Why do cats clean themselves so much? – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #6

Hello I’m Simon, welcome to Simon’s Cat
Logic, we’ll be finding out from a cat expert why cats behave the way they do. Today, we’re looking at ‘Cleaning’. Well, I once tried to wash my first cat
Shelly. When I was very young I was about 9 years old and I thought she looked a bit
dirty so I tried to wash her and I would never ever do that again. Cats clean themselves. [How do cats keep clean?] Cats spend about ten percent of their waking time grooming they have a reputation for
being fastidiously clean and they tend to clean themselves when they first wake up. Cats will actually groom in a particular
order. If you have you ever watched your cat grooming, you may notice they always
start with the head end, so they will wash their paws, to then wash their
face and then systematically work through their body before finishing with
their tail. [Did you know?] A cat’s rough tongue enables them to clean themselves efficiently and even to lick an animal bone clean. They have hooked barbs on their tongues
and this is really helpful to help them keep their coats clean, it stimulates natural oil production which in turn helps with waterproofing and insulation and also helps to remove the dead fur from their coat. [Cats that groom together…] Some cats will clean and groom each
other and this is known as a allogrooming and they tend to do this if they perceive themselves to be in the social group. As well as reinforcing social bonds mutual grooming is really useful to get those hard to
reach areas, such as behind the ears. [How can we help our cats?] It’s really useful to get kittens used
to grooming from a very young age, so that they accept this as part of their normal routine. It’s important for kitten’s to have
positive associations with grooming and giving them a gentle handling and
getting them used to the brush, so that it’s much easier for owners to feel through
their coats see if there’s any matts at all. Ideally, to prevent matts from happening, but also to tackle them if needs be. Especially for older cats that may
need that little extra hand with grooming because they’re a bit stiff and
struggle to do it themselves [Too much grooming?] There is such a thing as actually over
grooming in cats, so things to look out for is if a cat is regular grooming the
same every repeatedly over and over again and to the point that they are
actually removing fur from that section, so they’re looking a little bit bald, and some cats may actually break the fur. Now this can be both a medical problem
and or a behaviour problem as well so the first port of call should always be the vet. I think of Teddy my black long-haired
cat and what he loves to do is go stalking through the long grass and he comes back covered in these little tiny grass seeds and so I’m forever combing him with a little flea comb to get these
little grass seeds out which he loves. He loves the extra attention so I would not be surprised if he goes out in that field especially to get groomed afterwards.

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100 Responses

  1. Anniina Tuomi says:

    My cat was actually cleaning herself too much and suddenly her eyes started to swallow so take her to the vet and now she is growing her beautiful hair back with some cortisone to help :3

  2. eissacm says:

    One of my childhood cats enjoyed being towelled off after being in the rain, so she would ask to go out again to get wet and be towelled off again.

  3. Kingcat Lamarre says:

    My cat licks my hair

  4. Maria Aselborn says:


  5. Courtney Woodbury says:

    One of my cats loves to over groom. His belly is often naked and one of his front paws has bare toes! The vet didn't really recommend anything to stop it but I do discourage him when I notice him going after his front paws. (I can often hear him doing that.) Oh also for some reason he's made a small bald spot near the base of his tail too. :/

  6. FreyaMaluk says:

    I can rewatch this video thousand times… and every time it makes me laugh… Thanks Simon

  7. Mute Hhh says:

    The picture on the wall when the cat is being groomed is so adorable! It's baby Simoms cat!

  8. tarapred says:

    What I would love to know if why when cats groom each other they often start play fighting after and/or in-between grooming?

  9. Pudding cake 300 says:

    I'm surprised that they didn't use the muddy paws video for this.

  10. Sarah Paizante says:

    Amo esse comercial !

  11. Hold me Tight says:


  12. Graziely Costa says:

    I loved this video. Your cat is terrible, he looks one of mine! kisses

  13. Hungry Guy says:

    Every month or so, I take my cat into my shower with me. It's a real shower stall, not a bathtub and has a glass door, so she can't escape. I wash her with Johnson's baby shampoo, then rinse. Then I shower myself. When I'm done with my shower, I wrap her with a gimungous towel to keep her warm and dry after. She hates it, but she smells nice and clean afterward.

  14. Alessia Bosch Lyn says:

    me encantó él gatito negro Teddy🐈😍😍….please subtitulos en español…kiss simon

  15. Cartoonshipper 9500 says:

    My cat Ms. Jones, I tried to bathe her in the utility room
    with a tub and she never had a bath before so
    she tried to grab the door handle and kept meowing
    she wasn't a happy kitty.

  16. JAMES PURKS says:

    I brush my cat on a regular basis to remove shed fur. He likes it so much that all I have to do is show him the brush and he jumps right up and starts purring.

  17. Ajian says:

    I'm in my cat's social group!! She'll often try to groom me when we're cuddled up.

  18. Jaime says:

    my cat used to get sh** all over her tail and wouldn't clean it off

  19. Eugebor says:

    I see them from argentina and i love them!!!

  20. foxyx9 Gamer says:

    actually I know how does cats tongue feels cause I touched a stray/home cat before and it licked me and I felt hooks like a weird feeling

  21. ItsAudge says:

    One of my cats licks the others face

  22. Danae Kelly says:

    Haha. My long-haired Labrador puppy rolls around in grass seeds. The cats don't but I've seen them playing with the grass seeds the dog sheds in the house

  23. Jennifer Helm Coleman says:

    My Ragdoll grooms my Golden Retriever's face, lol!

  24. pawg ers says:

    One of my cats was INHALING his paw! No fur removal

  25. Laura Gadille says:

    Fiesta allogroom me

  26. 0249er says:

    My cat had been lost for two days. I got a call from the rspca that they've found her I brought her back today but she has a lot of fesses in on her leg aparently she sat in it all nights I tried giving her a bath but it didn't work how to I clean her?

  27. yh knz says:

    how is it that cats groom each other while they originally were lone hunters?

  28. Tsuki The Cat says:


  29. Ralph Bromley says:

    my cat loves his hair brush he always barges into the bathroom for it

  30. relax 100 says:

    The doctor is very pretty

  31. James Pollman says:

    Cats' don't like shiate on their whiskers!
    After eating… they "wash whiskers".

    Then… there's the "spreading of the toes" licking.

  32. GL1TT3R _666 says:

    My cat had an allergy to flea bites, which leads to over-grooming and hair loss, especially around his tail. He's an indoor cat, too, but I guess fleas are a fact of life in a hot, humid climate.

    At its worst, Ive had to take him to the vet for a shot to ease the irritation. Regular flea prevention is the key.

  33. Wolffiee1223 says:

    I have 10 sorta wild cats 5 big kittens and 5 adults cats they are awesome!

  34. Nicorabi says:

    I picked up one of my cats and smelt them.

    Like mine smelt like just fur.

  35. Allen Tax says:

    Simon= Heacliff Teddy= Spike :-))

  36. •NuttyNutella AndToast• says:

    my cat licks his paws and then rubs his paw on his head

  37. Servicios Tecnicos Integrales says:

    And spanish subtitles????

  38. Smol Bean Tundra says:

    They're sharing tongues.

    If you get the reference, I'll sub chu

  39. Виктория Харлёнок says:


  40. ChrisTheWolf100 says:

    I got 2 cats, one is Chance and the other one is Thomas. I will show my cats soon (:

  41. Tcmtech says:

    All of my cats love to go roll in the dirt and dust out in the driveway just before coming in the house and curling up on me.

  42. Phyllis 4466 says:

    My Gracie does a good job keeping herself clean. She's great with that back leg in the air movement!

  43. Sincerely Cinnamon Roll says:

    My cat always grooms my dog. When my dog tries to groom him back, she just coughs because of his shedding.

  44. Troy Ortega says:

    Believe it or not, my now ex-wife used to bathe our older cat (RIP), and he generally liked it. She started him fairly young, and i'm sure that helped. She bathed our younger cat a few times, but she didn't like it much. The older cat used to sit on the corner of the tub when she was in it, and pat at the water with his paw, which probably gave her the idea. Russian Blues reputedly like water more than other breeds. I can believe it

  45. Maj_Cyric says:

    For a kitten you can use a toothbrush to act like a mom's tongue (I raised my 4 now 9yo owners since birth).. I used my first 2 fingers together though… Which if I use a toothbrush now my cats will want to grab and play with the toothbrush… But if you give little short strokes with your 2 fingers together on a cat, it can/will trigger a grooming mode for the cat.. Which it then can/will start grooming either itself with you and/or start grooming your hand as you groom with your 2 fingers… It's a one of many great ways to bond with a cat…

  46. F'cking Paradise says:

    You can bath your cats (not that often and quickly so they won't get sick ) I live in an aparment so my cats don't get that dirty , sometimes they play with my plants … That's when I give them a quick and worm bath , they kinda like it .

  47. ann prince says:

    It s like being linked by sand paper,they take the loose straight to the tummy to make hair balls best to give them anti ball stuff to make it easier for them to get rid

  48. JazzApple says:

    Watching all of these cat logic videos just tells me how broken my cat is lol

  49. fishintime says:

    My two favorite things cats an animations

  50. Molly O'Kami says:

    I gave Tony (male, Flame-Point Siamese mix) a bath at least twice a year: Once when it was getting warm enough to play outside and once when it was regularly too cold for him. He was WONDERFUL with baths in the tub. Hell, he bathed better than the two dogs he lived with…and Lilly's a COONHOUND! He learned quickly that it goes by faster if you just accept that it's happening. I'd get him in the tub and let the warn water flow up to his stomach while stroking him and assuring him that I understood how much he hated it. Once it got past his paws, he just stood there. I'd bathe him (avoiding his face, obviously) and them let the water drain. then, I'd wrap him in a couple warm towels. Once he was sufficiently dry, I'd open the door and let him run and hide. I wouldn't push him to come out until he was ready, but I always made sure that there was fresh food ready for him.

  51. tyrroo says:

    That little Teddy trust-fall is adorable!

  52. Stacey Amador says:

    I LOVE SIMON!!!💝

  53. Snowfang00 says:

    My cats groom each other all the time. Especially Pixie. She's a Devon Rex whereas Mouser is a tabby. So Pixie has really short thin fur while Mouser has really thick fur but he sheds a lot

  54. Liz says:

    My older cat Gabby loves to be brushed, but only by my mother and younger brother, the smaller one, on the other hand, will chew on the brush and kick it like it's a toy.

  55. Jonathan says:

    Systematically? More randomly from what I have observed!

  56. Ann Lindsay Wright says:

    Cats sweat through their paws, strange thing is they smell just like human sweaty feet…. love it. Kiss those little pink toes.

  57. UnicornSpirit says:

    Hi cat lovers! Don't forget to keep your cat(s) INDOORS! Help save native wildlife!

  58. rodai MacCormick says:

    thats at least how i hear that song

  59. michey mikey says:

    My cat likes mud…so yea he gets bathed

  60. James Freeman says:

    "So clean" is an overstatement or maybe you have really low standards.

  61. Blue dragon2728 says:

    I want a Simon's cat merch store

  62. Kitty Kanye says:

    my cats modes:






  63. IroSquared Boku says:

    We only have to bathe our cats when they get Really Dirty. Costello once was so fat, he couldn't reach his butt, so he got frequent baths because he couldn't "wipe". Thor, nicknamed ketchup butt, gets the same treatment if he doesn't take care of himself.

    Sadly, our 19 year old, Kashmyra, went into shock when she was getting a bath and passed away in my mom's arms. She had stopped taking care of herself and we thought a gentle bath would help. The water from the tap went cold midway through it. She was a sweet old lady.

  64. Blake Howell says:

    When I was younger I had a cat who was a short haired Javanese and he began to over clean himself and started to rip his good fur out luckily by the time we found out he only had two pink spots. We took him to the vet and he had to wear a cone around his head

  65. Cartoonshipper 9500 says:

    When I gave Ms.Jones her first bath, she kept trying to hold on to the door! I finally got her in but I clawed at the end. 😧

  66. B Anon says:

    When my cat Guapo got caught in the rain I would take a towel and dry him off. It seems he enjoyed a fairly vigorous towel rub because it became a regular thing that after I had dried him off he would run right back out in the rain and come right back in for me to dry him off again. If I didn't latch the cat door sometime I ended up drying him off 4-5 times an hour.

  67. IsolatedUnion says:

    My cats clean each other but their brothers so its okay

  68. miss lilkev says:

    My 1yr old long hair cat is so accepting of grooming. Both my cats had a flea problem and Perc would see me get the hot water and flea comb and come right over. But Miles (short hair 2yr old) would not let me comb him more than a minute at a time.

  69. Farhad Farkish says:

    that last kick 😝😝

  70. Elysha May says:

    My cat was over grooming not long ago . We could usually just take him into the vets with a few hours or a day as my mother’s a vet but my mother was off work for a few months at the time and couldn’t drive so we thought just giving him flea treatment would fix the problem as he had fleas and we had just bough the treatment but after two weeks nothing improved so we put on some more . By this time he had almost no fur at the bottom of his back so we had to ask somebody to drive us to the vets . In the end it turned out he had a skin infection so take it from me if your cats over grooming don’t hesitate to get treatment like we did

  71. ник бк says:

    Почему вы ставите дин

  72. Simnietė blet says:

    My cat is so fat that he can't reach his tail PS he 6 months

  73. pskton says:

    Why doesn’t the white cat have a name?

  74. Astrix the cat says:

    I have a cat this name is cookie and he is a black and white manx cat and all he does is groom eat and sleep

  75. thejeffinvade says:

    she is so hot

  76. Joseph Cruz says:

    I had a crush with ms nicky

  77. LifeGoddessTaimat says:

    There's a certain routine to bathing a cat, and not all cats will tolerate it. I only ever had one cat that I bathed, a Turkish van (a particular breed that is generally quite fond of water) named Frisco. He may have enjoyed playing in water, but he never really enjoyed being bathed. Which is why I only ever bathed him twice in his life: Once for the grooming lab during my vet tech classes, and once when he got cancer in his mouth and began to smell from the decaying cells. He also overgroomed his belly and chewed the fur off when he developed food allergies.

    My current cat Nigel, a shorthair-mix, has never taken care of himself and gets terrible mats. They get so bad that he can't reach around to groom himself and we can't brush him because the mats pull on his sin and hurt him. We have to shave him to keep the mats off, and he always feels so much better. He came from kind of a rough situation, which is probably part of the reason why he doesn't groom himself very much. He's also not fond of other cats and fights a lot, so social grooming is out of the question for him.

  78. Im just A human says:

    My cat love bath but it have to be earn his nane is mochi *whisper*"hes fat"

  79. Wolfgirl93 says:

    I have a domestic long haired cat and he goes outside on a regular basis. What I hate (especially during the Autumn season) are those pointy, needle like round things called "burrs" and he would sometimes go through those and get them either in his long, bushy tail or under his belly and it gets all snarled up in his fur and its an absolute nightmare to brush out. It gets so bad that I just have to cut them out with a pair of scissors. And what's worse is that I always have to pick him up and snuggles him and I really cant do that with all those prickers in his fur =(

  80. starrystarrynight52 says:

    I wish my cat took to being brushed better =:

    We give her treats as soon as were done brushing but she'll only let us brush for a moments before she starts growling at us. We hope one day she'll get association with being brushed with getting treats. Thankfully she's a short hair, barely sheds and does her grooming very well. But still, there are times where she needs a little extra.

  81. Zoee 329 says:

    I've been watching these on and off all day – I study animals and animal behaviour + animal care at college so technically this is summer study.
    I've found a loop to my hatred of studying.

  82. Jacob yt says:

    the drawing of the anus was a nice touch on the cat cartoon.

  83. Shadow Knows says:

    Once again I do as Simon says – my cat is not impressed. Take no offence my cat hates everything. He also reserves the right to change his mind in a Nanosecond. I should have procreated, kids seem easier to please and control.

  84. Poli Pacez says:

    My cata tales a por of time to velan lo themselves

  85. daily dose of fiber says:

    dude, the vet is cute

  86. Soumitya Patil says:

    cats be like
    "hey! my fur is having dirt let me lick it..it's okay if it inside my stomach coz i need to look good "😆😆😆😆😆😆cat logic

  87. Indraja Salunkhe says:

    Very helpful. Thanks for the video.

  88. boston babe says:

    Our cats love baths !! They need a bath, especially after being in the littler box. It's gross not to bathe them.

  89. Hyden Gomez says:

    I can't wait for the Simon's cat Emojis.

  90. Mar Boreal says:

    Subtítulos en todos los idiomas menos en español??? Cuando millones de hispano parlantes vemos a Simon? 😾🙀😡

  91. Serena Kimlin says:

    It’s truly a heartbreaking event when kitmates break up and begin to despise one another. My fur babies were close, as they were of the same litter. Slept and groomed each other. Then one day for about 4 hours, the got under the uplifted Queenslander I rented. Once we got them safely back inside they hated, and to this day 12 years later still hate each other. I wish I could bring back that loving and peaceful time. It was precious.

  92. Shantanu says:

    Australian accent sucks

  93. Gabriel Afonso says:

    Where does the dirt, fleas, fur, etc go when they groom themselves?

  94. Patti Hawks says:


  95. Ines Otero says:

    Traduzcan por favor CASTELLANO!

  96. LionKing FAN says:

    My two cats are young and they clean etchater and there cleaning my fingers of something else

  97. EconMan says:

    I find her incredibly hot. I wish this sort of look was our social norm if not ideal. 😎

  98. AmaSIX says:

    Watched this while my cat was laying on top of my legs licking his paws and butt.

  99. LydiaMinx says:

    Please add teddy to your cartoons!!!

  100. Cortana Salgado says:

    I love this i used to watch this when i was lime 6 or 7 and i still do 😊

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