Why Should You Adopt A Shelter dog?¿Por qué debo adoptar un perro del refugio? subtítulos en español

Hola ! Tengo una pregunta que me gustaría preguntar: ¿Por qué adoptar un perro del refugio ? … Porque cuando usted adopta un perro , que está no sólo salvar la vida del animal usted está adoptando …….. Nombre del perro : Theodore … También está abriendo una jaula para otro perro … Nombres de Perros: Fozy , Rouge , y Meg … También , el dinero que se dona a pagar la cuota de adopción ayuda a pagar por los alimentos necesarios y el tratamiento veterinario necesario para la próxima perro. El nombre del perro es Charlie Para muchos, no se trata sólo de salvar la vida de un perro . … para muchas personas , un perro es un amigo, un compañero de confianza , y uno que se mire adelante a pasar toda la vida con . ( foto ) El nombre del perro es Jazzy. Para otros, un perro es un ayudante , que alivia el estrés , hace que su vida sea más fácil , y trae una sonrisa a su cara cada día . La HSUS estima que los refugios de animales se preocupan por 6-8 millones de perros y gatos cada año en los Estados Unidos solamente , de los cuales aproximadamente 3-4 millones son sacrificados .
Fuente: HumaneSociety.org Mutts son como cualquier otro perro . Lo más importante, usted debe recordar que es una vida , un verdadero animal vivo . El nombre del perro es Freckles (Pecas) . … Un ser vivo que tiene una personalidad y un corazón . … Una personalidad que puede ser feliz y alegre … ..o triste y temerosa ….

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27 Responses

  1. PawticularTraining says:

    Great video as always 🙂 I totally agree with what you're saying – well said 🙂

  2. BorderCollieShowOff says:

    And by getting one rescue dog your saving two lives because the money from the adoption fee goes to another pet

  3. BorderCollieShowOff says:

    I love freckles

  4. cheerfulchip197 says:

    Great video! Shelter doggies are the best. ^.^ Do you volunteer at any shelters? 🙂

  5. m1shadow says:

    My Sasha is from a shelter 🙂

  6. andreja v says:


  7. Katrin der Jack Russell Terrier says:

    amazing Video

  8. Rachel Schumacher says:

    What breed of dog is Tonya? She`s gorgeous.

  9. TalentedK9Tonya says:

    Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. All the volunteers that volunteer at this Humane Society really liked it too. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

  10. TalentedK9Tonya says:

    Well put! I completely agree with everything you said. When I go to the Humane Society to volunteer, I work on rehabilitating the dogs there, + train them commands like Freckles, the Australian CattleDog mix (seen in this video) I taught to take a bow on cue-That helps them get adopted faster since everyone likes a dog that can do tricks! HumaneSocieties are usually no-kill (like this one) & will not euthanize unless it is a serious health or behavior problem they feel they can do NOTHING about.

  11. TalentedK9Tonya says:

    Yup. She's pretty cute. You can see some more of her in an older video of mine called "RESCUE PETS MAKE THE BEST PETS! Adopt a pet today" video. I taught her to take a Bow on cue. That's why she was bowing in her video.

  12. TalentedK9Tonya says:

    Glad you liked it! I agree, they ARE the best! I volunteer at this one 🙂 all the footage of the 'shelter dogs' (Freckles, Theodore, Foxy, Rouge, Meg, etc) my best friend and I from Anthony&Sarah's PhoDOGraphy took. I also have fostered several dogs (like Maple the Pit Bull from "Time with Tonya- Interruption to introduce Maple" video) Do you volunteer at any shelters?

  13. TalentedK9Tonya says:

    That's great! I'm glad you chose to adopt!

  14. TalentedK9Tonya says:

    Thanks! Yes, it's actually a Humane Society. My best friend and I take pictures and videos of the dogs and cats there. That's why it's called Anthony&Sarah's PhoDOGraphy. Do you volunteer at any shelters?

  15. TalentedK9Tonya says:

    Thanks! Who was your favorite dog in the video? Mine was Tonya, Molly, Jazzy, Bo-Max AKA Max and Theodore. Those are my favorites.

  16. TalentedK9Tonya says:

    I guess you either typed this out before watching the entire video or didn't watch the entire video. Anyways, Tonya is a Border Collie/Siberian Husky mix. Do you like my channel?

  17. andreja v says:

    They are all cute but especially I like Tonya and Jazzy;) <3 <3 <3

  18. Katrin der Jack Russell Terrier says:

    are all sweet and cute especially Tonya ,Jack Russell Terrier mix ,Foxy Molly, Jazzy,Bo-Max AKA Max und Theodore

  19. TalentedK9Tonya says:

    🙂 You like all my favorites 😉 It's hard not to like them all, but some are just closer to your heart. I almost adopted Theodore!

  20. TalentedK9Tonya says:

    Yeah, Jazzy is really sweet. As for Tonya, well I live with her and she's the best 😉

  21. TalentedK9Tonya says:

    That's great! I volunteer almost every Saturday. Like Tonya said: "Every little bit helps!" 😉

  22. Chela Landau says:

    Thank you for your lovely well-made video and promoting rescue, great job! Keep up all your hard and worthwhile work for the animals.

  23. TalentedK9Tonya says:

    Thank YOU Ms. Landau. You are doing a great job, promoting adoptable dogs on your channel. May your efforts be well rewarded!

  24. Brody Border Collie says:

    Nicely done!

  25. DogsCircle says:

    Beautifully done! ~ Great message ~ Everyone in the world should see this video

  26. rob davies says:

    You are pretty good at film making too  !!!!

  27. Pastel Moon says:


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