Why Do Cats Hate Water? | COLOSSAL QUESTIONS

– [Narrator] If you’ve ever
spent time around cats, you’ve probably noticed
that, unlike dogs, they tend to avoid
water at all costs. But, why? What caused cats to avoid water, and why do they hate it so much? Let’s find out on
today’s episode of – [Commanding Voice]
Colossal Questions. – [Narrator] Despite
how it might seem, not all cats hate water. Some house cats have been
known to hop in the shower or swim in the family pool, but it’s true that most
cats try to avoid water at all costs. There’s a few basic reasons
why cats act that way. To start, cats have never
quite adapted to the water. Ancient cats managed to catch
fish from the edge of a lake or river without needing
to dive in or swim. And just like their
ancient ancestors, domesticated cats today tend
to avoid going for a dip too. But it’s not just that. Unlike dogs, cats do not
like to get their fur wet. For starters, cats get very
cold and heavy when they’re wet. That’s because they are
constantly grooming themselves. All that endless licking leaves
their coat lighter, softer, and fluffier than a dog’s, but also makes it a lot
less waterproof as a result. When their thick fur gets
matted down and heavy, it makes it hard for
them to move around with those trademark
catlike reflexes, so you can see why they try
to avoid water altogether. Okay, so, that’s why
most cats avoid water, but there is one
question still lingering. If cats avoid water at all
costs, how do they stay clean? Cats keep themselves clean
with all that nonstop licking. That’s right. Cats don’t just lick to keep
their coat nice and soft, but to stay clean too. But always remember, that method
works for cats, not humans. So, just take a shower. Don’t try licking
yourself clean. And now you know more about why cats tend to
avoid the water. If you can’t get enough cats, check out our video
on why they purr. Remember to watch
more episodes of – [Commanding Voice]
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on DreamWorks TV. (playful music)

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