When Rottweilers Attack

Number 10: Kellie Lynch and Rhianna Grady Kellie Lynch was 11 years old when she was
attacked by two Rottweilers she was helping walk. The dogs were her friend’s pets. The two girls had taken them out onto the
street in Dunoon, Argyll. That was when they jumped on Lynch, biting
at her viciously. Emergency services arrived at the scene soon
after, but there was nothing that could be done to help the little girl. She had been decapitated by the dog’s powerful
bites. In a similar case, Rhianna Grady, a 10-year-old
girl, was viciously attacked by a pair of Rottweilers while riding her bike on the street. Fortunately, she survived the onslaught, but
was left with severe injuries. The dogs broke her jaw and bit Grady all over
her body. One of her ears was ripped off. The dogs’ owner didn’t get rid of the
aggressive Rottweilers, but in fact got a brand new one only weeks after the attack. Number 9: Kamillah Jones Kamillah Jones was merely one-year-old when
she was attacked and killed in a brutal Rottweiler attack. She was strapped to her stroller which was
pushed by her mother when the dog jumped over a nearby fence and attacked them both. Jones and her mother were heading over to
visit the baby’s grandmother, only a block away from their home in Inverell. An ambulance arrived at the scene within minutes. They treated Jones’ wounds at the scene,
attempting to stabilize her. Due to the severity of her injuries, the little
girl died on the way to the hospital. The family was new to the neighborhood, and
it’s reported that the Rottweiler was their pet. What‌ ‌Is‌ ‌It? The Rottweiler Metzgerhund is a large type
of domesticated dog. The origin of its name is German, and it translates
into Rottweil butcher’s dog. They were initially bred to herd livestock
as well as to pull carts to the market in order to sell the butchered animals. This tradition went out of practice with the
popularization of the railway in the 19th century. Nowadays, they are frequently used as rescue,
guard, or police dogs. This dog was recognized as an official breed
back in 1931 by the American Kennel Club. It’s considered to be the eighth most popular
pure-breed dog in the USA by the organization. They have a characteristic black, thick coat,
with tan marks around the face and legs. Number 8: Tammy Degolyer
Tammy Degolyer, a 73-year-old woman, was working on her yard when two Rottweilers approached
her. She knew the dogs, as they belonged to one
of her neighbors on Luther Beck Road, Hastings. This fact didn’t keep the animals from attacking
the elderly woman. Degolyer’s screams prompted people nearby
to report the assault. Soon, first responders arrived at the scene,
but couldn’t initially approach the victim right away. The Rottweilers growled at the police officers
and ambulance staff, threatening to attack them whenever they tried to move close to
the wounded woman. They were eventually shot by a deputy, as
they were too violent to deal with. One of the dogs was killed, while the other
was taken away from the scene and kept under observation. Degolyer managed to survive the attack, but
she had to endure both surgery and extended treatment to recover from her wounds. She was released from the hospital a week
after the attack. Number 7: Unknown 6-year-old girl
A 6-year-old girl, known only as Della, was violently attacked by a Rottweiler at the
Surrey Hills Golf Course. It would have been a fatal outcome if not
for passerby David Harris. Harris described seeing the little girl being
dragged by a large black and brown dog. She was bleeding from several bite marks and
cuts on her head and shoulders, and one of her ears had been completely torn off. Della was saved by Harris. He later said he felt like his dad instincts
kicked in, even if the little girl was not his own. He rushed forward and grabbed the Rottweiler
by the collar, pulling it away from the child. The victim was rushed to the hospital and
had to undergo emergency surgery. She was hospitalized until the doctors deemed
it safe for her to return to her home. The dog was taken by the local Animal Control. As of the recording of this video, it’s
not known whether it was put down or released to its owner’s care. Where‌ ‌Is‌ It ‌Located? The Rottweiler originated in Germany, but
nowadays, it can be found all over the world. Because of its coat, the dog is relatively
comfortable both in cold and hot weather. This breed is considered to be generally healthy,
with no inherent ailments. However, like most large dogs, the Rottweiler
is prone to hip dysplasia. This kind of dog is also particularly prone
to parvovirus, as well as obesity, if not provided with regular exercise routines. The Rottweiler usually lives between 8 to
10 years. The dogs have a characteristically muscular
and bulky body, with round and firm feet that support their weight. Their skull features strong and massive jaws,
with 42 teeth that can cause significant damage to their victims. They have a scissor bite. This means their upper teeth are positioned
outwardly, while the lower ones are tilted in the opposite direction. This happens due to its expanded upper arch
and constricted lower arch. Number 6: Unknown 4-year-old boy
A young child died after his throat was ripped apart by his family’s Rottweiler in the
backyard of his own home. The tragedy occurred in Ukraine, in the small
village of Pishchanka. Though the pet was locked in a pen, he managed
to escape the enclosure and attack the 4-year-old boy. Only the victim’s first name was released
to the public. The child was named Denis and he unfortunately
didn’t survive the attack. Apparently, the boy’s grandmother was babysitting
for both him and the family’s pet. When she was getting ready to take the Rottweiler
for a walk, the unthinkable happened. While Denis waited for his grandmother to
come outside, the dog began chasing him around the yard. The chase ended when he got caught in a fence,
and the dog bit into his throat. His grandmother attempted to stop the attack
but was bitten herself. When first responders arrived at the scene,
there was nothing to be done. The child had died on the spot as a result
of severe blood loss. Number 4: Martin Fletcher
Martin Fletcher was out walking his Jack Russells when, all of a sudden, a Rottweiler jumped
at them. The aggressive dog began to attack his pets
without any warning. The wounds left behind were so severe that
one of the dogs required over 30 stitches. Fletcher feared that his beloved pets would
be mauled to death, and he resorted to a strange method of defending the animals. Instead of trying to run away or secure his
pets, Fletcher bit the Rottweiler right back. He managed to get the dog’s ear into his
mouth. Fletcher bit so hard that he ended up losing
a tooth. This allowed him to free his pets and rush
them to the vet. One of them actually required surgery. Both dogs survived, but the larger one was
left with terrible scars after the attack. As of the recording of this video, Fletcher
has been unable to locate either the Rottweiler or its owner. How‌ ‌Will‌ ‌It‌ ‌Kill‌ ‌You? Rottweilers are naturally strong and possess
marked guarding instincts. Their jaw is particularly robust, and they
can be vicious when angered. It’s considered that socialization is critical
when raising a Rottweiler. If not properly trained, this breed can easily
become aggressive and dangerous, both to human beings and other animals. This dog tends to be incredibly territorial
and violent toward strangers. When mistreated, these negative traits are
exacerbated, and the dog can even become violent towards its owners. It’s widely accepted that an aggressive
Rottweiler is usually a result of inexperienced or irresponsible owners. This is not a breed that someone should buy
or adopt if they’re not willing to put in the work. The Rottweiler requires frequent attention,
as well as lots of exercise and positive socialization. The Rottweiler has a bite Force of 328 PSI. To put this number in perspective, a wolf’s
bite usually averages around 400 PSI. Number 4: John Pyper
In this case, John Pyper wasn’t the victim of a Rottweiler attack, but rather, the alleged
cause. Pyper, a 45-year-old Scotsman, is accused
of ordering his pet Rottweiler to maul a young woman and her three kids. The children were 14, 9, and 6 years old at
the time of the attack. Witnesses claim to have seen Pyper commanding
his pet to go after the family. He reportedly even went so far as to snatch
the older child’s phone away to keep him from calling the police. The man is alleged to have collaborated in
the attack as well. He’s accused of slamming the woman against
the wall and punching her repeatedly. Meanwhile, the Rottweiler viciously attacked
the children, keeping them from helping their mother. Pyper entered a plea of not guilty, but the
prosecution wasn’t convinced. The trial is still ongoing as of the recording
of this video. Number 3: Unknown senior citizen
During a particularly heavy storm in Normandy, France, a 69-year-old man climbed the side
of his house using a ladder. The reasons for him doing this as well as
his identity remain unknown as of the recording of this video. What is known is that the strong winds caused
the senior citizen to fall off the ladder. That’s when all five Rottweilers owned by
the victim rushed to his side. The reason why he was attacked while he was
down wasn’t revealed. It’s theorized that they were scared by
the thunder and rain, and reacted violently. The five dogs bit their owner on his neck
and face, killing him before first responders could reach the scene. The man’s widow called emergency services
after witnessing the attack. Police officers couldn’t approach him at
first as the Rottweilers remained highly aggressive. Three of the dogs were killed, while two were
guided inside the house. Today’s topic was requested by Instagram follower
@tim_vijgen. If you have any other topics you’d like to
learn about, subscribe & let us know in the comments section below, or follow us on Instagram
and reach out to us there. How‌ ‌to‌ ‌Survive? The most essential factor in avoiding a Rottweiler
biting an unwitting victim is appropriate socialization. If properly raised and exercised regularly,
this breed tends to be territorial in a manageable way. As long as no sudden and violent movements
are made around it, the Rottweiler should not react viciously. It’s vital to appropriately read the dog’s
behavior. If the Rottweiler is staring intently while
growling and baring its teeth, this is a sign that it’s getting ready to attack. In order to avoid being bitten, you should
avoid eye contact and retreat slowly without turning around. People should never run away, as it’ll lead
to the situation escalating. Usually, this dog will be able to outrun their
victim easily. If being bitten is inevitable, it’s vital
to adequately cover the head and neck area. If attacked on the limbs, it’s not wise
to struggle, since the damage will be greater. Staying perfectly still will often cause the
dog to let go. Fighting back might be a natural reaction,
but it will only make the attack worse. Avoiding being thrown to the floor is important,
as the dog will have easier access to the neck and face of its victim. If this occurs, the target should roll into
a ball and cover their head and neck with their arms. Number 2: Kristina Aburrow
Kristina Aburrow, a 34-year-old artist, was attacked by a wild Rottweiler and it’s believed
the attack happened without provocation. The young woman was crossing a street when
she noticed two dogs running toward her. She raised her arm to try and defend herself,
but one of the animals charged her. It bit into her limb and wouldn’t let go. Eventually, she managed to free herself from
the aggressive animal when passersby approached to help. An ambulance was called to the scene, and
Aburrow was treated for a 4-inch wound on her arm. The victim described how the dog seemed capable
of ripping her limb off. The attack had severe consequences for the
young artist: She was left with a big scar on her arm and suffered from severe PTSD. Aburrow remains terrified of big dogs. As of the recording of this video, the dogs’
owner hasn’t been prosecuted for his pets’ aggressive behavior. Number 1: Unnamed 3-year-old
A small child was mauled to death by two large Rottweilers in the neighborhood of Newburg,
in Louisville. The victim’s name was not released, but
it’s known that he was 3 years old and that the dogs who attacked him were his family’s
pets. The young child was playing with the Rottweilers
in his backyard when they suddenly attacked him. The pets were said to have been friendly and
had never attacked the family before. Still, that didn’t stop them from tearing
the 3-year-old to shreds. An ambulance was called immediately after
the attack, but the small child died before help arrived. The two dogs were kept under quarantine at
a local shelter for ten days before being euthanized. Thanks for watching! Would you rather try to outrun a rabid Rottweiler
or be forced to eat nothing but insects for an entire week? Let us know in the comments section below!

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