Which Dog Breeds Are Best With Kids! Best Dog Breeds For Families With Children! Plus Competition!

hi guys, have you recently started a
young family and you’re thinking about which dog breed to get to bring into
your home? now it’s always difficult when you’re thinking about which dog breeds
to bring into a family with young children, there are three things that we
recommend that you need to think about before bringing any dog into your family number one is the temperament of the dog. this is your dog’s personality so calmer dog breeds are going to be better for young children and they’re also
going to form stronger bonds with them number two is the size of the dog, this
is obviously something that you need to think about bearing in mind the size of
your house and and you also need to remember that large dog breeds are
often more docile than the smaller dog breeds number three is the energy
level, you need to think about whether you’re going to be able to give your
dog the amount of exercise that it needs so with those three things in mind we’ve come up with the top five dog breeds for a young family dynamic the first dog breeds that we’ve chosen is the bulldog, now he’s a very friendly
very loyal lovely dog to have around he gets along with other pets and children
very very well number two is the beagle, his small size and loving playful personality can make him the perfect option for people with small families, he’s smart friendly and loyal and he’ll get on with other pets and dogs too option number three is the Newfoundland, now this is a breed that many would not even consider because of their very large size, however he has been nicknamed the nature’s babysitter they’re gentle kind and patient and are very very
protective of children option number four is the Irish setter,
now he’s known for his beautiful red coat and he’s very energetic and playful
and loves playing with children but he’s also very gentle so it’s nothing to worry about when you’ve got young children around them now our last but not least option is number five the golden retriever, he’s a confident
smart kind and loyal dog and he’s very very patient which makes him the perfect
option for anyone with small children and he’s also very obedient which makes
in the perfect first dog for a family now you may remember from last week’s
video we had a special competition on to win one of these amazing relax my dog
t-shirts and we’re really pleased to announce that the winner of last week’s
competition is Amy Bennett Hall now she had two great tips in her comment that said that patience is the most important thing to remember when training a puppy
and also the second best thing is consistency, making sure that everyone
who’s trading that puppy is consistent in their training methods which we
totally agree with, so thank you Amy, if you could send through your address [email protected] we’ll get your t-shirt sent through to you
just as soon as we can but fear not you have a chance to win one of these
amazing t-shirt as well just comment your best doggy tip in the comment
section below this video and you’ll be in with a chance we’ll be announcing the
winner in next weeks video we really hope that you enjoyed today’s video and we hope that you found the perfect breed for your growing family but that’s it from
us now so we’ll see you again next week Bye!

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18 Responses

  1. Wolfeman & Shewolfe says:

    I love Boxers.

  2. Autumn Gwinn says:

    My dog tip is when they are scared of storms or fireworks give them a natural CBD treat from Treatibles, turn on Relax My Dog music, and cuddle them. Works very well. 🙂

  3. Violet B Slothlover says:

    For dogs who bark at everything, you need patience and tons of it! You need to be calm when telling the dog to be quiet. I have also found that what you say should be something along the lines of Shhh or Chh. If those don't work try clapping your hands twice. Or clapping your hands and saying sh or ch. Hope this helped you if you have the same problem I do!

  4. ghostbabey says:

    My dog life hack is to show a lot of things to a new puppy so it can't be scared of everything in it's life.

  5. raidernationcali says:

    Play some relax my dog music and a natural calming treat rolled in either peanut butter or wrapped inside a piece of deli meat. Also the shih tzu breed is also great with kids, very playful breed, maybe it will make the list next time wink wink.

  6. Amaya Armstrong says:

    I have an 11 year daughter and recently our dog passed away and our other dog was very smart and my daughter taught her tons of tricks she knew agility and to walk off a leash but she was a mutt no one knew what she was 🙁 so any recommendations for dogs that can be easily taught that? (Btw we do have a huge fenced yard so big dogs will work too) Thanks and I hope you reply ?

  7. Allyson Marie says:

    my best tip is never get frustrated or angry with your dog. if you do get mad because the dog is being disruptive, making messes, having accidents ect. calmly put the dog in a different room or in it's crate until you feel you're ready to deal with the dog again. getting frustrated with a dog and yelling at them will only make it scared of you which is definitely not accomplishing anything!

  8. Lordhavoc 78 says:

    I am trying to treat my dog to pee and poo outside but she was never trained to so I need help on trying to figure that out p.s love your videos

  9. RhysB123 says:

    Now I am only 10 but I think a good dog tip is to walk it everyday no matter how small it is! I LOVE YOUR VIDS

  10. De Co says:

    My top tip is whenever your dog/pup does something wrong do NOT shout. Especially if they are barking, this just encourages the dog to bark more as they think your trying to compete with them. Instead you should say a command such as "stop" and point your finger and what I do with my pup is stare at her and then she realises and drops her head and sits down or lies down in her bed. If you have multiple dogs address them one by one instead of trying to get them all to stop at once. This makes them quiet one by one and once one stops barking the rest may take a hint???

  11. Paige Rhodes says:

    My dog tip is if you have a new puppy that isn't house trained yet and it stains the carpet use a natural cleaner or use one cup of white vinegar and two cups of water for synthetic like carpets or 1/4 up of white vinegar and 1/4 cup of water for natural carpets, or of course you can get puppy pads, a easily cleaned inside trainer until they learn to go outside.

  12. Iva Tijan says:

    Hi Nicole and Albert, love your vids! I don't have a dog tip, rather a "human tip": spend one day 100% in dog-mode, ie. put yourself on mute, without speaking and using only body language, squeaks, and grunts to communicate with your dog. I have often wondered how my dog perceives me, talking nineteen to the dozen every. single. day. So one Sunday when I was off work, I turned my phone OFF and scheduled the whole day just for being silent with my dog. It was the most amazing experience, I didn't even know it was possible for a human to stay mum for a whole day. Ha! It strengthened not just my relationship with my dog (a Samoyed-English Setter mix, she's a girl named Bonnie :)) but my inner voice as well. It was an interesting experiment to say the least!

  13. enpjnk says:

    We want to get a new dog and my parents want a labrador and I always wanted a golden retriever and one time a Labrador almost bit my butt im so scared of them what should I get

  14. Charlotte Melcher says:

    My dog is a pit bull lab…

  15. Poppy de Kreij says:


  16. J.J LIU says:

    The correct title is 哪些品种的宠物狗对孩子最友善?哪些品种的宠物狗最适合有孩子的家庭养?

  17. Fermin Carrasco says:

    My Dogo Argentino is absolutely great with my kids. Look them up .

  18. Dakota Bowhawk says:

    My dog is perfect for me! We both don't like cats, AT ALL. We both like going outside and run and play. He listens to me when i talk to him. Hes like a best friend. Hes not just a dog, hes more loyal, honest, and has more character then most people i know. You can see him in my profile pic. Hes a lab mix boxer. :3 but….wheres the labrador retriever is this top 5?

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