Wisdon Panel DNA test | What breeds are my dogs?

Hi guy! Welcome back to my channel Avanti Morocha. This video is in collaboration with Wisdom Panel, who kindly sent me two DNA tests for my dogs; now, I can finally find out what breeds they are. If you’ve followed me for a while, you probably know that I have two rescue dogs, Felipe and Camilo They are regularly featured on my Instagram and Twitter. When my husband and I decided to get ONE dog, we knew we were going to adopt ONE, but I wanted a mutt that looks like the Tramp, from the movie the Lady and the Tramp. We adopted Felipe from San Antonio Pets Alive. He was an adorable puppy, it was love at first sight. After about a year, we adopted Camilo from the same rescue. I saw Camilo’s picture online, but when we contact the rescue, they told us he wasn’t available for adoption at the moment because he was being treated for parvo. They said, they’d be in touch if he survives, after about two weeks they contact us to let us know Camilo made it, and that how we adopted Camilo. We love our dogs and really couldn’t care what their breeds are, they’re mutts, and we love them; however, we have always curious about what breeds they are. We think Felipe is a cross between a Schnauzer, Westie, and terrier. and we think Camilo is a mix of a Maltese, Poodle, and Chihuahua. He may not look like a Chihuahua, but sometimes he acts like one. Now let’s go back to the test. The test we used isn’t just telling us the breed it also provides detailed information
about their lineage and health traits the health screening includes results for
more than 150 genetic conditions. Testing is super easy. Let me show you the process Here I have the DNA kits; I’m going to open it. The box has a return label on it which makes it simple to send the samples back. Inside the box, you’ll find instructions and the swabs to take the samples. First, make sure your dog hasn’t had anything to eat for at least 2 hours before the test. Peel back swab sleeve 2″. Save the sleeve for later. Obtain cheek cells by firmly rolling bristles between cheek and gums for about 15 seconds. Now is Camilo’s turn. Insert swab handles into the pre-punched holes on the test kit carton. Let them dry for 5 minutes. While the samples are drying, log on to Activatekit.com, and activate your account. Select your test. Create an account and use your sample ID to active your kit. When you’re done, you’ll get an email with the activation code. Insert the dry swabs into the protective sleeve. Do NOT re-seal the sleeve. Place the samples inside the box, seal the box, and mail it. After about two to three weeks, you’ll get an email letting you know the results are ready. The results for Felipe are 25% Chihuahua 25% Pekinese 25% Schnauzer and 25% breed groups which include sporting, terrier and companion This is Felipe’s family tree Felipe’s health results were clear, he
inherited zero copies of these diseases mutations. Camilo’s results are 25% Chihuahua 25% Maltese 25% Poodle and 25% schnauzer. This is Camilo’s family tree Camilo’s health results were clear, he
inherited zero copies of these disease mutations. We were a little surprised by
Felipe’s results, 25% Chihuahua but he does a look or acts like a Chihuahua However, it makes sense because Felipe is from South Texas, and there are a lot of Chihuahuas here. Camilo’s results are pretty close to what we were thinking. However, we never thought he has any Schnauzer. I really like this DNA test, if you are curious about your furbaby, you should totally do. I’m going to leave you the link of Wisdom Panel in the info box below the video. plus a coupon code of $10 off. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section that’s it see you soon – Chau Chau

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