Wicker Goddess Owner Sarah Small’s 6 Must Have Items

– My name’s Johnathan, this… (upbeat music) That’s Noodle, he’s part iguana. Did you see all the
stuff come out of nose? Tempe, like oh my god, Tempe, Tempe! So the first thing I’m gonna
do is I’m gonna rotate the pug. Set it to 375 and rotate every 15 minutes until golden brown. My grocery stores are starting to ban. And she needs to love herself. Yeah, his hearing is totally gone. (dog barks) (logo chimes) Hi everyone, thank you
so much for watching this week’s episode of Tools of the Trade. My name is Jonathan.
This… That’s Noodle. And this is Tools of the Trade, the show where we find
out what every day items our every day entrepreneurs
need to get through their day. So this week we are featuring
the Sarah Small box. Sarah Small of Wicker Goddess
works every single day to bring the best of Bohemian lifestyle and vintage goods to your home. So she does everything from making cards to making some beautiful
prints for your wall, to repurposing vintage
materials that she finds, so everything from mugs to ceramics to one of her signature items, wicker. She’s local to one of
GoDaddy’s main campuses in Tempe, AZ, so we sort
of partnered with her, helping her on her journey. She did this business. She built this whole thing by herself, but as far as helping
her get set up online, and to help get her email
marketing set up and her SEO and essentially all the
tools in GoDaddy’s kit, we worked to build into Sarah’s business. We actually just posted last
week a 14-minute documentary that we filmed with her
about entrepreneurship and essentially what one
year of building a business has done to her. And I’m so excited to be able
to show this box to you guys. So, we’re gonna open the box. OK, so the first item we have in the Wicker Goddess
box is a Hydro Flask. So this I can imagine is in
this box for a ton of reasons. First of all, hydration. You guys, every day you
gotta get water wasted. It’s good for your mind, body and soul, it helps with your skin,
it helps with your blood, it helps with your, sort of just like, the fact that you’re alive. Her business is based in Arizona, so I understand the need to have water, especially if you’re
working in a desert, right, if you’re somewhere like Tempe, AZ. So this holds a ton of water. It’s one of those water bottles that helps to keep hot water hot and cold water cold. I know I make this joke all the time like, “Oh, it’s a water bottle. Fill it with tequila and call it a day.” Have you ever filled a Hydro
Flask or a water bottle with a nice cocktail and
taken it to the park with you? Or the movie? I’m sorry, I saw “Birds
of Prey” last weekend at like 11 in the morning,
and we had a cocktail kinda going between the
two of us, it was fabulous. I’m fine. Hydration is key. Another thing that I learned, so this is another thing I
wanna stress everyone do, and I learned this from
my friend, Madalena, water before coffee. So coffee is never the
first thing you’re supposed to put in your stomach in the morning. You are always supposed
to drink a glass of water right when you wake up in the morning before you put coffee in there. So I love this, I’m
very glad this is here. The next item we have
in the Sarah Small box is… Simple. These, I know what these are. These are reusable tote bags. And what I think is cool about
this is whether you’re going to a farmer’s market or you’re
heading to a grocery store… Are you gonna face the camera? Or you just gonna stare at me? Are you just gonna stare at me, Noodle? You can stare at me if you want. There you go, look at that. He was like, “Get outta my face!” It’s really nice to have a reusable bag, especially ’cause I know
a lot of grocery stores are starting to ban. It’s treat time. He just went, “Shut up!” OK, I will! There you go. I think this kinda speaks really directly to the kind of business that she operates, and the kind of person that she is. Like if she’s gonna run a
business that’s exclusively about repurposing items and helping people to make beautiful spaces, how
great that she also repurposes even her bags, her grocery bags, the thing that she uses
to carry things around in. The next item we’ve got in this box, I’m gonna do this one, whatever this is. Oh, it’s another solar charger. Seen a couple of these in boxes before. So this is an incredible
item for anyone to have, again whether you’re an entrepreneur, or you’re just someone who
exists in today’s society. It looks like this, and it
charges all your little boops, and it runs on solar power. So especially if you’re in Tempe, AZ, I can imagine that you are never without the opportunity to charge. But essentially what you
do is you just kinda leave this out in the sun,
and then you can use it. It’s a portable charger. You can charge your phone,
anything that’s got a USB attachment to it. And it’s the
kind of thing that you want, it’s the kind of thing you
just wanna have nearby. So portable charger, this
is a really great addition to this box. The next item we have in
the Wicker Goddess box is… Are these rose quartz? And rose quartz is for protection? – [Man] That self-love is important. – OK, that’s really cool. So these are, you have sort
of a bulk bag of rose quartz. And we’ve had a couple of
these on previous episodes, but these crystals all
symbolize something different and they all sort of bring
a different kind of energy to whatever room you’re in
if you keep them on them, and rose quartz is about self-love. So what’s really cool about this is she, as someone who just over a year ago left a secure corporate
job to go off on her own and build her own business, you know, that’s an act of self-love. So to have an item like this
is a really staunch reminder not only to have that actual
like energy of self-love around you, but also
to remind her that she, and I think these are her words, is that she deserves
a place in this world. And she is allowed to be
happy and she’s allowed to go after the things that she loves, and she needs to love herself. (crystals clattering) Yeah, his hearing’s totally gone. (laughs) Guys, we’ve known for a long time, we’ve known that it’s really bad, but we just had proof on camera that that dog’s hearing is gone. I’m so glad that these are in here, and you got a bulk, right? There’s a lot of love to go around in this bag, that’s for sure. The next item we have in
the Wicker Goddess box is… I love merch. I love merch. It’s a little Wicker Goddess sticker. It’s a little sticker. So this is, you can put… Right? Come on. Come on. I love this, I love that this is an item, ’cause I think this just
speaks to the pride she has for the business that she created. Right, she designed
this, this little design, this is all her, and I
think this kinda ties back into self-love, that
idea of really wanting to celebrate your success
and also get the name of your business out there. The final item we have is The Moon Deck. They are Oracle cards. This healing Oracle set
shares insights on growth, purpose, intuition,
practice and creativity. OK, great. So this is, and
I’ve never done these myself, but I know that these cards are something that a lot of people use
to help them make decisions or to help them understand, sort of, the situations that they’re in right now. Anyone who’s going off on their own and is trying to start their own business and really pursue their
own thing might need that extra boost of confidence, or might need those small
opportunities of guidance, like, is this the deal I go for, is this the one I post on my page, is this the business idea
that I need to pursue? Is it right to quit my job, right? And there are a lot of
factors that go into making that decision, but I do
know a lot of people trust in these cards and trust
in sort of the energy that’s brought through them. It says right here, “May this
deck empower and inspire you to walk your path with
self-love, trust and purpose.” Sarah, actually, so she’s a
daily practitioner of this, and what she does is she
starts every single morning by pulling a card, and that card, whatever the meaning behind that card is, helps her to set an intention for the day. That is everything in
the Wicker Goddess box. We are beyond excited
that she took the time to curate this for us. All of those items speak so
truly to who she is as a person and who she is as a business owner. And if you liked this video
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