Woman Finds A Baby House Finch Bird On Her Porch | The Dodo Little But Fierce

When I first found Twerp,
he was as big as my thumb. He was just a day old. He looked prehistoric. He was with no feathers, he just had a little bit of fuzz. We had some high winds and it blew the nest out of the wreath. I cupped him in my
hand and kept him warm and I just watched for the mother.
I never saw her come back. He’d been out there too long and I brought him in. I googled I didn’t think I could keep him alive. It was touch and go. He weighed 14, 15 grams. We had to feed him every 15 minutes. I had to make little noises at him, try to poke him and touch his
beak until he opened his mouth. Is that it? OK. He started getting stronger. In the morning he would just open his mouth and start peeping at me to get fed. He looked like a tiny dinosaur. He put on a gram to 2 grams a day. He started getting little pin feathers. The feathers came in. He started flapping his wings and getting stronger. I took him outside a lot. You’re funny. You’re a funny baby. He started flitting back and forth from me to the cage. The day he flew away, I was feeding him on the porch and he flew up and was gone and I thought, “Oh, he’s gone now.” That afternoon he came back. He would fly to me and sit on my hand and I could feed him. I used to say he was yelling at me. He’d see me come out the door
and he’d always yell at me. It was just amazing. He would
come 5 or 6 times a day and he’d fly away when he was done. And then I put a bird feeder in my garden and I saw him for a couple of days. Then he’s just stopped coming. I’m still amazed that I raised him. It’s hard to believe that I did that.

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  1. Bccjgth Gdryh says:


  2. O. G. GANJA says:

    This is a very warm and lovely story. Thank god that there's still goodness in this messed up world. God bless you.

  3. Jessica Grether says:

    Was that peanut butter?

  4. iineixilesii Presents says:

    Aww,nice job! Thank you! Awwww ???❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Keith M says:

    Good stuff!

  6. E Nikata says:

    It's sad when they fly away but such birds belong in the wild. The fact she was able to raise up to fly and fend for himself it a testament to her adoration for animals.

  7. Von Trumpet says:

    Well done to this lady ?

  8. Kushal 1127 says:

    You are so kind madam

  9. Dpreacher & Govbluewhale says:


  10. Angel Agnetha says:

    I rescued two pigeons that fell off a huge coconut tree near my house and the day they were fully grown and flew away, I cried so much…The last day they both flew nearby my house and took a last goodbye glance at me….But I feel proud of raising them…One was white and the other was a black one…

  11. Melanie David says:

    Awww! Really nice story ? btw, he looked like a dinosaur because he IS a dinosaur! Check out, "it's ok to be smart" for more info ?

  12. Ebola Jones says:

    Use Pattern Recognition Here


    Really sweet. Thank you

  14. SALIM RASHAM says:

    You are such a sweet soul,thank you for your kindness?

  15. T Martin says:

    What an amazing story

  16. Jess G says:

    She did an amazing job

  17. S K Tigress says:

    You truly are an angel ?

  18. Austin Miller says:

    Good job rescuing that baby bird i love birds

  19. John Wilson says:

    And then he stopped coming, it's a sign it was to tame. It proberaly approached the wrong person or went to the wrong house, oh will least it had a life

  20. shallnotbeinfringed AmericanslivesMatter says:

    Anyone else click on the video thinking it was a dodo bird

  21. Sean Baugh says:

    Just add fries and a Pepsi and you got yourself a nice little chicken tender meal. ?

  22. vignesh v says:

    They all leave someday someway

  23. Chvstaki says:


  24. Luis Ramirez says:


  25. Showcase Success says:

    Which really proves that your family are the ones that love and care for you the most, irregardless who they are. Even if you are just the awesome bird mom.

  26. Gretanne1 says:

    Very touching.

  27. antonio sheedy says:

    Amazing work.

  28. الشيعي الرافضي says:


  29. Asha Rohtagi says:


  30. T 0 B B 3 says:

    I don't know why I'm crying

  31. Tesseract9630 says:

    Thank you for saving that baby bird. God bless you.

  32. Darius Brewer says:

    Congratulations you taught the bird how to never become independent of you.

  33. highofflifeforever says:


  34. Carol Makin says:

    What a lovely video.?

  35. Chandrakant Pradhan says:

    how bird will increse their population. its looking like humanity but its cruelty.

  36. Lingam Munuswamy says:

    May God bless you always for the wonderful kindness you showered upon that tiny bird. Its truly an inspiration to many. Tq

  37. ناطق حق says:

    God bless you you so sweet

  38. Rahul Danane says:

    May god bless you…

  39. holloween wishes says:

    Not all baby birds are so lucky

  40. Ocley Souza says:


  41. QE ornotQE says:

    I think he must have been eaten:(

  42. Sera Joe says:

    This is like the story of BLU Rio Rio

  43. Ian Smith says:

    That was me. I’m the baby bird. I didn’t fly away. I was forced to take a job at Morgan Stanley as a day trader. All I do is work. It’s tough but knowing my chics will be able to go to college keeps me going

  44. Rasheena Habeeb Rahman says:

    very nice

  45. Shannon X Pennywise says:

    Bless, that's beautiful! ?

  46. Layput says:

    It's literally like the bird has to leave the nest at some point

  47. Haczaw says:

    He stopped coming cause he was eaten by a bigger bird.

  48. Dang Thusuong says:


  49. Muhammad Talal Jojobaba12 says:

    Oh rip he meal now

  50. Aleksandar Gregorović says:

    Fantastic! What is given to such a small bird to eat? What's the mix? Thnx!

  51. Beezy Bad Boi Bee says:


  52. Teodora Nikolic says:

    You are beautifull people

  53. MT KHAN says:

    Cutiee mama bird..

  54. Steve Parker says:

    Great job he's now where he truly belongs, and may even nest an raise his own family next season in your garden.????

  55. Bizz 2345 says:

    Love it

  56. Mark Joseph says:

    The bird didnt come back becasue .it was already eaten

  57. Mark Joseph says:

    Whats that that u feed him?

  58. J.B.M J.B.M says:


  59. Kitty Yeung says:

    Such a warm heart and considerate lady to take care with the little bird.?

  60. A. B.D. says:

    I’ve tried so many times to save baby birds and they’ve always passed awayIt’s nice to know it can be done.

  61. A. B.D. says:

    What did you feed him

  62. Vikki Horchar says:

    God bless you. Thank you for helping him. You're remarkable! I hope you know that. 🙂

  63. gurjit singh says:

    God bless you???

  64. Twoie Big pac says:

    He got eaten

  65. jazzy marz says:

    Ungrateful bird

  66. Saloni Chadha says:

    Beautiful story 🙂

  67. Harry Canary says:

    Heartwarming !?

  68. Muhammad Bennahoy says:

    That's great…♡♡♡?

  69. Pablo SP says:

    Yo crié a palillo dos jilgueros que encontré caidos del nido, los tuve muchos años, murieron de viejos, es increible el lazo que les une al que tiene la paciencia de criarlos, hay que darles de comer casi cada hora.
    Es excelente el video!!

  70. Nono Nono says:

    So sweet

  71. Padma Pereira says:

    What do you feed him?

  72. BA A says:

    2:50 “Three days later he stopped coming”


    Mangled legs and feathers protruding from the hood of a speeding car.

  73. BEYBLADE Master says:

    So sweet

  74. Genji is With you says:

    Why do birds hate me so much :/

  75. Goyo fonseca says:

    Pobre polluelo, mucho amor ha encontrado en esta persona que lo mima y lo cuida ????

  76. Yuki Kanno says:

    This lady an angel to save that adorable little bird. And what a beautiful story. This video touched my soul.

  77. G.k UNIVERSE says:

    Had to rewind to hear he didnt come back again. That is ? but atleast you gave him a life . God bless the humble and kind

  78. Nasrya_ 2015 says:

    The saddest part is
    He never came back.?
    So many good feelings in your heart
    Stay blessed.
    May God reward you paradise.❤

  79. smokey213 says:

    That's awesome

  80. james pisano says:

    That is so wonderful! I love this woman! So amazing.

  81. Susan Walton says:

    Beautiful caring and patient lady, like the pheonix rises from the ashes, you brought that little bird back too life, ??

  82. aron says:

    Bird never came back because it got eaten by a cat, lolol.

  83. sexy monkey says:

    It was a little defenseless pinch with no gang, most likely eaten by a bigger bird

  84. Victoria Sanchez says:

    Oh en español

  85. Laura Thomas says:

    Amazing!! Congratulations and a super well done to them both xx

  86. Braydon Godin says:

    Bird was like, ima head out

  87. G Amano says:

    "at the end didnt come back"

    Just like that ex bf/gf youve done everything for, lol

  88. V Czaban says:

    What a blessing you are and to let him back out where he belongs! You go girl!! ???

  89. santhosh john says:

    Wonderful Mamma ❤️

  90. Nico Meier says:

    Stories like this always bring a huge grin to my face………….

  91. Christopher Tan Tsjun Moon says:

    This is so cool!

  92. Mala Pica says:


  93. waynealexander1 says:

    God smiles on You when you help others.

  94. Do not cum for me says:

    I cried ?

  95. Violet Love says:

    It's always bittersweet when they stop coming back. I've saved and nurtured birds before and then I have to let them be birds and fly away. It breaks my heart but makes me proud that they are able to be part of nature again. This lady is awesome! She saved his life and became his mother. Now that is love…

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