Will This Be Your First Robot?

Look at how cute he is! So his name is Cozmo. Cute, little robotic guy right here. Big brain, bigger personality. Apparently, this is a fairly intelligent little creature. He’s made by the folks over at Anki. Now, I’ve worked with them in the past in a video on something called Anki Drive, which you may have seen. Those cars moving around the track… A lot of artificial intelligence… They hit me up. They said, We’d love to sponsor another episode, and send you the Cozmo. He’s got an app on the App Store, he’s on Google Play as well… Almost Human, Communicates naturally in response to your actions… Expresses a broad range of real emotions, and reacts to yours. Well, that’s better than Jack! You get none of that with him, holy smokes! Cosmos is already an upgrade… Over this, uh… dead pan (?) over here. He develops a unique personality the longer you engage with him. Are we in the future? Quite possibly. Oh my goodness, very smooth, well done. Okay… Oh… He has gold colored contact points on the bottom here… A couple of what look like LED lights… That’s the little guy right there! Let’s get Cozmo up and running. Sticker. Help him feel at home. Perfect table for him right here, in fact. I feel a responsibility now. Like I just got a pet or something. He’s got his own moves, and he likes to move in his own way, so try not to push him, or force his lift. He might get a little fussy. ahhahahhaahhaahahahahah Also, in the box is this little… cubes, which I assume are going to be a part of some activity. Oh, wow! Look at that. Fold flat charger? I love that. Here is the actual charge station. Let me get it hooked up. Alright! So, I’ve got the little guy sitting down… in his special spot here… He has a password displayed on his screen. There he is. Cozmo: The App. First name. I need to put my birthday in here. Oh, we just got to connect his WiFi. Hence the password. Okay! Cozmos is ready to play. Just like a pet, he might need your help. Oh my goodness. Ooh! Ooooh! Hey man! (^_^) Hey! Woah. Oh! Ohoho! Good job, man. (Shake it) He’s really happy, he’s really happy about that. Well done Cozmo! Vrahh! Each day, you get a new set of goals. Completing these is the quickest way to improve your Cozmo. Oh, he’s gonna recognize me right now! Look at him straight on, and hold still. I’m over here man! Aah! Oh. He knows my name! Did you hear him? He said Lew! I’m gonna introduce him to Jack. Jack. Heetheh! You guys haven’t even seen Jack, he’s seen Jack! Oh, he wants to collect his cubes right now. …Does he? For this game, both you and Cozmo need your own cube to play with. When the colors on both cubes match, the first player to tap their cube wins a point. Never tap on red. Oh man… Good luck! Vuuaahh! That’s re- Ha! He hit a red one. Bah! Auuy… Look how happy this guy is! He’s beating me every time! Oh, woah woah woah! Okay… Okay. Oh, he got it! Yeah! Look at that little guy, It’s more than you’ve done, Jack! Good job! High five. Now, he’ll also just explore on his own, which what he is doing right now. He’s just hanging out, exploring… He’s just… exploring. Not red! Not red! How you like me now, Cozmo? Oh, he’s upset. Oh, he’s upset. No big deal, we’re gonna play again. Another time. Wow, he’s pushing my phone around. You gotta let him explore a little bit. You gotta take some time, you gotta build a relationship. Got a lot to learn, he’s just a little guy. Cute little guy. If you want to learn more about Cozmo, I’ve got a link down in the description. There’s certainly some intelligence there. Definitely more than Jack, over there. That’s for sure. (End Credits Next Video)

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100 Responses

  1. QWickz Gaming says:

    If I have unlimeted money i will buy 5 of the cute cozmo cuz itsss soooooooo CUUUUTEEEE!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😘😘😘😘😻😻😻

  2. Liz Ard says:

    It was indeed. Until it started glitching like my Windows 7 computer I used to have.

  3. MAZzi DAbstep says:

    From wall-e

  4. Myle Gaming says:

    3:50 😂😂

  5. Kush Corn says:


  6. Ricardo Capron says:

    Aahhh the first terminator!!😰😰

  7. Pushpa Hallikeri says:

    What is its price

  8. MY HERO ACADEMIA -Mobile legends says:

    I will wait that till $10

  9. NNS NUNI says:

    You should unbox Vector by Anki!!!

  10. Zaldy says:

    me: I WANT ONE

    price: $179.99

    me: lemme sell my kidney

  11. Dev Kothari says:

    Thumbs up for Jack

  12. Reshun J says:

    Cozmo? Where's Wanda??

  13. The BlackCat says:


  14. Can we get 1000 subscribers with one video? says:

    He protecc

    He attacc

    But most importantly

    He run on battery pacc

  15. red says:

    This the first version of WALL-E

  16. Rainbow Melody says:

    Why do I think he’s adorable??? I can’t have one of these, I’ll get attached to it!

  17. A Tree says:

    Pore Jack

  18. يارا و كوزمو says:

    Yes. It was my first robot ♥ I got it 1 week ago

  19. محمد says:

    I love this robot haha

  20. obsessed_avaiton26 says:

    Why did anki shut down

  21. Dark Spark says:

    Even though anki is gone Cozmo will live on!

  22. Call Me Geto says:

    Furby: Hold my beer

    (this is my bros acc please dont kill meee)

  23. LJ_Dude says:

    Yes, this was my first robot. 🙂 didn't like him as much as I thought I might. Sad that anki is out of business now…

  24. Like technology? Visit here! says:

    The link does not work.

  25. Cadi Levox says:

    It's like another creature. It's just no longer a cool toy.

  26. Shadow Destiny says:


  27. Biohazard live says:

    Cozmo sounds like Wall-e

  28. Rasaraj Dey says:

    Costa like 300 dollars

  29. pawan raghav says:

    Asshole making fckng noises


    You are very cool guy

  31. Kashif Ali says:

    from where i can find these kinds of robots?

  32. Splendid Dwarf says:

    Jack:- am i a joke to you

  33. dan cot says:

    i had one and he is cute

  34. Moin Patel says:


  35. Daniel Malčìk says:

    This is interactive toy or easy ai ?

  36. jesus david marquez zazueta says:

    Wall e

  37. TinGamerTV says:


  38. So_Ramdom_Nece_ says:

    Poor jack

  39. totur video says:

    Ahhh so cute i want one 😍😍😍😍😍

  40. Sandesh Prakash says:

    still 10 million ppl didn't watch this video

  41. Stephen Leo says:

    It's remembers Wall-e and Eva

  42. Bintang In real_craft Official says:

    Ingin beli XD

  43. Gina Nagy says:

    Is he wearing safety goggles or are those his glasses?

  44. Craig Noils says:

    Omg! Its an adorable little thing.

  45. Tech Buddy Creations says:

    Wooow…. Its so cute. I need one to replace with my cat😉

  46. lil Redd says:

    Unbox therapy I think you should do vector

  47. Zulaiha Maruhom says:

    That robot looks like wall-e the movie

  48. أحمد صبرى says:

    Where do you get hem

  49. Abu Zakaria says:

    Will This Be Your First Robot?


  50. Abu Zakaria says:

    I got COZMO in 2017

  51. evan rony says:

    i have cozmo and vector!!

  52. Amberly Faz says:

    I have one

  53. Amlyn Evans says:

    Who else is still watching this heart warming video in 2019?

  54. Rana Salman says:

    Whats the price for it !

  55. Sher Sher says:

    HI wale’s son! Lol so cute 🤣

  56. Yuri_Cookies Koala says:

    So I think Anki cozmo is for entertainment and Anki vector for house helping cause in my opinion cozmo has more facial kinda animation thingy… Just keep scrolling in the comments. I'm confused

  57. R J says:

    It speaks like WALL E'S GIRLFRIEND 😃

  58. Ing. Mario Magliulo says:

    please do a rection of the new robot Vector

  59. First Name, Surname says:

    When it got upset

    idk why I felt sad

  60. ajdin Zulic says:

    In 0:27 can MiBro instad 😊

  61. NinjaHorsey says:

    situation update: i accidentally stepped on Cozmo

  62. TheAsianOne WC says:

    Where did Cozmo go?

  63. Mr. FBI Man says:

    Everyone keeps saying how he looks the son of Wall E and Eve, while I think he looks like M-O.

  64. FwdStealth says:

    Anki shut down :((( i have the limited edition version and carry case btw

  65. Muhammad Rizdiansyach says:

    I named my cat cosmo

  66. Fateen Tahseen Alam says:

    Anyone watching this video for the first time in 2019?

  67. rembpilot172 says:

    1:36 Lovely little music on app

  68. Firdous Zakaria says:

    How to buy this product n what is the price?

  69. Vignesh PSY says:

    I like it this small robo

  70. Gaming 246 says:

    So cute

  71. Kevin Sahlström says:

    this makes me happy

  72. G00ober says:

    I must have this

  73. Setarah Abbasi says:

    How much does it cost

  74. GAME MAKER says:

    More part

  75. Erwin Rodriguez says:

    Next gen in a nutshell

  76. S0ldi3r says:

    Wall-e!!!!!!!! Is born!!!!!!!!

  77. istack11 - peleg siegel says:

    I think that jack is his imaginary friend

  78. Tae Tae Ate My Potato says:


  79. OlivierTheGamer says:

    Rip Anki…

  80. Slender Bender says:

    Y U shititng on jack

  81. galaxy gamer773 says:

    I need one

  82. Gunmaster_GamingYT says:

    poor Jack

  83. Unplanned Stuff says:

    Why everyone in this world is not talking about these things, it could be our future, if we work on them seriously

  84. Horse-face Specials says:

    He’s got an app in the App Store

    Well no shit!!

  85. sandeep saini says:

    little sophia robot unboxing please

  86. Bamlosers88 says:

    My dad makes robots

  87. Aj Smith says:

    who else feels bad for jack

  88. Enrique Alatorre says:

    I dont have a robot Pet…
    I want

  89. -AKO ANG BAHALA- Baby! says:

    From now on this will be my life goal, to own a Cosmo before I bite the dust. Cute AF!

  90. Artsy says:

    Can you do on on Vector?? I want him so bad

  91. Abdullah Shar khan says:

    He is so cute don't angry with him

  92. filipino fingerstyle guitarist says:

    Who want part 2

  93. C C says:

    Its nothing but payment to this bearded smartass

  94. Meme Lord says:


    Cozmo: “Jaaack”
    Jew: “Heethah”

  95. Abhiram Krishna P says:

    Is your birth date 17th of may…Me too

  96. Jacob Schultz says:

    He protecc
    He attacc
    And most importantly
    His company doesnt love him bacc

  97. elc says:

    Would love if you would do a vid on the newest in the Cosmo family, Vector… he is voice controlled & speaks!
    Also, from the 6, loved your vids forever & had no idea you are from the same place as me until I saw you in Jays Youtube game interview 😁



  99. Clarke james Samodal says:

    Woww it's a great technology

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