

  40. dalexkom says:

    im gonna laugh the day that pitbull rips his throat out

  41. Emily Shadow says:

    The area I live in, the pitbull is a popular dog but pure breeds you MUST have insurance, mixed breeds you dont. I love them all 💜

  42. moonwolf wolfy says:

    I love pitbulls and when a dog attacks it's never the dog's fault I agree with what you say. I stand by you. My favorite breed is a pitbull!

  43. Pandora Rhodes says:

    My pitbull rescue is the biggest baby ever.

  44. B33tl3 Br0 says:

    I own one and she is an absolute goober she’s scared of rabbits and anything really when my parents aren’t near her

  45. Nick Lava says:

    Thank you

  46. ッ// peonat says:

    I like how happy looking Candy was during the video.

  47. Cheyann Jinks says:

    My record is clean. No felonies. I haven't even been to jail… And I've had two pitbulls in my life.

  48. Ardiana Kim says:

    You rather get killed by a shampoobottle than a Pitbull

  49. Justin De Fiblander says:

    YES ADOPT PITTS. There are an abundance of them in shelters. Never breed. They all can be broken of bad habits.

  50. Louise says:

    i was actually bitten by a shelter pitbull once when she got scared of another dog as I was putting on her leash. but i barely got a bruise, she didn't even break my skin. i think people stereotype them too much, like her bite didn't lock, she didn't bite very hard even when scared. like that just showed me that these stereotypes are so wrong

  51. slaymaster999 says:

    I love pit bulls, one of the most affectionate dogs out there I just dont have the time or yard to keep one entertained.

  52. David Tafoya says:

    Thank you

  53. Master Caster says:

    I was recently wling my puppy and all this good stuff aboput pitbulls I was aware of. so I let them greet. He said he was a rep for pitbull awarenness month and said how great they were . that pitbull actually grabbed and shook my puppy . The pitbull pro awareness guy rep. he made away quick. I wasnt impressed

  54. brianlocal3 says:

    The only reason I do not own a pittie is the same reason I do not own Labradors…. they shed crazy!! Lol but pit bulls are my favorite breed to work with

  55. Natahlia Smith says:

    I have had the privilege to grow up with so many dogs from Maltese Terrier, Sausage dogs, Kelpies, German Shepherds, doberman, Rottweiler and Pit bulls.
    Out of all of my fur babies the most aggressive was our Sausage dog and my Pit bulls are not just the least aggressive, they are the most loyal and loving dogs I have ever had.
    My boy God rest his soul NEVER harmed another animal or human alike. He slept by my little daughter side till the day he died.
    I adopted a beautiful pitty girl 1 yr ago and the only thing we need to be concerned about is being licked and loved to death hehehehe.
    Staff's and Pitts are a perfect family pet as long as you have energy to play and walk them otherwise your house will be destroyed lol.
    They need constant attention.
    Love them and they'll love you.

  56. Michael says:

    No, I don't need to know anything about pitbulls.

  57. Mm Mm says:

    Hmmm i wonder then why are they banned in 30 countryes if the breed is so sweet? Someone explain, i dont want to hate on the breed…

  58. Shay B says:

    Pitties are my favorite

  59. Shay B says:

    My pittie loves the blow dryer but hates the vacuum. They sound the same to me lol

  60. Berta Gerber says:

    Love the Dean Russo art peice

  61. Vincenzo says:

    well here in Germany we have to pay a 840€ dogtax for pitbulls,any "less aggressiv" (Not my words) dogs only cost 84€ a year.
    That's just discrimination against certain dog breeds.

  62. Kayla Tuite says:

    Dogs > People

  63. exoendo says:

    is this the guy from road trip?

  64. daxis 1234 says:

    More people died by pitbulls -fact.

  65. SeanTheOriginal says:

    More people are bitten by Labradors than any other dog. Or at least that's what's reported. I believe Chihuahuas bite and attack more people than any dog, but who is going to go to the hospital because a Chihuahua bit them? That makes you look like a pussy so nobody does it.

  66. Ari GSD says:

    Pitbulls are dangerous in the wrong hands, which is 95% of pitbull owners.

  67. Chill Yourself says:

    Ironically the only nice ones I have met are the rescued/abused ones, sadly. A family member has a rescue pit, and hes sweet as can be, gets along with any animal. Recently got a rescue, less than a year old. And It's easy to see why these dogs are disliked and feared. Without constant training and oversight, these dogs are unmanageable and even dangerous. And if neglect sets in, you have a problem dog on your hands. Remember this was a breed made for fighting.

  68. Marshall mathe says:

    I have always wanted a pit bull and now my dream has come true. He was given to me via a co-worker because the landlord didn't want a dog with an aggressive temper and mean reputation on the property. This dog has shown nothing but intelligence, love, and playfulness in the time he has been with me. even with having a other dog. they get along, and play as if they are brother's. My Pit Bull's name is General and with patience, love, and consistency my goal is to help  people understand the truth about Red Nose Pit's and other types of American Pit Bull's and how loving and intelligent they are.

  69. Cruz Thurman says:

    Very well said and informative, thanks

  70. Nolwazi Mhlongo says:

    The problem is always the people, never the dog.

  71. Hellcarver T.V says:

    They are banned in my province. A Very stupid law

  72. Dr. Mantis Toboggan M.D. says:

    I want a blue nose pit bull. But I’m allergic to dogs 😭

  73. Maryjane Green says:

    We rescued our American Pit Bull from a shelter, and our late American Staffordshire Terrier and late Boston Bulldog (American Bull dog/Boston Terrier) dog from Craigslist. All awesome.

  74. D extra Barz says:

    aaa pit bulls are dangerous they ate my children fuck i wish thet they would all die man

  75. JDM12983 says:

    Bad enough when YouTubers are begging for likes before you even see the video; but to also be selling stuff at the beginning as well…. dang…

  76. vesi Cal says:

    Dog of peace is something right? Some come from good homes and still attack and kill kids. The dog was bred for violence back in 1800s for bullfighting AKA pit bull…
    Just like some dogs are better at herding sheep this dog is better at ripping people to shreds.

  77. vesi Cal says:

    Some dogs are bred to heard sheep better then others this dog is better at ripping you apart. In the 1800s is was literally bred and inbred for violence for a bloodsport called bullfighting hence pitbull.

  78. Mr. America says:

    Good article about aggressive Pitbulls:


  79. NepTune says:

    She's so good , I cant even take a photi with my dogs sitting still…

  80. Desk Top says:

    Two types of people want a shitbull…the first(1) is someone with a shit for brains attitude towards life and the second(2) is a little weenie who got stuffed into a school locker and now thinks a shitbull will make him/her a tough guy/girl. The guy who shot this video is the type one(1), a shit for brains idiot who will openly lie about the dangers of pit ownership. The statistics clearly show pits as being 4 times as likely to bite and attack their owners and children, this being the main reason they're being outright BANNED from communities. And the worst of the litter? Rescue dogs who the type one(1) moron in the video recommends as a family pet. These are the misused and abused animals with a sketchy background that ever the pit owners warn us about (maybe there's a brain cell in there after all) Remember the old "blame the owner and not the dog" excuse they continually throw at us each and every time there is an unprovoked attack reported? The only thing consistent are the free flowing lies pit owners keep coming up with…anything to glorify pit ownership from an ugly as snot, do nothing dog. You will constantly here about what AWESOME dogs they are and from an animal that does little but bite, eat, sleep and shit on your rug. Shitbulls are unpredictable, satanic little bastards and an exceedingly poor choice as a family pet. Even the American Kennel Association sees them as mutts and will not recognize them as a breed. When there are so many wonderful dogs to own, one would easily see the shit for brains attitude shit owners seem to have. The next time you hear of a pit attacking and killing/mauling a child, let's all advocate sticking a needle up the owners sorry ass and put them down as the REAL mad dogs. My, those shitbull owners do like to lie and spread disinformation. So your shitbull can do a few silly tricks? My golden retriever can sniff out and find downed ducks and pheasants while being extremely gentle.

  81. Mark Ernest says:

    I have five dogs – 3 pits, a Lab/mutt, and a Morkie. The Morkie is the bossiest and tries to run everybody’s business. The Lab is the protective one and the first to sound off at anything awry. One of the Pits is a lazy old lady. The two young boy Pits have a collective IQ of .04 and are basically big, dumb, energetic toddlers. All they want is to play and snuggle. If you get bit in my house it’ll likely be the damn Morkie! Cute as hell but feisty! The Pits will lick you and make you feel better though.

  82. Animation_ maniac says:

    To be honest I love pit bulls they are such sweet heart
    Although I am still a bit scared of them.

  83. Soso Lydia says:

    Babies!! 🥴🥰😘😘😘🐶🐶🐶 Pits Are So Cute!! I Have A Pitsky

  84. Katie says:

    I agree! Thank you for this video! We need to educate the public!

  85. There go 64 says:

    That dog is old

  86. Leah Blouin says:

    Candy is so sweet 😍

  87. green shrek says:

    ugh i live in the uk 🙁

  88. natalia urrutia says:

    i LOVE how the comments are full of pittie parents showing nothing but love for this amazing nanny breed!

  89. Emilia TCG says:

    I have a Staffordshire bull terrier- bull and wolf breeds are my favourite… my Freya is so, so kind and loving, she patient, gentle (unless excited- she is only 5 months) she’s so smart, loves kids and makes friends with every animal including my 2 cats and hamster- even a bunny at the vets.

  90. Jeff says:

    This guy is so smug about his own dog. I want to show him my scars and my dog.

  91. Jeff says:

    Loving person like me. Smug mf.

  92. Rick Messina says:

    Mine out big babies. They run from anything. I prefer that since we have children

  93. C. A. Fontaine says:

    My rabbit is meaner than any pitbull type dog I've met.

  94. landons other youtube chanel says:

    Ikr I have a pitbull and he is the most good and loving boy

  95. D mo-ra says:

    Another pit bull killed a man 2 days ago

  96. Hernandez10052 says:

    The first dog I ever had was a pitbull type dog, he had golden hair like a retriever but an obvious pitbull skull and face, I got him as a puppy when I was around 5 years old. I'm 21 now and Duke is long gone, but I still consider him to be the best dog I ever had, even my mom who hates dogs says Duke was the only dog she has ever truly loved out of all the ones we have had, and we have had a few in the past years, none of them have been pitbulls though. The funny thing is my mom has always been scared of pitbulls and still is, despite the fact her favorite pet was a pitbull. I have to get another one.

  97. emily lessmiller says:

    My heart's been set on a pitbull for the past five years. Once I get my own place, I'm adopting a pittie, no matter what! They're the cutest little things ever!

  98. Jack Halley says:

    dude sounds like john green

  99. Kaidynce Sturm says:

    Anyone who thinks pit bulls are aggressive or mean or anything bad can die in a hole. I’ve had 2 pit bulls in my life and they are absolute sweethearts. They are only aggressive if you train them to be or you neglect them. Anyone who does that can also die in a hole. I can’t believe what some people will do to dogs or any other animals just because of some stupid stereotype. Like and/ or comment if you agree. 👍🏻

  100. Jack Riicher says:

    Your pitbull is looking very cute

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