Why Pedigree Dogs Are So Expensive | So Expensive

NARRATOR: How much do you love dogs? Enough to spend $1.9 million on them? That’s how much a Tibetan
mastiff was sold for in 2014. Dog breeding is a complicated
and sometimes murky world, but for the people involved,
it’s a lifelong obsession. So why are pedigree dogs so expensive? And what is it that makes some cost so much more than others? This is Crufts. Every year, over 21,000 dogs
from 43 countries compete, and it’s here that you can see some of the world’s most expensive dogs. Akitas, chow chows, Löwchens, and Samoyeds. I’ve had Samoyeds for over 30 years, and I couldn’t have any other breed. There is nothing quite like them. They are the most joyous
dogs you would like to have, naughty, but very nice to have. They have some interesting
habits and traits, such as barking and digging, but you can stop them doing it
if you do it at an early age. With all the coat that they’ve got, they do need an awful lot of grooming. We recommend 10 minutes a
day keeps on top of the coat, but they do shed their
coat once or twice a year. NARRATOR: A pedigree is
proof of a dog’s lineage. It’s a family tree showing
the parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents
of each registered dog. Having healthy parents that’ve
competed in shows or trials can drastically increase
the price of the dog, and this lineage is taken very seriously. Some owners even get their dogs DNA tested to guarantee they are purebred. Once you’ve paid the $10,000
for a pedigree purebred dog, they can be costly to look after. Vet bills for purebred dogs can be higher, and certain breeds have much higher chances of some conditions. Samoyeds, for example, can have problems with diabetes, loss of
vision, heart conditions, and even hip dysplasia. Breeders will also invest
in pedigree pets for sponsorship deals and prize
money at international shows, driving their demand and
price up even further. Dogs with certain temperaments,
builds, or features that are likely to do better
at shows can cost far more, and if you have a male pedigree dog, there’s real money to be made as champion dogs can have
stud fees of over $1,000. The heritage of each breed
plays a huge part too. A lot of people are interested
in history of breeds, and it has a lot to do with the way that the
breeds will actually behave. If you have a dog that has always rounded up sheep, you tend to have a dog that
will round up the family. So there are some instincts that we’ve bred into dogs over the generations, which tend to come out now. So if you have a dog that’s
always bred to be a companion, something like the Pekingese or some of the other toy breeds, then they will naturally
make good companions because that’s what they were bred for. NARRATOR: Breeding can also save vulnerable breeds of dog. The Löwchen, a tiny breed
worth up to $10,000, has been around since about 1442, but by 1944, they were extremely rare. Breeder Madame Bennert brought them back from the brink of extinction, and in 1971, the Löwchen Club of America was formed. There are understandably
less of them around though, which means they can be more
expensive than other breeds. But at the same time
as saving some breeds, the owners market can
put them in jeopardy. It was reported in 2018 that thousands of Tibetan mastiffs were being abandoned in China. Once the most sought-after
dogs in the world, costing up to $1.9 million and prized for their rarity and status, there was a complete collapse in demand. The dogs were suddenly worthless, and many were even slaughtered
for their meat or fur. If a breed becomes very popular, then breeders can charge a lot more, and there are obviously a lot of very, very good breeders out there who care lots about their
animals and they’re breeding them to the best of their abilities,
but if they’re unable to get enough puppies out
there for the demand, then that’s where the unscrupulous
breeders will come in, and unfortunately they can
make an awful lot of money, possibly poor welfare, for
the bitches and the puppies, and we see this, sadly, at the RSPCA. The inspectorate do
come across puppy farms, and it’s pretty horrific, but they can make an awful
lot of money out of it. NARRATOR: These sudden booms in popularity for certain species spike the price, and what’s fashionable or
photogenic plays a big part. Instagram is flooded with
Tibetan mastiffs, huskies, Shiba Inus, chow chows, and Akitas, often bred to accentuate
their cute features. I think a lot of the flat-faced dogs, the ones with no nose,
the brachycephalics, they are very cute, so they’re
seen on all the social media, and stars and all the rest
of ’em got these dogs, and so people want to have them as well. There’s no doubt that we’re
seeing more and more of them. But they have been bred
to such an extreme that they have so many things
that I could tell you about wrong with their airways,
their tongues are too big, their soft palates are too big. It’s the extremes of
breeding that we can see some things that some of
these animals will die. NARRATOR: Regardless of what
you think of pedigree dogs, demand and price is growing with a 7% rise==

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100 Responses

  1. Pirates Gaming says:

    I used to have a pedigree chocolate lab and now I have another. I have to say, if it were my choice, I would never buy these dogs. Chocolate labs are so inbred and have TERRIBLE gene pools.

    My last dog?
    Died of kidney failure.

    My current?
    Anxious and vicious (he’s gotten better, but we can’t trust him very much) and also has very small airways, which causes him to cough all the time. I feel so sad when I watch him.

    Please, do your research about pedigree dogs before you get them. My parents only get pedigree dogs and only recently learned about the problems chocolate labs have. It’s terrible and I almost find it inhuman.

  2. Wrendys says:

    This is so sad… Those are living beings with feelings and fears. Not some kind of object or prize 🙁

  3. Mr Crack says:

    You can replace purebred with inbred.

  4. Wes Pauls says:

    Wow, barking AND digging? Kudos to you, those traits are a nightmare to breed into dogs. If I can breed swimming into my goldfish can I have $10,000?

  5. Archie Boye says:

    Pedigree dogs have more health problems, tend to live shorter and more painful lives, and are part of an industry that systematically over breeds without regards to the health and well being of the dogs it brings into the world. Avoid buying from puppy mills! Some breeders are responsible, avoid inbreeding and never breed more than they can find homes for, but many many more are not like this.

  6. DEADASS B says:

    I'ma take my mutts, they'll live longer cause they aren't inbred

  7. Potato .F says:

    They cant truly be themselves

  8. R.B. says:

    Imagine paying through the nose for an inbred vet's bill. Random mutts > Pedigree dogs.

  9. R.B. says:

    It would be cool if breeders bred only for intelligence for a while.

  10. little tiger says:


  11. OrangeDude says:

    1:48 wtf is that?

  12. Alejandro Alartiz says:

    People is so shitty. Greed and status their the only impulse.

  13. Linda Lombard says:

    As a dog lover, it makes me sad that people breed, the fact that they make the choices for the dog to get pregnant, time after time. The shelters are so full, and that's because of the human.

  14. ryan says:

    why are all small pedigree dogs sooo ugly

  15. Nick Martinez says:

    Did she say they have interesting traits like barking and digging…🤣 shit my dog does that too glad it's not the only one I was beginning to worry…

  16. Zack Ary says:

    Because it's Triple H

  17. Nickyhasnolife says:

    I really want a chow chow but i didnt know they where so expensive XD

  18. 5k subs with no videos challenge says:

    Lol 1.9 million delicacy in China 🇨🇳😐🇨🇳😢💙🇨🇳🥔💙🤣🖕

  19. j o y says:

    Dogs and any other animals are living beings not a handbag that has a price😑😑

  20. Zoup 4 says:

    I got a chow chow for free

  21. Kintsuta says:

    4:55 Dog breeds aren’t separate species. They’re all Canis Lupis Familiaris.

  22. Lindsay Barton says:


  23. Seham _ says:

    Awh god that fake dog scared the hell out out of me 00:42

  24. Nikki Johnson says:

    My beautiful Akita was worth every cent ❤️🤭

  25. TheIno22 says:

    I hate this

  26. Trixie Jeon says:

    Why buy a 1.9 million dollar dog if you can have one for free and spare that 1.9 million taking care of her?

  27. Gg BoY says:

    Who else ows a samoyed herec

  28. Maria Cunha says:

    Fun facts all those dogs are actually really unhealthy because purebred dogs are extremely unnatural and can be extremely abusive most times they need them with their own siblings so don't get a purebred dog it's extremely and healthy and they will die younger than a mutt

  29. tolga1cool says:

    This is so stupid

  30. BelleeBean says:

    If I see someone being mean/abuse physically/Verbally, I WILL F”CKING KILL THEMMMMM

  31. The Creepy Nerd says:

    Adopt don’t shop!

  32. Stella Fin says:

    Lol I just spent 3500 on a Afghan hound plus 200 on shipping

  33. owo kibo says:

    They're also very inbred. That's an interesting trait.

  34. Golden Spectacles says:

    I watched for the slow motions floofiness

  35. yee yee says:

    i have a shih tzu ? Is is expensive?

  36. Soccer 363678466 says:

    I love dogs but I hate how if they don’t do as well they get locked up and live in the worst places.

  37. Poochi Gang Lads says:

    I’m feeling that it might be fake, u got the stock x verified tag?

  38. Emma Alford says:

    Just looked at my local shelter and I can get a dog for $49 right now. I might just do that

  39. Mini Puff gaming says:

    1:20 all dogs do that

  40. inner circle says:

    Didn’t know there were a dog specices called Pedigree🤨

  41. Andrew Lucfr says:

    Buy from responsible breeders! don't be a cheapo!

  42. Danielle Ehresman says:

    lmao i got my pure bred cocker spaniel for $75 and she’s turning 10 in 6 days. the only time she’s really gotten sick is from eating sour patch kids. suckerssss

  43. YourGoatStinks says:

    I tried to train my dog to bark and dig. It didnt work. I think its exclusive to only samoyeds.

  44. Hahaxes says:

    Next video: Why are kids so expensive to afford?

  45. jungshook says:


  46. Nicola king says:

    Im so glad bad health/ breed issues was at least touched apon in this.

  47. Phuc Nguyen says:

    So u love the dogs because of their pure dna?

  48. boogey man says:

    Pedigree dogs are the classic example of mankind's ignorance. The so called "Pure breed" gives a dog nothing but genetic dieases, and high price. most crossbred dogs are just as adorable as pedigree dogs, and most importantly, they are healthier and often more intellectual. If you still don't choose pedigree over crossbred after acknowledging this fact, well, I hope hell has reserved a spot for you.

  49. Morgan Panganiban says:

    I have 2 chow chows from the philippines for 3,000P ea. Which is about 150$ so Yay!

  50. Ethan Paints says:


  51. le flop says:

    Barking and digging are interesting traits huh? I should start teaching my chicken to bark now and then

  52. Jortand says:

    These people spending 1.9 million on something you can get for free at a shelter and it will probably live for longer too.

  53. ZHICHENG HUANG says:

    simple thing to do… stop inbreeding for the sake of “pedigree” and “ desirable traits”

  54. A Floofer says:

    Leave my samoyed alone.

    Fyi. Non Show samoyeds are not expensive, even if they are pure pure-bread. If yall have any questions for the samoyeds. I can try to awnswer.

  55. Anh Huỳnh Kim Nguyễn says:

    Guys just adopt a pet from your local animal shelter.

  56. Yep its Marcry says:

    They're all good bois (and girls)

  57. mrak408 says:

    People need to have experience when dog breeding since inflation,demand, and other compititors can ruin your game. It is not a very easy job.

  58. Kapil G says:

    Akitas are merely $250 in India 🤣

  59. SkyDieSay says:

    1.9.million for the dog
    1.9 million subscribers

    Coincidence…. I THINK NOT

  60. Video Game Talk says:

    Dog breeders out here acting like they are EV training their dogs

  61. Alfonso Villegas says:

    Purebred = inbred
    That is why they have so many health conditions. Bad genes are kept in their line

  62. Syisulis Solease says:

    Slaves poor animals if you think your dog loves you it's a lie, it's Stockholm syndrome and to add one more horrible fact inbreeding is the reason you have different dog breeds we made them that way. Stop lying to yourself's you so called animal lovers your human are you are the master. So ask yourself if you had a master would you be ok with it.

  63. Jessica Hara Bodziak says:

    Dogs are not objects like cars, that you pay them for take you somewhere
    Dog are real creatures
    They have feelings
    They give you love
    And love is priceless
    There is no money that can afford love

  64. Michaella D. says:

    In the Philippines pedigree is just Dogfood

  65. shaoye chen says:

    I’ve seen so many homeless dogs in China it’s so upsetting!

  66. EJ Tech and DIY says:

    from a Wolf to this mess of sick dogs

  67. Joanna Jarmoc says:

    My one chow chow cost me 1300 and the other one 300. Pretty sure the cheaper one is smarter and also digs. WOW SO SMART

  68. Lucky ASMR says:

    Just adopt one, they’re just as good if not better! They want a home and family! I adopted one years ago and I’ve loved him ever since!💚

  69. Stoned Aleks says:

    I have 2 pedigree tibetan spaniels that were born with birth defects so I got them for free

  70. Elizabeth H says:

    Hahhahahah y'all are lucky. I don't even have a dog

  71. Alisia Guzman says:

    I have 3 chow chows and they r the best and I love them so much 2 white and one gray and I plan on getting a samoyed one day

  72. BOB says:

    Sam o’nella subscribers:

  73. Kathy Donoghue says:

    These people are spoiled fu#ks and they do things like this to dogs, I wish stuff like this never existed

  74. Just here Chillin says:

    If my $1.9 million dog died a week later, I don’t know if I would be sad he died, or mad because I threw away $1.9 mil just like that.

  75. Emilian Stefan says:

    We've stopped caring about lineage in people long time ago. Hopefully we'll do that with animals too.

  76. luan trieu says:

    A pure breed is literally an incest dog, that's why they have so many Genetic problems.

  77. blair says:

    im sorry but if i could id buy a samoyed in a heartbeat

  78. jordan tuttle says:

    0:42 there’s no way that’s a real dog…. right?

  79. Señor Fox says:

    Barking and digging you say?


  80. you 2 says:

    Pure breds are horrible for dogs

  81. Sen says:

    because they are good boys

  82. Hunts By Chainsaw says:

    You've got $1.9 million to spend and that's what you do with it…….. Why or how some people have that much money I'll never understand. Our world is truly hilarious in a sick, depraved, and sadistic kind of way….

  83. King Farouq KF says:

    I Want Husky :'(
    Edit : I Mean, I Want Shiba Inu

  84. Morgan Keziah says:

    2:23 Schnauzer!!

  85. Cat Hunter says:

    What breed is at 1:28 ?

  86. jessica xx says:

    Is it just me or why are most so ugly

  87. Kilroy was Here says:

    1:15 how are these interesting skills and traits, all dogs do this, my dog does this and he’s a black lab Mutt

  88. Shauna Purcell says:

    I have two long hair mini dachshund😄

    you have never seen such a stubborn dog 😐

    I still love them though they so sweet 🤣😋

  89. Wizard Craft says:

    dogs don't cost

  90. GulsGuls says:

    One of the things in this world which seems really wrong.

  91. slipee toads says:

    Samoyed : * exists *

    Me :

  92. StoopidLizard Green says:

    Stupid.. me adopt a shelter 🐶 me did adopt a 🐶

  93. Devendra Jagtap says:

    Cat woods talks about dogs tantrums, irony….

  94. Random Me says:

    Bulldogs and pugs are ridiculously ugly

  95. Haikal Ibrahim 149 says:

    You know people in china eat dog with 20 million dog are killed and eat so it actually break my heart so much

  96. Timothy Wang says:

    My friends dad represented China in 2018

  97. Daniel Vang says:

    These dogs are ugly.

  98. Huskaya Ken says:

    Instead of breeding dogs and making people spend millions on them- imagine how many endangered animals can be saved with that much money.

  99. RuizuKun_Dev says:

    They have interesting qualities like Barking and Digging.

    Well mam my dog can do that too and they didn’t cost me a penny

  100. Tino Schincariol says:

    Woah. uhh 4:02

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