Why Is A Group Of Pedigree Cats Left In A Ghost Town Where No One Lives? (Part 1) | Kritter Klub

The place where the sound of breeze only stays here Informant : They must be watching us from somewhere in the bush Well…? ?? Peekaboo Informant : a Munchkin, short-legged cat breed! Watz up peeps Don’t be surprised yet~ Turkish Angora appears Who dis smelly creature PD : Wow, there’s another one..! Hai Uh! Another one is out! PD : This one looks like an Abyssinian cat Followed by the Abyssinian cat I’m here too lol Scottish Fold cat Where are you guys keep coming from? Derp PD : There’s more over there / More? I, Russian Blue, makes a grand finale..! When we were on a stroll, that dog followed us Hai, lady? Once you follow this dog.. The dog leads you to another cat lol I’m the only doggo here There are 9 in total. 9 in total? Yeah, all are pedigree cats..! A group of different cat breeds gathered in an empty field Can’t believe that all these different cats have come together Informant : I know right? It’s so strange Is it a massive hide-and-seek game or what PEEKABOO (The cats) Don’t go anywhere but walks around there in a circle And it’s nearly vacant here.. A lonesome place Where there’s no CCTV Informant : This is not a place for pedigree cats to live I mean there’s no chance for these cats to appear in a place like this If It was just one, I’d think that the cat visited here from somewhere near here Wow. Mystery Guess she’s pregnant, look at her belly.. Am I pregnant?!! What happened to the cats in this place where the sound of breeze stays only PD : Who’s that?
Informant : One more cat? The mystery of a group of various cat breeds near the Nakdong River What happened to the cats? Stay tuned for part 2

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100 Responses

  1. Lim Lila says:

    …cute innocent cats💕💕💕💕💕💕

  2. Lucina Moonlight says:

    Please don't forget to hit the CC button for Subtitles

    what CC button?

    there isnt one

  3. azureen a says:

    Thank you so much for helping dem cats. We need more people like this

  4. Girlonfire 2.0 says:

    Maybe the cats were in a shelter but someone pretended to adopt them so they wouldnt be put down but could live their cat lives ive actually thought of doing this

  5. ൠかさかさൠ says:


  6. 이다복 says:

    이 채널 스브스 동물농장하고 관련있는 채널임?? 영상들이 동물농장에 나온것들인데? 이 고양이들도 얼마전에 나온 애들이고??

  7. SEN says:

    Damn. All of these cats are expensive in my hometown. Wtf? I have four Maine coon & it's not that hard to raise them with a little bit of knowledge. My guess is that that place is secluded from people & they used that place as dumping ground for unwanted cats. They obviously have a former owner & it's easy to just left them at that place & the cats not gonna find their former home anymore bcs I think they were never been outside before. It's good that we have some people that concern about those cats & feed them. Also that place is suitable for a place like a cat sanctuary or cat protection place bcs it's so big. I would make one tho bcs it would be an attraction to the place & people would pay for it to play & cuddle with all those beautiful cats. People would go to the place for some walk, jog or cycling & also for the cats. They could use the money to care for the cats also.

  8. levian says:

    aw look at them cats, i want to keep them all

  9. Breach Arce says:

    OMG! !beautiful cats.😮 Why will anyone abandon them in a remote area,where no food.

  10. Наталья Гуровская says:

    Молодцы, что не оставляете котиков на произвол судьбы

  11. Артём Заречнев says:


  12. Галина Дик says:

    Жалко кошечек.их бы в приют отправить

  13. павел никифоров says:


  14. 08 08 says:


  15. สุทธินันท์ บุญเรียง says:


  16. cute minh says:

    they was cute :3

  17. You Mee says:

    Hooman are rude , just buying ras cat and trhowing at nowhere

  18. syerli yenita says:

    Did u upload the same video twice? Coz I watched this video on this channel couple months ago🤔🤔

  19. Elizabeth Roberts says:

    Why Would Someone Abandon Such Cutness In A Place With Out People……..Criminal , Just Criminal!

  20. Mo Mo Channel says:

    May be someone who sold cats lose their cats

  21. mia pusch says:

    So many beautiful and sweet cats. Please take care and give them home

  22. care says:


  23. Tina Davies says:

    Cute cats thanks for sharing

  24. Артур Беркут says:

    Так животных надо забрать оттуда и найти им хозяев все красивые и собачка.

  25. Tiên Đoàn Thị Cẩm says:

    Ước gì mình có thể nhận nuôi :))) tiền thuế mang về vn cũng k đc rẻ 😭😭

  26. intan puspita says:

    Where is the part 2 ?

  27. Kritter Klub says:

    Follow the link below for part 2
    Part 2 : https://youtu.be/CxR5l70rXEU

  28. Keyla Humaira says:

    If I can I want take care one cat, they are beautiful 😢💕

  29. Kidstv says:

    elinize sağlık yine muhteşemsiniz mis mis🦊🦊💝💝🦁🦁💔💖👀👀👀🥰🐬😘⛱⛱🐜🐜😍🐳🐝🐝😻💕🦋✨✨🌹🌹🌈🥳💗

  30. Kasih Ciam says:


  31. sweetgothfromhell says:

    Its not possible to be so adorable and be left behind truly….

  32. Hasanah Uswatun says:

    kucingny wlpn liar kyk kucing piaraan cb klo di indomh liar e korengan kena siram aer panas jgn gtu dong 🙁

  33. sdadAjla Mesanovic says:

    Ha ha ha ne

  34. Memet Acer says:


  35. gurjit singh says:

    Well-done Guys🙏👍❤️🌹🤗

  36. Cat Roxy Potyike says:

    The walking trash bag who abandonned them should be deported to an Island where only crocodiles live for at least a month..

  37. Shirl Epps says:

    All beautiful. No cat or any domesticated animal should be abandoned. This is a true mystery! Anxiously awaiting part 2.

  38. Mariza Levandovski says:

    Pq humanos sem coração deixaram lá. Acham que gatos se viram sozinhos mas não é bem assim. Não é todo dia que conseguem caçar alguma coisa. Que judiação! É o fim dos tempos…

  39. Margot Ka says:

    Und.. warum ?

  40. sky.fortuna says:

    Definitely from cat café or breeder? Urghhhh… How cruel.

  41. Johnson Ave says:


  42. GAMING GIRL says:

    0:50 ( i am at) i feel like these are breeds and awesome😍 adorable

  43. GAMING GIRL says:

    Seems like someone collected breeds

  44. shahi Ambika says:

    Ohhh my babies….y left them alone…my babies..humans plzz rescue babies….muahhhh love u babies…..always stay blessed happy healthy😍😍🤗🤗

  45. TheWeardale1 says:

    beautiful 🙂

  46. Phoenix Huang says:


  47. 가시peekaboo says:

    a pet its for life, they’re not toys you play with it and when u tired you leave them behind

  48. Barbara Rodriguez says:

    Pobrecitos todos los Gatos y el Perro fueron abandonados ahí ya que es un lugar lejos y solitario para que las personas no los encontrarán. Pero estaba equivocado el que lo abandonó porque fueron vistos. Gracias a Dios porque sí no que abría pasado con ellos. Que CRUELDAD el que lo izo a los animales no se les abandonan son parte debla familia y sí no puedes entregárselo a una amistad que lo quiera siempre y cuándo los ame y los quiera o en un Refugio. Ojalá los adopté y que sean amados y la Gatica embarazada tengas sus crías en las manos de un experto. Gracias para el que lo haga. Saludos

  49. Maryam Usman says:

    Here in england all those cats would fetch £500 each ,at least, easily. What a difference somewhere else in the world

  50. diana dowie says:

    This so sad and bad.

  51. Cleonice De Souza Motta says:

    Gente maldosa usa. O bichinho e depois dezcartam que pecado..judiação Meu Deus

  52. Nose in the air Elephant says:

    First off thank you for taking care of those fur babies. They definitely are not feral animals.

  53. 加百列 46 says:


  54. Rosaura Ramos says:


  55. Apa Ya ? says:

    Ya Allah, they re sooooooo cute 😻

  56. DEWI DEWI says:

    Its pleasure to see animal in the wild but home cats are don't belong in the wild…
    What happens when winter time? Without proper shelter they'll all gonna die 😢

  57. Hua Yue says:

    Shocking to see purebreds living their lives as street cats.
    I think their owner died? Some are wearing collars.
    I would looove to adopt the scottish fold if only I’m near Korea….

  58. Maria de Fatima Alves Pereira de Carvalho says:

    A meu Deus que lindos!!! Quero todos para mim.

  59. CatMan says:

    So why are these A******s deserting these beautiful pedigree cats. They must have paid money for them. People who do this should be fined or serve jail time. If you can't take care of them Don't Have them,same with children.

  60. Marlene Rivera says:

    😍quisiera ir ahi y traerme un gatito

  61. bonniebel数分 says:

    Regardless of whether they are purebred cats or not, they are still poor animals that deserve affection, respect and love. It makes me very sad 💔

  62. 마리아 says:

    다음 영상은요~?

  63. tuti kanin says:


  64. เฉลิมพล พรหมดวง says:


  65. Cyntian Karyn Pessoa Wesson says:


  66. Opi Noviana says:

    Pengennn satuuu:(

  67. Малефисента Мульт says:

    коты войтели

  68. Zilda pereira says:

    Gatos lindos❤👏👏👏👏👏Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💗💗

  69. jona brongan says:

    In the beginning of the video where its in the part where the cat appears from a bush:Me seeing the cat be like:Woah….Cute chubby…" (lol)

  70. jona brongan says:

    Omg so many cuties!! (What i meant is cats c; )

  71. EL TURCO says:

    Por k la gente guarra le sigue dando de comer

  72. Oum Abdou says:

    J attend avec impatience la deuxième partie 👍👍👍👍

  73. Brigitta Máté says:

    They are so beautiful❤️❤️❤️

  74. _GloomBoys says:

    Where is this, straight up bouta hop on a plane and give these babies loving homes 🥺

  75. carol tenge says:

    Ban ghost towns.

  76. Merce Gomez Iraola says:


  77. Mehmet Can YILDIRIM says:

    Türk 🇹🇷

  78. Tracy Scott says:

    Oh my God, that's so sad!!! People can be so cruel. That's a lot of cats and dogs that need care

  79. Yai Lin PATTAYA says:

    Cute kitten

  80. mei mei says:

    Please help for them they cannot alive without human 😿

  81. Aheloin Castillo says:

    Korea is the only place I know where pedigree cats are left on streets 😔

  82. Shahnaz Sheru says:

    Thanks 🙏🏼 for helping d cats. God bless you.

  83. WWFAllStars says:

    Miau Miau!

  84. Elô Elosinha says:


  85. Areum Song says:

    Ohh if i was there i want to get them all, in the Philippines this cat is much expensive, why those such people leave them in starve,.. poor thing

  86. rochelle Talania says:

    Is there a part 3?😭

  87. Giuseppina Formaggio says:

    Un saluto da Italia 🙌🙏❤💋

  88. María Britos says:

    Like cat and dog 😍😍😍👍👍👍👍😍😍❤💗💗💗💖💖💟💟💞🐱😻😻🐶🐶🐶

  89. Faith Lee says:

    We recently rescued a kitten, she's very Cute 😊 but very micheivous 😈. I searched up cat breeds and found that she was and American Wire hair cat, is that a pedigree cat or a normal cat 🤔

  90. Cat Kat says:

    https://youtu.be/5ojxv_daRNI hello

  91. luis alberto amarilla jimenez says:

    que gatos mas bonitos son todos….

  92. Muhammad hanan Arvian says:

    Cute cat

  93. Cliché Name says:

    Can we nake it pedigree park?

  94. abmong says:

    Maybe someone wanted these breeds to become part of Korea's wildlife. Or maybe they belonged to someone rich who then lost it all and could no longer care for them so decided to release them in those peaceful looking bush fields thinking they could still live together as a group.

  95. Chacha Kayla Mirza says:

    Love cat…wowww

  96. John Mcguinness says:

    If your video isnt in english and doesnt have subtitles please dont have the title in english. Tried to watch your video and had no idea what was going on

  97. bangtan state university says:

    Take them especially the Scottish fold they can’t survive in the wild

  98. Ratu Mas says:

    I like this, love you cat

  99. Nyip Nyap says:


  100. youyou078 rex says:

    The cat is so cuuttteeeeeeee 😍

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