WINNER’s Four Pets Everyday | Episode 7 “Otteu, Was he getting bullied..?”

Otteu attacks.. attacks again.. endlessly endlessly nagging.. hey!! Jinwoo: Hey! Why are you harassing! Sit! Where are your manners.. While eating.. splatter nom nom nom look at his manners Seunghoon: Otteu always splatters his food there’s more where are your toilet manners.. What has Seunghoon done.. to deserve the dog.. Seunghoon: We bought the dog not knowing it was sick Seunghoon: It was ill since I brought it home.. So I took a good care of it Seunghoon: and that quickly brought us closer Otteu wagging its tail enduring bouts of sickness.. thankful for its survival embraced with so much love but!! Otteu needs behavior modification! Vet: Its behavior is abnormal Vet: It could be expressing boredom or uncontrolled energy Vet: If it lacks confidence, confidence building training is needed. I want to join.. When it approached others.. they just ignored.. Seungyoon: I think cats might leave it out in the cold.. Agreed.. Behavior trainer: Dogs normally relieve stress with its mouth By using recycled items where it can look for snacks and food he can have fun with it fumbling focused Elephant toy Wow! He ripped it!! Seungyoon: He’s not just being simple but actually thinking hard Smarty Otteu Cats watching on the side are lost in snack hunt and then! The goddess is here Am I shaking..? but.. The nosy aunties are minding his business.. Minho: I give up Noooo~ Otteu Minho: He’s out Who are you to make the decision.. Episode 8- Otteu’s first experience

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100 Responses

  1. Nikola says:


  2. Nikola says:


  3. Karen V says:

    When they clean up the poop & pee if it's on those mats they need to wash it with soap and water and then spray with a special cleaner for getting rid of the smell otherwise the animal smells the area and thinks it's a toilet and goes there again.

  4. Wiu wiu says:

    Waaah this boy's house like a storage room…
    Full.. & untidy….☹☹☹ i fell wanna to clean up & tidy up all of thing….

  5. Poojita J Gaikwad says:

    Love otteu

  6. Sooyah _Queen says:

    I laugh when Ray slap ottue on the face he was like

    Ottue comes to bay and smelling its face then Ray slaps him

    Ray:Don't you go near my Bay!

    Ottue:*Walks away*

  7. Park Inseo says:

    Now Haute will not lonely anymore, he has a little brother Thor playing with him😻🐕🐶

  8. Park Inseo says:

    Now Haute will not lonely anymore, he has a little brother Thor playing with him😻🐕🐶

  9. Madelyn L says:

    Does anyone know the song name that's starts playing at 3:59? Thanks

  10. Adisa Napitupulu says:

    I don't think other male groups dorm look like this 🤔🤔

  11. Nika P says:

    "I give up, she's out"

  12. Ish Bersue says:

    Their appartment is smaller???

  13. Devina Carla says:

    For anyone whos wondering the title of the song in 4.01 its called 'can i get married' by coffeeboy

  14. NICO NII says:

    2:25 poor otteu 😂

  15. Tiểu Hoàn says:


  16. Wawa Wawa says:

    What song? 4:00

  17. jaduu jae says:

    otteu probably needs more exercise and socialisation!! greyhounds in particular have a crazy amount of energy and love bounding about w other dogs

  18. M says:

    what kdrama is this 😂

  19. Verdeflor Tin says:

    Omo Omo MY multitlented WINNER babies fighting! Yg family fighting! WINNER EVERYWHERE TOUR fighting!

  20. Almira Ingrid Abelardo says:

    why do i see peach and kermit?? hahahahaha

  21. dwzxliyt rteuiwm says:

    Umm where is ihii

  22. Armanee Runj says:

    3.44 what name of the song!??? Who’s can tell me😭😭 I want to know so much

  23. Deme Serb says:

    Not good ur not training the dog good

  24. Deme Serb says:

    U are making him think its ok

  25. Claudia Odhiambo says:

    What's the name of the song playing invthe outro?

  26. Phenomena says:

    those cats give chills!

  27. I am Hitman Bang says:

    That saralalalalal 😂song 3:46 always draws my attention 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆.

  28. meow meow says:

    Omg so funny 😂😂😂😭😭😭

  29. sevenct says:

    Nosy aunties lol

  30. That's What She Said says:

    cats are territorial

  31. Voodoo Child says:

    Korean an cermet!

  32. hime airi says:

    U need a lot of patience when taking care of pets..we have 7 dogs inside our house and i can relate to the situation of their dorm..i can see winner really love their pets but hoon's patience to haute is amazing..its different when u have dogs unlike cats

  33. Parboni Nawar says:

    The captions in the end and the background music I'm-

  34. Carat Tae says:

    I have the shirt the girl is wearing lol

  35. dont feel lonely says:

    Shouldnt you Go for a Walk With your Dog?

  36. Carlos mj says:

    Its so fun to watch 🤣🤣🤣

  37. col:de says:

    Am i the only one who never heard of Otteu barking?

  38. 고의림 says:

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ오뜨야 똥오줌 좀 아무데나 갈기지마ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  39. Isley Claymore says:

    I can’t watch anymore. Too much poop 💩 and pee. 🐕 🐱

  40. JProudmoore says:

    Literally Krimit and Paesh at the end lol

  41. Bethany Agboola says:

    I feel like Otteu and Yeontan would be good friends.

  42. haruno21 says:

    I'm so sad because I prefer dogs over cats….. poor Otteu. 🙁 Dogs are so pure
    I love the trainer's blouse!

  43. Cypher Golden Goddess says:

    Omg I cracked my laugh after seeing Winner’s faces when they see goddess

  44. Anh Tran says:

    I see an image of dad through Hoony.

  45. Crystal Kristine says:

    People criticizing Winner members' home and better not be crying when they show less private time. They 'didn't ' have to share this with everyone. sheesh

  46. Francesca Nicole says:

    i cried when i heard otteu’ s story

  47. ShiningStar4Y channel says:

    Otteu is a innocent cinnamon roll.

  48. 。。。。。。 says:

    Otten did it on the books … OM

  49. Juan Saona says:

    What song is this omg 3:46

  50. Marti Sarabia says:

    You must take it for a Walk to the park

  51. Marti Sarabia says:

    They must take otteu for for a walk to the park

  52. hime airi says:

    I know some are judging their dorm but its like that when u have lots of pets and things inside plus they are all boys…don't worry about their situation since they are living in 2 dorms already, so more space and more organized

  53. Qi Wen Kek says:

    I love this show cuz im a dogs and cats person

  54. Qi Wen Kek says:

    Best show ever

  55. who R u? says:

    The moment they Cencor The brand I know that is royal canin Since my dog used to eat that Ford When hE still alive 🙂 Sorry my broken english :>

  56. adam pilget says:

    what kind of cat is these

  57. luona lu says:

    this show is triggering my ocd…

  58. Your local innercircle says:

    For everyone saying "why is WINNERs dorm so messy" bealive it or not this is how most idols dorms look like lol their always busy so they barely have time to clean and winner has 4 pets SJDKSKSKS!!

  59. Yuimi Horam3 says:

    That's probably the messiest house I've ever seen

  60. Delphenium 52 says:

    We have dogs at home and I completly understand WINNERS situation and I love that they have this love for their pets. I wish Otteu well and Bay and Ray well too. Even Johnny even though she scares the shit out of me

  61. salome AB says:

    it's a hunter dog. He needs running , a lot of it. he needs to be outside a lot.

  62. Jasmine says:

    0:45 thats def a dog thing, cause my dog also grabs a mouthful and then brings it all the way to the living room to eat LMAO

  63. yoongin Ao says:

    Better tan KOREAN movies 😂😂

  64. LilTinV says:

    Can someone tell me who owns who?

  65. Urvashi Dubey says:


  66. no one says:

    No matter who we are a star or not, we clean our pet poops 🤧

  67. speakoutloud says:

    Cement and Paesh? What you doing over in Korea?

  68. Carmel Guinev says:

    boys will be boys

  69. Guacamolely says:


  70. Sheyli :3 says:

    1:51 que bello😍😍😍😍😂♥️

  71. Sheyli :3 says:

    3:44 oh,Dios mio😂😂😂😂❤️

  72. el peachy says:

    that dog is on crack

  73. megan lim says:

    awww Seunghoon and Otteu..

  74. booming system uh uh ty crack ty crack says:


  75. Hafni Citra says:

    Sub indo Plise

  76. Nana Nanana says:

    What's the song title on 3.47?

  77. Faith Petrillo says:

    Omg when they described them as otteus nosy aunties I died😂

  78. 수진/피아 says:


  79. Scarlet Mery says:

    Ước ghì mình là mấy thú cưng đó nhỉ 😍❤

  80. K JJK says:

    Ottu has better fashion sense than me

  81. yewduyou hxh says:

    I give up on this too Mino this is too funny I'll just laugh 😂🤣

  82. Tớ Thích cậu says:


  83. Urvashi Dubey says:


  84. someone x says:

    they should take them for walk,, since animal can be so stress if they always in home

  85. Choว่ะ อย่าCho says:


  86. Ash says:

    They have so much patience and love for their pets it warms my heart💙💕💕

  87. Samantha V says:

    Messy 😂

  88. Park Chanyeol is love says:

    Is this channel copying everything from SBS animal farm?..they have just re uploaded the contents

  89. Hpu Hpu Thant Sin says:

    Anyone have an idea of the name of the song at 3:58 ?

  90. dwi selfiani says:

    Tu kucing mukaknya kok ngeselin yah 😅

  91. Nicole Mae Dacuag says:

    can i clean their dorm ahdkfhahd

  92. Luansenor says:


  93. astalindaplease says:

    1:07 you need more than just tissue to clean that shit… LITERALLYYYY 😩

  94. WINNER'S HEYDAY says:

    0:39 표정..ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 씹덕

  95. AudOldEnds says:

    Of course Otteu was getting bullied by the cats. He’s an Italian greyhound, they’re dumb as shit bless their hearts

  96. Ayay multifandom says:


  97. aisa min says:

    Otteu manner same like my cat😂

  98. Musa Melody says:

    Grrrr you Asians 🤦🏼‍♀️ that’s not good dog food first of all and you need to walk the dogs so she doesn’t bother the cats

  99. Blanca Garay says:


  100. HerSerendipityJP says:

    Years later and I still think Jinwoos cats look like an evil villains pets.

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