Why Scientists Are Still Fascinated By Phineas Gage

In the grand scheme of things, there aren’t
many ordinary people who have names remembered by history. Unless, that is, something extraordinary happens
to them. The extraordinary certainly happened to Phineas
Gage on September 13th, 1848. Unfortunately for Gage, that extraordinary
thing was pretty gruesome. Here’s why Phineas Gage is still fascinating,
even today. What happened? 25-year-old construction foreman Phineas Gage
was helping cut a new railway bed through Cavendish, Vermont, and was using a tamping
iron to pack explosives into a hole. And then…this happened. [Explosion and panicked yelling] The explosives detonated early, and sent the
4-foot, 13-pound tamping iron through his left cheek, into his brain, and out his skull. Making things worse, according to legend,
he might not have even lost consciousness. Historical documents say that he was driven
into town, where he sat on a porch chair and chatted to passers-by as he waited for Doctor
John Harlow. After a few days, he developed a brain infection
that left him even closer to the Grim Reaper’s door, but the Reaper had apparently been impressed
enough with what he’d already survived to give him a pass. He recovered, lost use of his left eye, and
went home two months later. Everyone who knew him before and after the
accident agreed he had changed, and when he died in 1860 after suffering a series of seizures,
he remained a part of historical and medical infamy. Pioneering neurology Gage is one of the earliest documented cases
of traumatic brain injury, and his accident couldn’t have come at a better time for the
science of neurology. When Dr. Harlow first documented Gage’s story
in the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal in 1848, no one believed it. It wasn’t until 1850, when Harvard professor
Henry J. Bigelow wrote a piece on him being a fully functional human post-accident that
people started to notice this medical miracle. Bigelow’s follow-up report in 1868 focused
on the “mental manifestations” of the accident, saying, “[He had become] fitful, irreverent, indulging
at times in the grossest profanity [and] manifesting but little deference for his fellows.” In short, the guy who got a giant metal spike
through his head allegedly became a jerk. Neurologists at the time insisted that we
needed to look inside the brain to unlock the secrets of what made us human, and Gage
was the first documented case that provided evidence for this, so we should probably be
thanking Gage for his unwitting scientific contributions. Insane in the brain There’s still a ton we don’t know about brain
function today, and we can’t always peek inside to see what’s going on, so we have to find
other ways to get a look. Gage’s accident and his big, open brain was
helpful in doing just that. We know what part of his brain sustained the
most damage: the prefrontal cortex. And we know what happened to him afterward. His memory was intact, and he was perfectly
capable of working, traveling, and doing everything else a responsible human should do. But everyone also agreed that his personality
underwent a big change, which was pretty good proof that our personality lives in our prefrontal
cortex. While some sources say post-accident Gage
was a depraved monster… “I’m still the same man. I’m the same man!” “Look at yourself, Phineas!” “Give me my job back! Give me my job back!” …other documentation shows he managed to
maintain a pretty normal life. It’s also written that he exhibited himself
in freak shows, and that he had no more social inhibitions, was a perpetual drunk, and even
that he was described as psychopathic. “He’s like an animal now.” “An animal’s emotions in a man’s body.” But there’s nothing in Dr. Harlow’s writings
that suggests anything of the sort, and his mother testified he was eager to keep working
after the accident and loved making up stories to tell his nieces and nephews. Psychopath, storyteller, or something in between? No one’s entirely sure. New insight Technology has come a long way since Gage’s
accident, and it’s a lucky thing that we still have his skull. The official cause of Gage’s 1860 death was
complications from epileptic convulsions. No autopsy was performed after he died, but
Gage’s body was exhumed seven years after his burial, and his brother-in-law took both
the skull and tamping iron to Dr. Harlow. Today, both artifacts are housed in Harvard’s
Warren Anatomical Museum. We don’t have any direct information about
Gage’s brain, but we do have two of the most important tools needed to re-create what happened
to him. His skull was mapped and diagrammed as early
as the 1940s, according to NPR, and as technology has improved we’ve gotten increasingly better
looks. In 2012, researchers from the Laboratory of
Neuro Imaging used a combination of techniques to map exactly what connections were severed
when the tamping iron sliced through his skull, and they found something pretty interesting:
the white matter in Gage’s brain likely sustained damage less severe than you might expect,
similar to the damage done by a typical brain lesion. Pretty lucky for such a seemingly unlucky
guy. We can overcome There’s a lot of gory stuff that’s involved
in talking about Phineas Gage. He’s still the poster child doctors point
to when they want to show patients and their families what the human body and brain can
overcome, even without the miracle of modern medicine. If there’s one good thing to come out of Gage’s
insane, life-changing accident, we think he’d be happy to be an inspiration to people going
through similar, life-altering traumas — which is pretty fascinating. Thanks for watching! Click the Grunge icon to subscribe to our
YouTube channel. Plus check out all this cool stuff we know
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    How can they be sure it was the physical changes? They assume it was. Yet it's long been acknowledged that a traumatic experience can change a person. Some of the symptoms of PTSD include physical tremors and a personality change. Living through such an accident would definitely fall into the category of traumatic events.

    Also, consider how those around him may have changed the way they treated him. Historically, when someone exhibits unusual behavior, their peers will set him apart and treat him differently, either better or worse. This would bring about manifestations he may have never demonstrated before, as well, out of sheer frustration.

    It's too simplistic to assume it was merely the rod that caused physical changes. I'm not convinced at all. In fact, given what we know today about psychology, I seriously doubt the rod had any effect on his personality.

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