Whippet dog breed guide

They can run up to speeds of about 33 to 35
miles an hour in a short burst. But yes, they absolutely look amazing when they’re stretched
out. Really going full throttle. You just stand there and you think that’s beautiful.
They’re very loving. They can be mad as hatters, but they’re so easy to keep. So healthy. They
are one of the few breeds who have not got any real health problems. I’ve had whippets
about 40 years and I wouldn’t swap them for anything. I’ve only ever been without one
for about two weeks. And I just so so missed it that I ended up going and getting another
one. The whippet is a racing dog originally, and resembles a small Greyhound. But they
are actually an extremely loyal and affectionate family pet. Whippets are sight hounds – so
their idea of distance is completely different to yours. Two fields away is fine by a whippet.
So the training – you really want to be thinking about recall, re-call and then even more recall.
Sight hounds mean they hunt through their eyes. They’ll catch sight of what could technically
be prey – in days gone by was a rabbit or a hare, and they will stand it – well I call
it stand it – they will watch it then they’ll go. Straightaway after the prey. But it’s
a thing that you train for. If you’re going to let your Whippet off, you’ve got to make
sure it’s a secure place that they can’t get out of. It will run across roads if you’re
not careful. The safest way is not to let it off lead unless you can rent a paddock
or rent a space in which you can let it off safely. One other thing with whippets – I’ve
seen whippets on retractable leads. And they go from 0 to very very fast, very quickly.And
if it’s on a rectractable lead and it’s on its collar, it can do some serious damage
to its neck. So you may be thinking to use a harness. But you still need to think about
caution because it’s still going to accelerate very quickly and even on a harness it can
injure itself. So care always with that recall. They don’t need an enormous amount of exercise.
It’s quite a myth that because it’s a hound and a running dog as people would know them
as, they need to have a lot of exercise. I take mine out for about half an hour every
day and that seems to do the trick. They’re well happy, they’re healthy and fit. Obviously
they do like to free run – and once they’re past the puppy stage, free-running is fine
– but up to about 6 months, controlled exercise more than free-running. If you give them too
much exercise too soon, it does affect their growth. They can become very very leggy or
they can get too much muscle and it constricts the bone growth as well. It is a very very
popular breed, basically because they fit to any family or domestic situation. Whippets
are lovely little dogs. Sometimes they can be a little bit on the shy side, if we got
a shy one in, we would look to re-home it in a quiter household that wasn’t too busy
for the dog to cope with. They need medium exercise levels. They enjoy a good walk but
are also quite happy to be a bit of a couch potato – and snooze a lot of they day. So
they can make great friends and companions. They live happily with loads and loads of
other breeds. I’ve got two other breeds – and they happily live with eachother. The other
thing of course is that they are brilliant with children. Grooming is very easy – infact
you can almost say it’s non-existent in a way. They’ve got such a short, silky coat.
As long as you brush them own, dry them off when they’ve been for a run and occasionally
give them a bath when they’ve got really dirty, that’s as much as you need. Mine get a duster
every day and one brush every week just to keep the coat nice. If you’re thinking of
getting one I would advise that you go to a reputable breeder and you know you’ll be
getting a good, healthy puppy. Health issues are mainly when they get to the end of their
life which is no different from any other breed or human. Occasionally they’ll have
a little heart murmur but that’s age as opposed to a critical medical condition. In all the
years I’ve had whippets, I’ve never had a health issuse. So from that point of view
it is wise to have them insured just in case – but I would say that you wouldn’t probably
ever use the insurance.par }

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17 Responses

  1. Lân Music says:

    Great video

  2. St Marc Arias says:

    Wow… Mo dog please…. Looks like my leyla

  3. Jays200 says:

    Awesome (not) with the choker chain on just so you can run it with its head up, really! I wouldn't dream of doing that to my family member Whippet.

  4. Angela Nicholson says:

    For heart murmurs, use hawthorn leaf, stem, flower and berry extract. It strengthens the muscle of the heart and stops the night coughing bringing up fluid. I had a super little whippy with a murmur from young, i gave him just 1 hawthorn extract tablet 500mg daily for life. No issues unless I'd run out and post took longer, and he did start to cough after a few days without, which proved that the hawthorn worked. Great for people with same issues. I won't have any other dog. They are utterly adorable and wonderful family members. Very noble dogs. I have 2 siblings this time. I agree with all that's said on this video.

  5. EnglishMansAirsoft says:

    These dogs aren't very intelligent, its funny though.

  6. Sally Smith says:

    completely loving
    Snuggle bug
    Doesn’t stink or slober
    Obedient (if u train it well), doesn’t chew up ur shit as an adult
    Can walk off lead (if trained well)
    Only need 30mins of intense sprinting on a field
    Very easy going
    Not to big
    Barley shed (super soft)
    Non aggressive (good with kids)

    Can have separation anxiety (cause they love u so much)
    Not great in the cold
    No health issues, except maybe knee issues when they’re old (heal easy)
    Don’t know where they stand on the food chain with little dogs (can get nervous)
    Not the biggest eaters EXCEPT for human food 😂

  7. Lesley Elder says:

    I have 3 and love them! Great companions, loving and quiet.

  8. Peter Barlow says:

    Please do a english setter vid! 😎 🐶

  9. AmethystDew says:


  10. William Kilgore says:

    I’ve been thinking of getting a Whippet puppy as my next dog. After viewing this video I definitely want one. My last hound was a Basenji but Whippets look just as appealing.

  11. Judith Blades says:

    we have a beautiful whippet, he has the perfect temperament and we love him dearly

  12. Jess Etherington says:

    I have a five month old whippet puppy and he has been so great. So easy as puppies go and he’s smart and sassy but also snuggly and goofy and I adore him

  13. anton notna says:

    Any good breeders in Hants, Wilts area?

  14. sTuu says:

    that woman saying u need to rent a space to let them off the lead is talking rubbish. Just train them right and take them to a nice open field or park

  15. Andrew Oliver says:

    Whippets can handle long walks and runs. Yes, they like to chill out, but they do appreciate time out exploring (apart from when it is raining, which they hate). I agree with the comment about cuts and bites. They do have thin skin, and you definitely will end up using your pet insurance, but in every other way a wonderful, loving dog that is so safe with children and is the perfect friend and companion.

  16. I am so Thursday Gaming says:

    Anyone in Scotland got any for sale?

  17. rob16248 says:

    We had a whippet in the 1980's. It was always squeaking.

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