Where do puppies come from?

puppies come from umm It’s easy, New York City they all stay together it’s in a doggie condo puppies come from little puppy land planet land treat world water world having anything you can imagine but water like a lollipop but water There’s a pogo stick and the American flag and instead of the stars there’s little doggie treats who would not love it? one of the puppy’s names is Koo Koo that’s his name, Koo Koo It’s hilarious and they get to wear rainbow outfits, rocket shoes, lip gloss, makeup, anything they think of it’s gonna be water and that’s where puppies come from the truth is, most puppies that are bought online and in stores come from puppy mills the mother dogs are not treated well it’s dirty, crowded and cruel they don’t get kisses, they don’t get good nights, they don’t get nothing they just sit there lonely and they’re scared most people don’t know they’re buying from a puppy mill it’s really bad, I wish it’d change I like my story better the sun is always shining in the day, everything is just perfect it’s beautiful there

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  1. Joker7007 AJ says:

    but if you don't buy them what happens to the puppies? The reason why they do this puppy mill shit is because people get them, thinking they will save the puppies (which they are) but the owners of the puppy mills get more money and it gets worse, but I don't want to know what happens to the puppies that aren't bought.

  2. Dragon Belle says:

    i love anumals that i agree with thim. and if you put a thums down then your mean.

  3. Whatever 12345 says:

    Puppies come from their mom and dad and the do…

    Something to make the puppy and the puppy…

    Dose something to get out

  4. Whapsh says:

    These kids are actors. The whole thing was staged.

  5. ava n says:

    why the fudge would they make it so happy, and then depressing in just 2 seconds?!?!?

  6. Loading says:

    No kids they come from the blahblah and you people who made this too you f.. A.. Holes

  7. snazztacular says:


  8. Lisettevillegas says:

    I wanted to cry when after the puppy mill they wished that it was they're story😩😭. So inspirational 💙

  9. Jack Mckenney says:

    Puppies come from a female dogs vagina kids

  10. Juan Miguel says:

    those dislikes better go to hell

  11. Alex Ki says:

    This kind of reminds me of how most people think their meat/dairy/eggs come from happy animals roaming green grass. Well, if I just described you, google's got a surprise for you lol

  12. ThePinkBunnyEmpire says:

    I'd wish it'd change too.

  13. u w u says:

    The mother dogs pussy..or perhaps male. I don't know, likely not to happen since no dogs are gay whatsoever..

    Omg. I bet I ruined the moment. TrIGGered

  14. Emerald 8ap says:

    This made me so sad and mad.💔

  15. Ladybug Miraculous says:

    this brought years to by eyes at 1:14 – 1:48

  16. insomniv says:


  17. uLa gontek says:

    If you are reading this please go to the humane society international website and sign their petition against the Yulin dog meat festival and dog meat trade in South Korea this way you will save dogs from dog meat farms that are waiting to be boiled alive and made into food.❤️🐶

  18. BORGO says:

    Poor Puppies ;-;

  19. Jasmine McDermid says:

    Puppies and dogs do't deserve this. I want to help all dogs. This story at the end about the dog mills made me cry. 🙁

  20. Pozole says:

    Awww these kids are ADORABLE! These kids are smart!

  21. that fungirl gamer 26 says:

    omg this is so sad

  22. SuperPetCRAFT Rules PAWS TV says:

    100,000,000 SuperPetCRAFT Stuff🐾⭐️💚🐾⭐️💚🐾⭐️💚🐾⭐️💚

  23. Lumelore says:

    these kids will be traumatized when they are older to learn that they aren't from space.

  24. Moved channels to Riift says:

    Who else cuddled their puppy after watching this….I did….

  25. sunkiss says:

    My puppy came from a dog who came from a dog who came from a dog who came from a ……………

  26. Elizabeth Swetland says:

    it made me cry

  27. Josie says:

    the worlds they were talking about is where the mom doggies go when the humans are done caring for them :,(

  28. Taffy Toffe says:

    My Puppy Came From A House

  29. Soda Cookie says:

    I wonder how much PETA payed this channel to make this video

  30. Elvis Nyasani says:

    I'm always seeing this videos where people show remorse for animals but what about our own kind, I think some of these animals are even lucky to have a shelter while to some people it's a dream. Not that I don't support this but we also have to think about our own kind

  31. Natalia says:

    I cried.

  32. ʄǟʀօռ ȶɦɛ ֆӄʏ'ʟօӼɛ says:

    This Ad is heartbreaking.. Honestly..

  33. Savanna S says:


    I'm crying


  34. huskorgii says:

    Every time I watch this I cry 😭 I hope this changes

  35. Justin Vilarino says:

    I'd hate to be there when they ask how puppies are made

  36. Heather Havens says:

    I cried at the end😢😢

  37. dinah Liang says:

    My cousin adopted a English bulldog from a puppy mill and she is 6 and is already going through arthritis, breathing problems and gets tired easily. And to know what some puppies go through in puppy mills…. is sickening. Whoever does such a thing is cruel and has no love. It's absolutely horrifying what puppies go through in puppy mills, and the way they're treated is more than a nightmare. PLEASE respect dogs and puppies, and treat them with tlc. You'll never how much you can change a life.

  38. Duskflower says:

    …but WATER! That kid is hilarious.

  39. psychosocial says:

    My little bro: from the mom do you think i'm a idiot
    me:they mate, give birth, and done.

  40. kay love says:

    but wouldnt u want to buy from then to help love and save these puppysthat were treated ghorrible if not tgey spend the restof their life without nothing 😯

  41. Mochadoo21 says:

    Well that took a dark turn

  42. Sailor says:

    my heart hurts

  43. Meow Bark says:

    Puppies come form there mother

  44. MaddieRose says:

    You watch the beginning and your like "this is sweet", and keep watching and you like "this is so sad, and why would people do this to such sweet animals" what makes it worst, its true.

  45. ɓεɾɾί_ɕαηεɾɾί says:

    At first I thought 'OMG the innocence is REAL' according to the title, until it switched to puppy mills..

  46. merci says:


  47. Nicole Schock says:

    bruh I wasn't expecting to cry

  48. JessLikesCookies says:

    the start im just thinkin its cute and then the next part im like </3 🙁

  49. TamaDingDong says:

    I bought my dog from a pet store and although I love my dog so much It makes me sick that I was tricked into supporting these puppy mills.

  50. AshhGoddd Roblox says:

    I like the water town one it's cute :p

  51. Animal Xpert says:

    That's real sad… I'm adopting, not buying!

  52. Jdub97 says:

    That kid is obsessed with water!

  53. K says:

    Thanks. Now I'm crying hysterically, hugging my dog tightly, and wishing I could protect these sweet, innocent little children from everything evil in the world. At 2am.

  54. Sophie K says:

    i loce dogs an all and i have two of them but wut about cats theyre story is the same but i get it more ppl like dogs

  55. Karly Mahan says:

    I will spread the word

  56. Nora Reyes says:


  57. Kylie Southwick says:

    Anything you can think of…..

    But water.

  58. SuperPetCRAFT Rules PAWS TV says:

    100,000,000 SuperPetCRAFT Stuff🐾⭐️💚🐾⭐️💚🐾⭐️💚🐾⭐️💚

  59. TheRareBlazer says:

    At least they have a vivid imagination!

  60. TheRareBlazer says:

    Also, dogs come from their mother… No, literally

  61. law Biffington says:

    The problem is that If you don't buy from them the dogs stay there and continue to suffer but if you do buy from them you are taking a dog out of the bad situation but the problem is that you still end up funding them so either way someone losses

  62. sunsun101 says:

    I say, anyone working at a puppy mill should burn in hell. I love dogs 🙁

  63. Jebediah Kerman says:

    Cute then dark. This kids are amazing

  64. Esther Syvanen says:

    omg this video made me cry ;-; My puppy came from a breeder that got a unwanted dog in her yard and got a litter of mixes

  65. S Dai says:

    Ok so when you buy a puppy from a puppy mill your saving them from torture but they could be sick and we would just be giving them money to make them do more. So is it good or is it really bad..

  66. Conner the Barbarian says:

    14 people are complete monsters.

  67. Conner the Barbarian says:

    14 people are complete monsters.

  68. Penguin B0mb says:

    Sooooooo noottt staged 😉👍

  69. TNARUD REKOOB says:

    0:31 a lollipop , but…. water lofl

  70. N1GHTHAWK says:

    I found this ad on JJD – Adventure [NoCopyrightSounds Release]. Aren't ads supposed to go to similar videos?

  71. Susmoosious Moose says:

    Sadly when i was a kid id give the legitimate answer if you asked me when i was in 1st or second grade up

  72. Coffefe arts YT says:


  73. Mil Vevila previews says:

    i have a dog named Happy she is not came from puppy mill

  74. Christopher The Nerd says:

    I bought my puppy from a parking lot of a publix supermarket for, she wasn't from a mill atleast $20 😀

  75. Phantom Hunter says:

    Did one of them actually state "Planet Land"?

  76. Phantom Hunter says:

    The weird thing is,is that at 1:15,I would've probably said that if I was asked that question as a kid. Mostly because I spent a hell of a lot of time on the Internet as a kid and I still do today.

  77. Cristleclear6585 AJ says:

    But won't buying from mills be RESCUING a puppy? From the harsh environment?

  78. Auge Bear says:

    I love the animation it's so funny and cute I need to know the animator

  79. Shesus says:

    BUt it starTEd oUt So HapPy

  80. SMG129 says:

    these kids are retards

  81. The unknown ? says:

    I wish this was true

  82. BeccaSapphire says:


  83. Mariah says:


  84. Sam Dragonborn says:

    My dad made the mistake of buying my puppy from a pet store
    He bought it and it turned out the puppy had parvo, though it took about a week for symptoms to show up
    Luckily, I hadn't noticed the symptoms when they started and was at my grandparent's when the little guy died, so I didn't see hm suffer
    My dad went back to the store and demanded to know how this could happen and was just given another dog, a little German Shepard pup with a chain embedded in her neck that he removed and treated himself, and as far as I'm concerned, she still has the scar around her neck to this day
    Also to this day, if my dad sees a pet store that sells puppies, he won't even buy fish food from them

  85. Natarinn says:

    Well you see kids male dogs put their bana- Oh wait sorry thats too far..

  86. Adam Kushner says:

    I wish puppy's liveed in NYC

  87. Pretzel Stick says:

    I only buy from non-kill rescue shelters. Me and my family have a tradition, and that's to only buy black furred animals. This is because animals with black fur are killed more often at kill shelters.

  88. Radical Rocko says:

    I actually really liked the water world concept. Seems like something I would have thought of at his age.

  89. Autistic Gal is really autistic totally says:

    Puppy mills are not a fairytale.
    (P.S. I hate puppy mills!)

  90. ThatsWhatFurbySaid says:

    Yet, ignorant people still buy from pet stores because AWW LOOK AT THE CUTE PUPPY! LET'S GET ONE BECAUSE IT'S SO CUTE

  91. Rebekah Cyphus says:

    My dog was rescued someone who was breeding for profit and when we got him he was so skinny he couldn't support his back legs, when he walked he would hop and he would have died if we didn't save him. We got there just in time.

  92. Chip The Hip Flip says:

    The place where I got my dog was from an adoption center.
    In fact, they ran out of dogs and cats.
    That’s how I know the store near me isn’t supplied by a mill.

  93. Dogzilla Productionz says:

    Its so true most people don't know were they bought there puppies from, and children believe that puppies come from a great place but deep down …… its the worst place on earth.

  94. Green Tea says:

    I got a dog from the humaine society.

  95. Gerald Smith says:

    I am the black boy

  96. Gerald Smith says:

    Water world

  97. Tut9 says:

    Puppies come from their mothers back sides.

  98. Wanna be a Subscriber says:

    That was quick

    And disturbing

  99. MendezD Belize says:

    My puppy came from the street

  100. Kieth Z says:

    How Buying a Pet Store Puppy Became My Nightmare

    Signs of a Puppy mill dog

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