When your puppies love a cat

Cat: hey puppies, I need some air. Puppies: Nooo! We found a lot of salt on you. Cat: pleaaaaaaase! Puppies: hummmm! yammyyyyyyy! Cat: Boooosss! Pleaase ! heeeelp! Puppies: We love you and no body can hear you Cat: I’ll diiie! Ok my puppies! that’s enough you’ll kill the cat!

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7 Responses

  1. Jordan Truppner says:

    there are people with fetishes that pay 1000's of dollars for this

  2. Mako Nina says:

    Too many puppies is the best problem in life!

  3. lordSeaworth says:

    Poor kitty and shitty cameraman

  4. Emo Paper says:


  5. SM Studio Pro says:

    Wow…so cute

  6. Eraknos Beats says:

    hannn so cute does the cat like it?

  7. Arcsaber Kingdom says:


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