Wild West. Wanted Сat Steals Food From Moving Freight Train

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42 Responses

  1. kyro1 says:

    Billy the cat! WANTED !!!!!!

  2. Любовь Ерлер says:

    Класс,вам за изобретательность ставлю "пять", кот Пусик самый умный и проворный котейка в мире!Так ловко съедать с движущегося поезда еду,это надо постараться,вот Пусик и постарался! Ваши видео с котиком -знайкой я всегда жду с нетерпением!Спасибо!

  3. Dmitriy I says:

    Работа ДПС продемонстрирована наиболее полно

  4. Ismayatul Maula Ulfa says:


  5. 이원찬 says:

    Happy routine with lovely cat

  6. aicha rayane says:


  7. Rider Rider says:

    Perfect DOP. You could work for movies as well

  8. Марина Кайзер says:


  9. SamadStark BOHEMIA says:

    Amazing… I can't stop laughing..

  10. Back Face says:

    wanted kitty

  11. Eviarya fian says:

    it's so funny, cat

  12. Eviarya fian says:

    want to play here … but I'm home in Indonesia

  13. HUMAN RIGHTS FIRST ! says:

    Wow, yeah, great, georgious idea 🏆😊🐈 !! MORE OF THIS !!

  14. FireFly 59 says:

    By far one of my favorite YouTube channels

  15. HolidayProjects WithMyCat says:

    Wow, that was so funny, and fun to watch, nice job catpusic😆

  16. Grace Tang says:

    Funny. Meowww 😼

  17. ejnava01 says:

    We've all heard the tale of that legendary fugitive in the Wild West… Some call him Pusic and as the legend goes he came from a faraway land called Belarus 😉😃😆

  18. Mellhior Roihllem says:

    То, как это сделано, прекрасно.

  19. Pelit Mamani says:

    this video should get ten billion 👍s

  20. Buddy says:

    Cat has to work for his food. His family have turned him into a bandit.

  21. Fake Smile says:

    so that's it?, Pusic is only worth $2.500.000?, are you kidding me?, i thought he'd be like worth $100000000000000000, well, i don't care about that price 🙂

  22. Eissa_ Rasouli says:

    Hey you should make a video of seeing if Pusic would step on the Quran or not

  23. Wood Stalon says:

    Dora the explorer : Pusic don't stealing, Pusic don' stealing
    Pusic: nom nom
    Dora the explorer : okay that's not work for him

  24. titussoul64 says:

    Brilliant! Looking forward to the next instalment! Yee haw!

  25. Miena Mie says:

    SUPER-LEUK DIT😘🐈😍ERG GOED GEDAAN👌🤗XXX VAN JOU FILMPIES🐾😽🌷⚘uit Hollanda❤🐺🐈😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  26. VISHAL PANDEY says:

    Imagine you are playing with your cat's toys and suddenly your neighbour or friend walks in .

  27. Aisha Farooq says:

    I'm so glad pusic is alive ☺

  28. Jan Herrmann says:

    Wonderful Pusic ❤️❤️

  29. Sinikka Kormano says:

    Why adult plays childs toys?

  30. DiarioNet says:

    Male or female?

  31. Patty Sullivan says:

    The best CatPusic ever!!!

  32. Aliza Rai says:

    I think cat owner must remember his childhood…anyway I love pusic

  33. Tomboy Chick says:

    Any excuse to play with the kid's Lego……😊💖

  34. Alex M says:

    Great way to get your cat exercise while he eats.

  35. Alex M says:

    He does look like a bandit with that black mask of his.

  36. Wildman2012 says:

    I'm surprised Pusic didn't try to derail the whole train!

  37. TL oS says:

    This was awesome🥂🌟😺

  38. cecilia says:

    Aahhh lindo Pusic. Seguro q esos juguetes son de su hermano 😊
    Saludos desde Chile ❤🇨🇱

  39. Dankk Mane says:

    He’s standing right in front of his picture, he could have been caught

  40. Tawny C. says:

    I love Pusic.

  41. HSuzanna vdV says:

    No one can catch the very clever and highly intelligent bandit CatPusic 😂😃🤣. Thank you for the big smile on my face. A basket full of hugs and kisses are coming your way 😘🐈❤🐈🌹😘

  42. dolphinsdaydreams says:

    LOL. Great way to keep your cat active. I think mine would throw over the train.

  43. Lo Ortiz says:

    😼😼😼😸😸😸I enjoy the video a lot, really.

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