WINNER’s Four Pets Everyday | Episode 3 “It’s a war..”

What’s going on… Is this real? .. I can’t believe it… The members look very busy… Jinwoo: Sanitation is first. Clap CLap CLAp CLAP Seunghoon: This is the cat team. Seungyoon: We’re the dog team. Dog (on the left)
Cats (on the right) Seunghoon: Today we’re gonna make Seunghoon: ‘Stir-fried meatballs and vegetables’. Jinwoo: I’m making the ‘tomato hugging a chicken’ Jinwoo: using chicken breast Hello, come out Seunghoon: Getting the good ingredients is the Seunghoon: fun of a cooking survival. Seunghoon: Don’t worry, I’ll be fair Jinwoo: We need spinach too! Seungyoon: This is bok choy not spinach~ Ah… Minho: It has to be filling.. yum yum slurp slurp Seunghoon: If you look like that, Seunghoon: you can never end up with a good product. Seunghoon: You have to think you’ll Seunghoon: feed them full with a warm heart.. Wow~ Some techniques! Meow Ray’s here too Seunghoon: If Bay went there, that’s an approved restaurant. Bay is already there.. Seungyoon: We’re approved! Jinwoo: Bay, come here! I’ll show you what cooking is.. However.. Not expecting anything good I feel bad.. Dog team – Stir fried meatballs and vegetables Cat team – The tomato hugging a chicken! pitapat I’m nervous.. Seunghoon: Which one will the kids think is more good.. Oh..! He ate it!! Bay loves stir fried meatballs and vegetables Aw~ You eat so well Otteu loves stir fried meatballs and vegetables The result is obvious.. Otteu, come try this Jinwoo: He ate it! Otteu ate the tomato! spit-spit I refuse. I’ll enjoy this. Hahaha… Minho: To be honest, we don’t really cook food for them that often, Minho: but it does feel good cause they ate our food… Cooking, success.. Seungyoon: I feel left out sometimes.. Uh… Seungyoon: They’re like that~ Seungyoon: They use me… Episode 4!
A crisis in the Winner family..?

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84 Responses

  1. Suraiya Majidah says:

    its my first time seeing someone feed cat and dog with tomato 😂😂 they are so cute

  2. Paola Ardon says:

    Love you winner What pretty cute💜😘

  3. seokjin's window wiper says:

    They are so funny omg i miss winner tv

  4. Thảo Thanh says:

    If their parents are rich like winner, they will eat meatballs and tomatoes lol

  5. Ayu Vatiya says:


  6. mel09 kim says:

    lmao!johnny is a force to reckon with😂😂😂

  7. Jaebum is my dad says:

    how do i become their pets? lmao

  8. KitKatxK says:

    Cats get sick from eating tomatos

  9. Monica Loves Taemin says:

    I love the pets and owner’s relationship love. However, tomatoes are bad for cats.

  10. juzzmee says:

    Love their strong bond not just as an idol group but as brothers

  11. potato sonyeo says:

    they seriously make a cooking battle for dog and cat's food lmao

  12. klaret klaret says:

    Haha a way to a cat/dogs heart is through his/her stomach! 😂

  13. belle Ab says:

    Tomato 왜? 😂

  14. Seungmin’s Left Cheek says:

    They called the pets “kids” and I have never UwU’d more in my life

  15. gxwuji says:

    this might be the only idol group with a fully stocked fridge

  16. Cam Cam K-pop says:

    Dog vs cat
    So lol😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Bhawana Rai says:


  18. bless you imnida says:

    Now I suddenly want to be Winner's pet

  19. Park Inseo says:

    Tomatoes should be just for Hoony! Hahhaa

  20. Koobra Noor says:

    Does anyone possibly know the music at the end of the vidoe?

  21. xoMehh says:

    A cat eating a tomato are you boys sure?

  22. pinkyplanket says:

    I'm Seungyoon in life lmao

  23. jooice ._ says:

    Wonder how its like to live with 4 of them :)) i want to be a cat

  24. ᗩᑎᑎIE Oᕼ says:

    Choose One:(what is your fav pet?)

  25. Holly Peach says:

    SeungHoon hugging the fridge like that. He’s so competitive. HAHAHA

  26. Jkeez07 says:

    Idk they still lives together???

  27. IKONxIKONICS140915 Ikon says:

    Why the food of their pets looks better that the food that I usually eat xD

  28. Inne xxi says:

    Why jinu so damnnn pretty 😭

  29. Qwen Leo says:

    Why you guys give them tomatoes? 😂😂😂

  30. Ingusch says:

    okay, real talk, I looove winner but I feel like my mom's ocd-ass spirit possesses me every time I see their messy-as-hell appartment. WHY ARE THERE CLOTHES NEXT TO THE KITCHEN ISLE? WHY ARE THEY TESTING ME LIKE THAT?!

  31. Elisabeth Lyonheart says:

    searches how to be a pet

  32. Eli_ Walker says:

    What animals would like tomato😂😂

  33. oopsyoongs ; says:

    ngl i was thinking they were gonna pop some anal glands not cook

  34. Seth Kang says:

    thank god time to clean.

  35. random k-pop lover says:

    Lmao he spit out the tomato

  36. SAE says:

    esos gatos y perro comen mejor que yo JAJAJAJAJJAJAJAJJAJA

  37. SAE says:


  38. Чон Хосок says:

    Мне так нравятся видео где айдолы с животными, честно меня -это умиляет . Ну кто хоть раз не умильнулся.

  39. peanut's daisy says:

    their pets have better food than me

  40. Linh Trần says:

    I’m sorry, this is nothing pets related and I’m a huge fan of Blackpink, but this is the first time I saw Winner’s dorm and it’s so tiny 😐 They’re successful and have been working for waaaayy longer than Blackpink, yet this is the dorm they live in? This is just unfair 🙁

  41. Lari says:

    can we talk about how good yoon looks here?

  42. Abbs .E says:


  43. Shanshan Wang says:


  44. Spongebob Squarepants says:

    2:59 “NO” 😂😂

  45. Coco Banana says:

    dont give your pets onions.

  46. Carolcute Gomes says:

    So cutee

  47. Lisa Go says:

    Can I just go there and organize their things? Like seriously, I want to clean and arrange some of their things. Hahahah. #winnerdorm #winnerfourpets

  48. QueenBeyKingGD says:

    Their house has changed drastically since the same time I saw it, which was when 2NE1 visited.

  49. canuc says:

    “sanitary is very important for us”
    puts on the gloves
    touches everywhere with the gloves
    starts preparing the food

  50. Qi Wen Kek says:

    I thought they were cooking for themselves ahaha

  51. Gxh Ytjf says:

    ملابس. بل. مطبخ

  52. Jack Wolf's says:

    The cat can't eat vegetables… V:

  53. 123베르테르 says:

    냉장고에 붙은 배달쿠폰봐ㅋㅋㅋ 완전 배민이네

  54. jeNOJAEMin says:

    i love this boyband

  55. KH Lopez says:

    Damn these animals eat better than I do…

  56. Delphenium 52 says:

    Minos cat Johnny is my spirit animal

  57. Laraib Shams says:

    Are all the episodes this short ?

  58. Jessi's girl says:

    Tomato is bad for dogs it make they bones hurt.

  59. jas _ says:


  60. Aiyie duFreaqoe says:

    Their pets eats better than me..

  61. Butterfly_ISAAC IN2IT says:

    I enjoy this so much… tq🥰

  62. Guacamolely says:

    Can I be Ottue's future lil pup?😂 So I could get near Jinwoo😂😂

  63. CHLOE CHONG MING QIAN - Student says:

    The cats' face tho!

    i can't stop laughing!!

  64. farhahxoxo says:

    where do i sign up to be their pets

  65. sarah Abobaker says:

    أشكالهم لطيفه ههههههههههه وهم يهتمو بالحيوانات هه

  66. 수진/피아 says:


  67. Thư Anh says:

    Uhmmm…. their cats and dog can even have some better food than I have

  68. lovely Qie says:

    i won't shock if the cats eat tomato because my granny's cat eat onion 😂😂

  69. 서은결 says:

    고양이 육식동물인데,,, 당연히 토마토 안먹지ㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  70. BlackRose says:

    I swear the one with the blue cap looks like the thaï actor playing in the drama puppy honey !

  71. Macan Pupus Zoyen says:

    Off course they will choose Meatball 😪.

  72. Phụng Trần says:


  73. aeri -l says:

    This kdrama so good bro wowwwowowo


    Omgg There Food is better than mineee

  75. Rosh Lepz says:

    Kids. Haha

  76. Ana Luísa says:

    I thought they were cooking that for themselves… not for the animals…

  77. heyo starbb says:

    Seungyoon and Seunghoon are so funny lol

  78. Urvashi Dubey says:


  79. wnt 1412 says:

    Jinuuu yaaaaaa

  80. VLOG Music says:

    They can cook and that’s simply amazing ♥️

  81. AudOldEnds says:

    You can’t feed chicken to a raw chicken!

  82. Jemimma Rahma says:

    Really enjoy watch them. Saranghae winner

  83. 박인서 says:

    0:32 앙 동물농장 자막 실수 ㅋ?

  84. A. Christian says:

    What cats and dogs like tomatoes? 😂😂 its kinda sour. They would eat chopped tender carrot or pumpkin mix with chicken or seafood or fish. Or cooked green leaves vegetables mix with meat/fish 😊

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