Yarndale 2018 UK Yarn Festival

Hi Guys, so Im on my way first time going to Yarndale
I’ve heard so much about it in all the pictures it looks amazing I’m really
looking forward to meeting the lovely Matt’s from A Boy and Bunting and I
watched a lot of his videos and he’s just brilliant crocheting and you know
his channel is really really great to watch a lot of his content so if you
haven’t seen any of A Boy and Bunting, I would recommend it. Also I’m really
looking forward to seeing the TOFT team they’re based in my hometown Rugby whoop
and yeah I’ve had the pleasure of being able to go over to see their lovely setup
that they’ve done in their coffee shop in Dunchurch. If you happen to
live over in those ways and you love crochet. I highly recommend you go to the
visit TOFT They’re a
brilliant team and I love all the crochet little kits that they make and
the workshops are definitely recommend them out.
Finally I’m also looking forward to seeing Attiic 24. I have followed their
Instagram for quite some time and I absolutely love like the makes on their Instagram channel so they’re all gonna be there so I’m dead excited
anyway I’ll keep you guys posted that’s how I get on on my trip. Bye Hi everyone
so after visiting Yarndale, I just wanted to come back to share with you my
thoughts of the day as well as the people I got to me and a few items I
bought. So in case you happen to like any of it. As an event, I’ve got to admit it
blew my expectations in a good way. I felt like I was in yarn heaven anything
related to yarn in terms of stall it was all there you could buy and purchase all
sorts of yarn in different forms so you could get in its rawest form. So if you
happen to prefer to spin your own yarn you had a variety of stalls that you
could choose from with lots of different textures and colors. As well as stalls
that provided already made up yarn balls. You had stalls that provided accessories
for yarn anything related to knitting crocheting needle felting that’s
something I’ve done before but it’s basically when you get this piece well
you get this tool that has lots of little needles that you poke into the
yarn to make some wonderful objects. But yeah those kits like that their
workshops and knitter Knatter groups, it was just a magical place it was a great
atmosphere lots of kind lovely people I got to meet on the day. Skipton is a
beautiful places I’ve never been before and it’s only about an hour away from me
it’s very picturesque. it’s definitely place I’d love to go
back and visit so yeah I was totally blown away by the whole Yandale
experience and I definitely recommend it. if you’ve never been before and you
thinking of going one year go, you’ll not be disappointed. So on the day I couldn’t
help myself when I came across a few items I just had to buy and one of them
was this wonderful bag . I do a lot of button art projects and when I saw this
bag with all these beautiful colored buttons just the practicality of the
bag like the zip compartment on the side . Th big
container in the middle. Guess how much it was £5 pounds! £5 pounds! I think the material alone, would have cost that much. I don’t know how are they making any money from it, bless them… but when I saw it it was just such a beautiful bag… I had to buy. I’m sure so
understand. So next thing I came across wanting to get was the need for crochet hooks. I don’t
know if you’re anything like me? I have crochet hooks everywhere! Different
types metal plastics some of the handles don’t even have the hook size anymore so
I’m having to guesswork it. But I just really wanted something where all my
hooks would be in one place I can quickly pick them up and take them and
something that would kind of inspire me to crochet. So I mean come on! Rainbow
colors! There are in a container, hooks have the soft handle grip, which I think could
be really helpful for me because I have fibromyalgia so my hands do get quite
painful. So I’ll give that try and see how I get on. But I mean…I can’t wait to use them! Yeah I’ll let you guys know how I get on in my next craft video. how I get on with them. So yep, had to
get that. On the internet I have noticed there’s a crochet hook that lights up. I thought if I came across the hook like that it may prove handy for when I
do projects using dark yarn and lo and behold I came across the for the first
time a crochet hook that does that! Yeah, it wasn’t cheap it’s about £6 per hook size. So I will let you guys know how I get on with it but once I start a project that
involves you know dark colors. Hopefully it might prove helpful but yes it’s come
from one crochet hook size, so… it’s not cheap but you know if you it could help
it could be helpful. I came across a store called ‘Cotton Pod’
and they were selling the octopus preemie pattern, which is
something I would love to take part in for future projects. If you don’t happen
to know what octopus preemie project is all about I’ve left a link in the
description box below, which provides more details. Basically by making
these particular octopus in pattern that’s recommended. When they’re
provided to premature babies the tentacles of the octopus is a
representation of the you umbilical cord. Providing comfort and
shown to reduce stress. So I thought that’s something lovely that I
really would like to take part in but the the octopus have to be made in a
certain way, in terms of safety regulations. Having looked at
the pattern and the picture of this I kind of felt confident that this
definitely seems like the right pattern to purchase in order to to be
considered in taking part in this project. It was relatively
cheap was like between just like £2-£3 pounds, it’s more than happy
to get that. I will let you guys know at a later date and once I get round to this project, how I I get on, and the finished item and
hoping it looks like the way it’s meant to look. Ok books, so I was lucky enough to meet someone that I’ve never come across
before ‘Sincerely Louise’, she is so wonderful
in person. The book that she currently released at the moment… by the way I’ve not
been paid to promote these books. I just happened to glance through the books, got
to meet people, got to ask questions. I was convinced I needed to buy! The
book that she’s brought out at the minute it’s called ‘The Knitters Annual’, it’s a lovely book. it’s very different to any of you but any other
books I’ve come across is it seems like a really good book to share between
adults and children, in the way it’s illustrated. It’s not just a book full of knitting instructions and patterns.
It’s also got it’s got fun activities to inspire your children.
I can’t wait to basically use this book with my niece. Right now we’re at a
stage where she’s really interested in wanting to do crochet & knitting
with me. I can see this being a really fun book to go
through with her. It’s got stories in here, it’s got little games
such as… Should I knitted a flowchart. It’s got a fun dictionary form,
explaining knitting terms, which I think you know would be a real fun way
creative way to teach children. Also you’ve got Lola the bear,
Lola polar and the animals Lola meets along the journey. At the end
of the story patterns are provided on how you
can make these lovely items. What really inspired me to definitely get the
book for personal reasons is the taxidermy elephant pattern that I saw on
the day on her stand. I have a nephew that absolutely loves elephants he’s
only four and everything in his bedroom is pretty much elephant related. He just
has this spark with elephants so as soon as I saw the taxidermy elephant
I was just needing to get this book because it’s something I would love to
make for him and I’m sure it’s gonna bring a smile to his face. I’m trying to find
it to show you… There you go, I found him in the end. There
you go, look at that! It was just so lovely to see at her store the actual elephant.
I had to stop and ask her about it so yeah. Louise is a lovely
person I definitely recommend you to check out our Instagram she’s got lots
of colorful projects that she does and I can’t wait to actually dig into that
book a bit further. I got to meet one of my yarn idols! I have been following
TOFT as mentioned beginning on the video. I got to meet… Kerry Lord! Yes! The author and owner of TOFT I was like tried to keep my calm
and cool and I hope I didn’t scare her off.. But I couldn’t help but
tell her how much I loved everything she was doing in terms of the brand in terms
of the coffee the the actual coffee shop she has in Dunchurch. The books as
well that she’s put together I’ve previously bought the… right let me try
and pronounce is right Imaginarium. I think I’ve got it right… but yeah I
bought this in the past. It’s a very fun creative way… you can actually
design your own monster! I don’t know if you ever
come across a book like this. But, it’s like if you liked the head of this
particular monster, but you wanted a different style of body, then it shows
its pattern. Again if you wanted to change the feet… Kerry has got a very fun
interesting way of how to put together her books. This was definitely
something that inspired me to follow their journey and then whilst I was
there she was promoting her new book called … DOGS! I happen to have a
French Bulldog and I did see the French Bulldog pattern… I just had to get the
book. So I’m really looking forward to putting that french bulldog pattern
together Again, her books never fail to disappoint me.
She’s got it all clear, concise I mean if you love dogs and you love crochet Come on… look at that! You would want to make something as cute for your kids and your dog! So yeah, I’m
looking forward to that Finally the last stall I managed to go to
before going home was… right… I’m truly sorry… is I pronounce this wrong…
it’s the… Scheepjes Well you might recognize it from
this box. but if you love your wool… and your yarn you might know what this box
is about! I got the Catona Range and guess who
sold it to me…. the wonderful Matt from A Boy and Bunting! He was really helpful in answering all my questions. I gave me some
really good useful advice. Because Scheepjes, do a different range of
these types of boxes. I’ll just show you the Catona box. It’s actually contains 109 small balls of yarn magic! I cannot wait to start a project like this. I’m thinking, because of the size of the
balls that it might be a handy project something like a
patchwork blanket I’m thinking… or maybe I know matt suggested
they’re really good for ‘Amigurumi’ small little projects, which is
pretty pretty good idea actually. I can see me using these wool sizes and
textures and colors for these few projects. It’s probably going to be
one of those where you have to bare in mind you know you may have got small
yarns worth. The Catona range for me, it sold it to
me because of the vibrancy in the actual yarn threads. Also having Matt’s
advice really was helpful and by the end of our conversation it was a no-brainer… I just had to buy and treat myself! So these were the things, I have managed to buy in
a day and my experience. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. I hope you found it
helpful and useful if you were to ever consider going to Yarndale. It’s
been on your mind… don’t hesitate If you got the chance to go. DEFINITELY! I recommend it! I hope you guys have a lovely day. Thank you for watching this video. Let me know if you liked it by hitting the ‘like button’ that’s always a
good indicator. If you would like to see more crochet crochet videos and knitting
videos. Just following my craft journey stick around
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videos are coming out from my channel. Anyway I hope you guys have a
great day lots of love… bye …

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    Jag!! I finally got time to watch it and it was an amazing video! YOU are amazing! You are so natural when you talk to the camera! It’s like you’ve done this your whole life☺️ And your editing skills are really really good! I am so proud of you! Sending lots of love! Can’t wait to watch your next videos💕

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