World’s Smallest Cat – Cute, Tiny and Mean

– My name is Cory Williams,
and I am the owner of the world’s smallest cat. (comical music) So I have a YouTube channel
called The Mean Kitty, and it’s just a channel dedicated
to the lives of my cats. But we don’t make just, you know, cute kitty videos, we make funny videos, we tell stories, we play games, we use special effects,
we just like to have fun. But people don’t realize
just how hard it is to actually make these videos, of course, because we have the world’s smallest cat, so let me introduce you to Sparta. C’mere bud. So this is Sparta, and
Sparta is what they call a nano cat. Now nano cats are incredibly rare, but in nature they probably are a lot more common, it’s just that people aren’t necessarily aware that they exist. So when we make videos, I actually use this camera, it’s just
a little tiny camera with a little tiny lens,
and a little tiny sensor, and we put him in front of a
makeshift green screen studio, that way we can blow him up to make him look like a normal size cat in our videos. The nice thing about nano cats is they are extremely low maintenance, like all you got to do is get a litter pan about that big, sprinkle a little bit of cornstarch in there,
and then in the morning, you know, you just shave
off a little bit of cat food and droplet of water, that’s it. I mean, they’re just like
normal cats, you know. You just kinda give ’em a
little love and attention and, you know, they just,
they do their thing. Oh, and you probably see
that book back there, The Big Mean Kitty. I actually wrote that book,
and I wrote that book really to help level things out for him, because he’s so small, you know, and he’s got this huge ego, so I figured I’d write this book to just make him bigger than life, so. Yeah, that’s for sale on Amazon if anybody’s interested. So yeah. My name is Cory Williams, and this is my cat Sparta, the smallest cat in the world. Oh, where you goin’? Oh, you’re so fast. (laughs) He’s on my shoulders. Hey! Hey, hey, hey! Not my shirt! C’mon, no, no, no, no! Hey! Ah ah ah ah! No, no, not in my pants! Get outta my pants! You’re gonna get stuck again!

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