We’re talking with Shawn here we’ve met here recently at the current resort We’re staying at it’s interesting listening to some of the stories from everybody and why they went full time RV Since we came to California and came up to the coast to the San Francisco Bear and they don’t yeah a lot of stories We noticed have changed why they went full-time RV. I’ve been full-time are being for a few weeks now and Everything’s going pretty smoothly. There are some cons and a lot of pros I can tell you I’m a lot more relaxed with this lifestyle. I come to the park. I can go swimming There’s basketball courts. There’s pool tables. You’re kind of living, you know and living working day to day life stuff But you’re still partly on vacation too, which is really nice with our tour. Outlaw 37 RB We’re planning a lot more vacations as well. We’re gonna be doing a big vacation up to Colorado and Utah and the brass bed So it’s gonna be a nice trick. I was just you know, regular nine-to-five job in Silicon Valley and Had a nice home And so just living the regular life but Silicon Valley is getting so crowded a few years back. I started Really wanting to get out and I wanted them be more in the country have some acres Have some dirt bikes and just be able to go on my dirt bikes and go out riding Silicon Valley lifestyle and what I call the rat race just really wasn’t working for me and during that process Unfortunately, I’m going through a divorce – so we’ve sold the house and then me and my ex-wife were splitting up the proceeds Of the house and I took some of the proceeds from the house and bought this RV Yeah for all you single ladies out there. Okay notice that plug there Yeah Here you go. Yeah, I’ll give you my phone number at the bottom So, yeah, I bought the RV and Bucks and dirt bikes I go on it so now I have dirt bikes and we do build dirt bike riding often and I still have a little bit of money in the bank. We bought this house it’s 1,650 square feet in San Jose. It’s in a neighborhood called Willow Glen. Good bye for 560,000 in 2009 March 2009 exactly 10 years later we sold in April from 1.3 million It’s insane insane now along with that Appreciation the rents have gone sky-high so that 16-under square-foot helps we could have been renting it out for 4500 easily a month Wow. Yeah to be honest to do You know, I’m I work for a small parks department and in the harbor so pretty much a blue-collar worker I’m not making two three four hundred thousand a year like some of the engineers in Silicon Valley, you know It’s another reason why I want to exit Silicon Valley, you know, it’s not just housing prices registrations expensive Electric expensive waters expensive sewers expensive and you can just go down the list Gables expensive food is much less. It doesn’t matter if you make a lot of money in Silicon Valley You’re still almost living paycheck-to-paycheck Personally, I didn’t want that lifestyle or so one of the changes that I’ve personally made is to do the RV lifestyle because oh We’re all once you actually have your unit It is it is a less expensive lifestyle and you get a lot more enjoyment and freedom Yeah Because hey, you can really pick up and go and be in another state in your home and if the market crashes again You’re not stuck in that home or in a pressure situation where you can’t go anywhere exactly I weighed and cons pretty heavily and Crunch some numbers and thought about the because I bought this brand new and thought about the depreciation over two years plus space rent which I’m doing the Thousand Trails membership and it’s working out pretty good, but the depreciation Is still less than what I would be paying for an apartment as housing yeah the cost way out to you know, you know this human it’s a pretty nice unit and it’s Probably much limits working great your something like it. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Yeah Have you talked to me regret many families with the kids and yeah, a lot of people you get That haven’t done this before I think oh, you know your kids don’t have any live out there They don’t need all these other kids but what we found we keep meeting all these other full-time families. We found complete opposite yeah, we homeschool my son and then Actually just a couple spaces over we met a family the other day that has three dogs Two kids and they’re staying in the fifth wheel when I was talking to them they stayed in this park for about two weeks and Then they just took off to Yosemite for a week and stayed up there for a week and then they came back to this park They also homeschooler kids But I can tell you as a homeschooling father There’s nothing better than to spend time with your children, yeah and one-on-one time of Educating your child is huge. It’s huge. It beats a teacher Trying to educate 30 children on the spectrum curve It gets good one-on-one education and as many of you know being on the road There’s a lot of Education on the road. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I know a lot of people think when your kids are home-schooled There’s that myth out there that they don’t have any interaction with other kids. No, that’s completely untrue Oh, here’s my son right here. And this is our dog. Woody. He’s in a cottage bulldog Yeah, Eric, how is it the socialization of school do you feel you have more socialization Fool when you were in school or now in your home school was it with anybody just in general? Yeah more socialization home school. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, cool. Well, thank you for that. Yeah. Thanks Sam the gamer stud Like I said a few weeks, but I’m the joiner like, okay Yeah, we did too approaching seven months now coming up. Okay? Doesn’t sound like long but you do learn a lot in the short amount of time, don’t you? Yes. Yes And there are downsides, you know It’s kind of like Exactly, you talk to any millionaire a billionaire. There’s downsides about hugging millions and billions of dollars. You know, right? Yeah look at all the celebrities and pro football players that get a lot of money and Can’t manage it and then they’re broken ten years, you know money doesn’t hurt a problem. Exactly unless it’s called it yeah, yeah for me it was living in Silicon Valley was kind of like stop chasing the money dream and then you know I’m 48 now and then you know, I think a lot of people Get to a point where they start realizing that living life is more important than living to gain money And I’ve even heard a quote and said Americans are crazy because they worked their whole life’s to get a lot of money and then the last part of their life stick spend all that money on their health I didn’t want to be one of those people you know, I really don’t even think about it until you hear it for the first time that statement and you’re like That’s true. Yeah. Yeah exactly. But let me ask you this. Yeah, let’s say you have that same job You look somewhere else that had a lot less cost of living Yeah, would you want to be back in that position? No, it’s not So the other thing I’m trying to transition into is is leave the day-to-day work So I’m a health coach and what I do is really help people get on track with their health So I’m not a nutritionist. I understand nutrition. I’m not a nurse or a doctor. I can’t prescribe anything which Prescriptions I would really give liter vegetables yeah and exercise more and then You know start cutting up wheat and GMOs and you know, start eating healthy and even organic but yeah, that’s really what I do is just help people get on track some people lose weight and Start feeling good about themselves. Again. That’s awesome for me at the same time When I started thinking about RVs and could I do this or anything and really watching a lot of YouTube channels? on on RVs and full-time our beers and and but at that same time I realized that this lifestyle is gonna be hard while working a full-time job, you know and Yeah, you can buy a unit go full-time Live at a local park and save a ton of money but Working 9:00 to 5:00 the regular job. It’s gonna be hard to travel around, you know, unless you really figure out a way to change and One of those changes for me is doing what we love to do. Well, I think when you start doing what you love to do Versus working for the money. Mm-hmm. The money will come and if it’s not a lot of money just make adjustments in your life You’ll see for us It was a little different though, because our cost of living that lifestyle are pretty much about the same as they are now. Oh Okay, but wouldn’t go back to that if that’s how we feel right now because we’re really I’m doing it. Yeah, you’re getting This seems like you’re cheating life a little bit. You’re getting a little bit more life. Yeah. Yeah by doing this. Yeah The best way I can describe it. Yeah, because you are working on the road and on vacation at the same time, right? yeah when you Work a regular job and you come home It’s like you got a movie yard and then you know, you know There’s there’s repair as an RV and stuff and gotta clean the RV everyone’s long But you don’t have that the same commitment and then for me personally The last few months I was in my house before I sold it. I was kind of coming to couch potato Yeah, that’s exactly what I was getting right said. Yeah now it’s it’s more of an active lifestyle You have a nice arguing, but when it’s nice outside or I mean you want to go to the for you know? You want to go take a walk or you know? Walk the dog with so many people and families around here outside all the time. Yeah, let’s just do it. Yeah Like when we lived in, you know home back back in Iowa, we we didn’t do much during the week We would work all day and then in evening, we were that a couch potato Yeah, you know had shows that we watched now, we hardly watch any shows on TV which you know You kind of miss some of those shows, but it’s kind of good, too Because now you know, I always said we work during the week and then our weekends are for you know Go and enjoy ourselves at the new location rat I was trying to see everything but a lot of times I have to work really late at night, too But we can you know Eat supper and we can go and take off and go somewhere for an hour or two and still enjoy the area Yeah, and then come back and work if I have to thank you or with the restaurants Yeah, you just take a two hour drive up to Napa. That’s enough of California It’s ready. All right, four hour drive to Yosemite. Yeah exactly right there What you just said is one of the benefits working from home, but your home is on the road for me right now. I see very little Collins compared you’ll approach I’m excited to to keep going. Yeah. I haven’t seen one family That seemed like they were just down in the dumps everybody has things that that’s just it at the community and the our review world is just Amazing. Everybody’s always there to help each other everybody so friendly Yeah, yeah, that’s where does that board? Yeah, exactly But then when you’re inside your your RV, you still have your privacy and you know, you don’t You know, you know what I don’t miss having a home is all the people coming knocking at my door Selling candy selling mad subscriptions selling trying to sell my solar Haven’t had that I would have had three sell your soul. Yeah a solar So, yeah, I don’t have that anymore, yes, you know, that’s just you can think of a lot of different things It just goes to shove your life’s not perfect. No matter what you do where you’re at. Where you go? Yeah, exactly Yeah, but from done close. Yeah Alright, so what I ask hey, thank you. And that right there is what makes this lifestyle even more rewarding Friendships

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    Best of Life Shawn to you & your son. Do you have a website for your coaching business?

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    Thank you for the opportunity to interview on LivinRVision. Sorry for late reply we were traveling. If any of your viewers need suggestions on health they can contact me through https://healthyu.coach/nutrition

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    Single mom going full time in February with my 11 year old son. But I'll be stationary at a local park till I pay everything off hopefully a year or less. Then hitting the road.

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