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Hi, I’m Kerry and this is Diddy.
When we’re tucked up on the sofa with a
nice bar of chocolate in front of us, it’s easy to forget that eager noses are
always on the lookout for a cheeky snack. And this particular human
treat is not one that your dog can have. Chocolate contains a chemical
called theobromine, which is toxic
to dogs. Even small amounts of it can cause:
Vomiting, Diarrhoea,
Hyperactivity, Tremors, Seizures (or fits), Heart problems
and Death – in severe cases. The darker the chocolate, the more
potent the level of theobromine as well,
which makes it more poisonous. Even white chocolate, though it
doesn’t have enough theobromine
in to cause toxicity, is fatty and can pose a
potential risk of pancreatitis. If you know or suspect that your dog has
eaten chocolate, then you will need to
call your vet to ask for their advice straight away.
The risk will depend on the
weight of your dog, the type of chocolate they’ve eaten,
and the amount eaten. There are
calculators that vets use to assess the risk to each individual case. For more pet advice videos, don’t
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